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Author Topic: Power Multiplier Device, free energy: 2 aspects  (Read 2435 times)

Offline Russ Lee

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Power Multiplier Device, free energy: 2 aspects
« on: November 15, 2014, 10:58:41 PM »
The Power Multiplier Device is on this site already.  Also a full description is on
  The first aspect is the free energy generation.  When the first PMD has a 20 pound pull, it's weight pull is 200 pounds.  Several of these PMDs at 200 pounds can pull the next PMD at 200 pounds (instead of the 20 pounds), producing a 2000 pound pull, then multiples of these to the next PMD, 2000 pound pull to 20000 pound pull producing energy/electricity.  This continues to the desired energy production. Somewhere the small energy need for the initial first 20 pound pull PMDs can be bled off of the system to close the loop.
 The second aspect is the utility of this device.
  Instead of a weight producing multiplied pull down on the main chain, an inverted shock absorber can be installed and applied to pedal powered vehicles.
  The pedal chain turns the large bicycle type wheel, turning the drive sprocket in the main chain, causing the whole assembly to climb the chain.  As it does it comes in contact with the inverted shock absorber and pushes against it.  As the SA pushes back, it not only pushes back the assembly, but also the main drive chain as well, turning the derailer on the bicycle.  So now an easy pedal that would move the bike in 3rd gear (turning the large wheel) is now moving the bike in 10th gear (the shock absorber pushing the main chain back) with less effort.  This can apply to all pedal powered vehicles, including every other example where this technology may have an application.
 With this technology a smaller, higher rpm engine can do the work of one much larger.  An electric motor can now do the work a fuel motor had to do, along with all energy generating needs that can draw off of the main power system, or any energy source, including wind. This has the potential to transform all pedal powered vehicles now used for commerce around the world allowing for greater loads, speeds, and distances.       Regards, Russell Lee