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Author Topic: Pulse motor build off time.  (Read 116443 times)


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Re: Pulse motor build off time.
« Reply #225 on: December 27, 2014, 03:19:14 PM »
Hi All,

 I would like to add that this did not seem like a good build off at all, there was no rules and just because a judge love HHO what did that have to do with pulse motor build off?

I know that others did a better build like MCR, I will rethink doing another pulse motor build off due to bias to others and no real rules.

I would rather have rules, then doing something that effect one of the judges opinion like add HHO BS, where does this have to do with pulse motor build off?

So I will recover my lost being 2nd place, but I would hope smart judges next year have rules that make sense, not  a feel good effect running up someone leg because HHO goes boom.

My motor used 12v battery, not ac unlimited power like most of the builds where!

I believe these would be good basic rules for the next build off:

12v DC battery input only.
Input vs Output of watts.
Mechanical linear or rotational pulse only.

These are rules that will always have the best 3 winners!


I was removed as a judge this year, which is ok but I thought you should have won.
I posted a statement to that effect on our website at Revolution Green.
Every one has right to their opinion and I really respect Zero as a judge.
Kind Regards