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Author Topic: The new generator no effect counter B. EMF part 2 ( Selfrunning )  (Read 574205 times)

Offline albakaly

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Re: The new generator no effect counter B. EMF part 2 ( Selfrunning )
« Reply #915 on: February 08, 2016, 12:56:40 PM »
It is fake and bullshit. It is an induction motor that has a magnet in its rotor.
See the vedio in youtube. It is like this claim.

Offline tsito_rab

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Re: The new generator no effect counter B. EMF part 2 ( Selfrunning )
« Reply #916 on: February 13, 2017, 06:49:11 AM »
Hi all !!

it's now four days i have found syairchairun no back emf generator and tried to figure out how can i replicate it. But i think it is going to be a bit hard mainly because of the configuration of the bearings. First i was thinking about modifying an asynchronous generator as it is readily available and reasonably priced here in madagascar. Syncronous generator here, costs at least, for the same power, four to five times as much as asychronous motor (to be modified into generator), in addition to the expense of the modification. i was also thinking about replicating the chas campbell inertial generator but it seems that no one has been able to succesfully replicate it.

then i decided to get information about this one, the no back emf generator, as the guy who made it is posting in the forum. i was not courageous enough to read the 62 pages. but i have a very simple  idea that could (virtually) make it technologically available to nearly anyone. Even if you don't have a lathe or heavy machinery or the like. i also don't know if within the 62 pages, someone have had the same idea.
enough talk here it is :
Why not use the axial flux alternator technology and put a disc shaped, perforated soft iron sanwitched between the magnet and the coil.
The basic principle would be the same as syairchairun's no back emf generator : stationary magnet/winding coil and rotating (perforated) disc shaped soft iron between them to modify magnetic flux.Any suggestion is welcome. or if someone can replicate it and give us feedback. What do you think about it