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I've worked for a few weeks on what I'm calling a nanocrystal oxide
I haven't found anything similar except for John Bedini trying to make his cathode a semi conductor and that really isn't what's going on here.

I made a YouTube video
for my Channel for a better description of what's going on.

What I do is heat a piece of nickel till its cherry red and quench it in a solution of aluminum sulfate no salt and iodized salt dissolved in tap water  I do the same to magnesium ribbon

Now the biggest problem is keeping sweat and oils away from the components of the cell because they will then give you a false reading, if you contaminate them and that contamination will shorten the life of the cell, I believe however my oldest cell is only two to three weeks old. Unless anyone else can tell me who or where they have seen this (witch is fine great minds think alike) I'm going to claim this discovery  as my own.

And as I said before I open source this information because, you never know I could walk out my front door and get hit by a bus (or at least that will be the story ) and information should be free

The link again is

Hey jon mm interesting but isn't there still magnesium metal there at the anode?

yeah I know but making an oxide layer with no moisture or at least minimal amounts of moisture the magnesium seems to not react
which makes me think that the cells will last for a very long time
Ive used magnesium before in wet cell construction and I just don't want to get away from it because it's packed full of energy

And I have one device, a wet cell, that is still making current after six months

But I put these new cells under a load of a led so I'll see how long it last

And I like how thin the cells can be with this design

I Could make a device about the size of a cell phone that probably could run a lamp .....with a led lamp and a joule theft...on low lol

I think it's something to stand on.

Take a few milligrams of magnesi foil and use that as anode and see how long you can get it to go jon.if its still going after 2 weeks then sumtin's hecticly anomolous going down

I'll give that a try but I'll have to find some...
can I find it in any house hold appliances? Or should I just order it
The idea for using the ribbon was to use something thin that would run out quickly if it was the normal reaction


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