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Title: Thinking on a beach...
Post by: iacob alex on September 12, 2006, 10:27:16 PM
...this time on a gravity coast,border about falling bodies and waves,I must remind the natural law :no waves ,no fresh move,energy ,power.This time the Ocean is not before us,it can be upwards.It appears to be a potential source of power only,as an unseen ,huge but frozen cascade of "dry" water(Friedman's perception):it's a kind of flow that manifests apart,when we see falling bodies.As we can notice at the sea-shore,the "wet" water waves have different shapes to the beach vs. on the beach(here a longer up time and a short-energy releasing time).Now,let's look up and try to imagine,understand something alike,regarding the gravitational field... a kind of flow or an equivalent that we can obtain.Gravity only pushes vertically downwards;it's irrotationally,we can't change or bend it in a some  way .At the sea-shore we have the pendular motion of the incoming waves and an inclined plane.So,again the basic mechanics:lever(pendular lever,a paired pendulum /counterbalanced pendulum/Roman balance) and the inclined plane.Pendulum is not only a time keeper(clock,mechanical oscillator),but also a transformer,a "waver", mechanical wave  effect-maker,if we take into consideration that fraction of the gravity push that we have in "hand" for the torque.This one is a result,an effect,a consequence of a complete fall,swing in gravity of an elementary pendular path motion.Can we consider this one as a real mechanical wave?So says mathematics:it help us to see that gravity fall component "on the radius",as a sine push-movement.More:it's the only one that we can collect "outside".but...a single moment.Friction and  "against us".The pendular motion seems to be as a reflexive "mirror" flux,wave-flow;the power comes and goes back/if not seized,or if it is catched,this happens one time only:no continuity,no self-process,no "procedure" no hope for a non-stop working device or arrangement.Thinking again at the sea-shore(gravity "beach") about the shape of the incoming water waves(pendular motion+inclined plane) and reminding the so old Roman balance,settled so easy to perform a double-swing pendular motion,with the help of an inclined plane(only flexing the long arm end part!),have we that long ascending wave?Sine becomes a " beach wave"?Imagination,as a fictional image-map,from time to time,occasionally meets the real world.But when you will remind Newton,the father  of gravity law:"I feel myself as a child  playing on the  shore of this huge Ocean....".This time the Ocean can be gravity,so take a look up ,for a moment,at least.All the Bests!/ Inertial Sailor
Title: Re: Thinking on a Newton...
Post by: iacob alex on September 15, 2006, 06:21:47 AM
...addressing,in a letter,to his nephew:"I know not what I appear to the world,but to myself,seems to have been only a boy playing on the sea-shore ,and diverting myself in now and then,finding a smoother pebble or a prettier shell than ordinary,whilst the great ocean of truth lay all undiscovered before me".It's a so great lesson from  a man that masters understanding of gravity over our ephemeral time.It was an expression of the gratitude of his heart,soul and a manner of love with eternity.Remind ,sometimes that we are "only a boy playing...". Best Regards!                                                    /Alex
Title: Gravity waves...
Post by: iacob alex on September 15, 2006, 06:34:09 AM
can have an open expression,evidence as a pendular motion.As light in a mirror.Best Regards!/Alex
Title: Set them free...
Post by: iacob alex on September 18, 2006, 06:55:21 AM
....these gravitational waves,as on a beach,sea-shore.In physics,gravity is the tendency of mass-objects TO ACCELERATE toward the "ground" level.Mass falls to the ground when set free.So,to speed-up,increase in speed or velocity,it "ask for time".TIME IS THE KEY PROBLEM,so that the gravity power to "precipitate",increasing that power to "press down" and "via" torque and momentum energizing our enduring attempts(so many...) to open the door for an overwhelming clean energy.So,let's play mass and time to OPENING UP(as "stepping on the gas" when driving a car),with an appropriate "wheel"(if you want...),or more easy with that pendular lever/Roman balance "modified",or your own design.Keep in mind:give time to fall,to flow that real gravitational wave:long charge-short discharge tempo,pulse.Think about time.As said Plutarch "Time is the wisest of all counselors" . All the Bests!/Alex Iertial Sailor
Title: Re: Thinking on a beach...
Post by: lancaIV on September 20, 2006, 01:01:31 AM
hello iacob alex,
there is a german engineer with name Emil Johannes Pfautsch("armer"Rentner),
look for his developments/inventions ( ),
probably similar thinking/intention !

            de Lanca
Title: Re: Thinking on a beach...
Post by: iacob alex on September 20, 2006, 02:54:55 AM
Hello de Lanca!Thanks for data.Sometimes I visit this kind of "shops" when they have free entrance.Face to face to the net huge wave of data/information they play a perdant way:money.It's not my style,that is the reason I am on your forum.Patent offices ask for money as lottery,they closed the door for free thinking.We play a planetary aquarium,globally but they in a closed box.So,you know about that happy chance.Freedom of thinking and expression is the winner,alltimes.I will try to type this name on net,separately,the name Emil Johannes Pfautsch/"armer" rentner,with curiosity.Anyway,thanks!Best Regards!/ Inertial Sailor
Title: Re: Thinking on a beach...
Post by: lancaIV on September 20, 2006, 04:10:07 AM
Hello "sailor",
 is the cost-free info-webpage of the  german patent-office where
you  can receive all international(WIPO) patent documents !
The expression "armer Rentner" means "poor recipient of pension",
so this will not help by the net-search !

But all his,Emil Johannes Pfautsch, publications are in german language !

            de Lanca
Title: Re: Thinking on a beach...
Post by: iacob alex on September 20, 2006, 08:28:14 AM
Hi Lanca!Just I visited "the Patente Buro/Amt" regarding our "armer Rentner"(a kind of "money in hand").Five patents(1986-98),regarding some machines to get energy by manipulating two permanent magnets,or superconductive coils.Irish Steorns,seems to be with the "proof in hand"(let's wish them success!) on the same path.Emil Pfantsch  has a patent regarding a "centrifugal acceleration propulsion plant".Propulsion and plant words are hard "mixing",to achieve,to imagine something, a "start idea"...About his thinking mood,no information.By the way,if you search:  there is a "big german thinking aquarium" regarding the topics of our forum.German language is constructive,productive but it's not for wanderers,inertial me!So I prefere  a mixture a kind of franglish .What a pitty about some "lost" sites!(as ),a true collection of  a worldwide patent drawings(the ''new wave" from Asia/Japon,South very intuitive).It seems that here is an "unseen war" between open doors(forums) and their closed shops(patent booths,cubicles).Money talks,as usually but people talk,also...there are two ways.Science ,in my opinion,is simply common sence /perception+observation+logic+intuition+destiny matter of choice.You can steal,borrow,seize,inspire an idea but not his constellation.This one,without a communicative way,medium is a lonely "being" on the time river:a common disappearance.So,long live forums,these global village virtual chat rooms.It's a common wealth.An English Style.All the Bests!/Alex
Title: Funny science....
Post by: iacob alex on September 20, 2006, 10:53:22 AM
...nothing new under our Sun.Thinking about the poor people and their unequal-arm balance,the steelyard ancient device still used in some places,because of its simplicity,portability and low cost...vs. our "advanced" technology and huge mass  of "paper-science",let's open the eyes about this wonder of mechanics.The greatest science is reality.It can be a "starting-line" regarding our unceasing seek for fresh energy as waves.Really we repose on a gravity beach,except waves...seldom on the clouds,as painted by a magic hand.This steelyard,Roman balance ,body-fulcrum relation in gravity and inertia has the beauty of  clarity,intelligibility.As we can talk with someone in a easy,natural language.So,let's voice,put in words.The first step is easy:we release the steelyard in a common full up-down fall (180 degrees)/pendulum like motion.The second and last step,that is intended to lengthen this fall(more then 180 degrees),is yours.In a short story:an habitual  charge-discharge tempo of a pendular fall is intended as a charge-charge -discharge rhythm.An anisochronic,asymmetric pendulum.After we make a "balance-sheet",have we some good news?Let's hope!All the Bests!/alex
Title: Re: Thinking on a beach...
Post by: lancaIV on September 20, 2006, 06:20:55 PM
Hello iacob alex,
I thought about his,Emil(Johannes) Pfautsch,Osmose-/sea wave-/flow generator !
Less about his other kind of inventions.

            de Lanca 
Title: Re: Thinking on a beach...
Post by: iacob alex on September 20, 2006, 08:51:57 PM
Hello de Lanca!Searching on net your information{Emil(Johannes)Pfantsch,Osmose-/sea wave-/flow generator} I had no interesting results:something about abstracts mathematics only...The strange situation is that we try to understand physics with the help of mathematics!?What kind of "tailoring phenomena"?Do we really  know the Nature's "measuring method"?If he(Emil Pfantsch) is intending an associative,comparative means  gravity(sea waves) as a diffusion(osmosis phenomenon) through an interface(the wall of a living cell,generally a semipermeable membrane ),so to equalize a my opinion,it can be "something",a "far connection",a very general "touch" description.The details are quite diverse.A flow,a flux is more lucrative,fruitfu  in my opinionl.By the way,a fuzzy problem:when you have not such "fit ,appropriate tools" as "final" mathematics and physics ,how can you figure the reality ?"De Rerum Naturae" "posture" can help us ,so to make use, of our first a,b,c...steps in phisics and mathematics.We are not at the end of science,but on the way.Best Regards!/Alex
Title: Fishing gravity waves...
Post by: iacob alex on October 10, 2006, 08:11:04 AM any fishing ,depends on  your style.If you notice the technique on the beach,for deeper waters ,let's say that we use the pendular cast.The secret is the same,the momentum:instead of loading from a stand still,we are loading  on a moving bait...a full pendulum extended cast(or "fall"...).The pendulum cast is a very powerfull cast.This time we are "fishing" gravity  and "deep water" inside it,is inertia.If we remind that loop current rings,eddy,vortex in a flow,linear flux that develops sometimes ..we have a natural suggestion.We know about that "mgh" barrier,interdiction to get a self pendular motion in gravity.But...if we vision (not dream,because we are not asleep and the fit images are so many around us) about an energetically,powerfully,pressing motion so to stimulate a phenomenon of a rotating body?We are interested in a kind of transfer,substitute as  that of an eddy in the water,this time in gravity:a certain self-sustained oscillator,an autorotation.If a pendulum has enough energy to rotate without falling back,it depends on the initial conditions.So,let's remind about again about the "fishing" method on the "beach":a full pendulum extended cast.This time down,so a longer down motion between the same limits,levels imposed by the "mgh" restriction.A two step fall,one step rise("remake" of the top position).If a full pendular motion begins with an incipient velocity,we have something different.Can we get this one in a "self manner"?That's all the problem.A pendular pumping on one side only,a gravity self-pulsatory eddy.We have a potential flux,we need the "visage",shape or this resistive body,like a stone that exposes an eddy,a whirlpool in a river.Speak to the nature and it shall teach thee.All the Bests!/Alex
Title: Spiraling gravity...
Post by: iacob alex on October 16, 2006, 06:24:54 AM's a kind of fishing energy that we can notice around as:whirlpools,tornadoes,sunspots,galaxies.Can we exit from the "vicious" circle and transit to the "spira miriabilis"?from an old mentality(destroy,"eat" structures to get energy) to that of electronics(play atom's "wonders" to get...what you want)?. Some people try by "splitting"  a  magnetic core,ring(circle) or with a spiraling antenna to the sky.They hope to harness some "free" magnetic energy from the Earth.Anyway it's a tiny("soft") one, a kind of 1/1836(electrons/nucleus).If we think a little,let's hope to get more...The natural suggestion is to utilize a vortex-antivortex "hook" /method for this set of energy wave-"fishes".The hooks are many shapes.For gravity  the "hook" is a pendulum,one fit for  spiraling it:something that plays as the mechanical spring of a classic clock.So,let's go back in nature for information:all wonder is the effect of it on our lack of knowledge...or inapplication.All the Bests!/Alex
Title: Falling chimney...
Post by: iacob alex on October 23, 2006, 02:55:44 AM can find data about this subject if you type the binomial:a plenty of,beggining with "falling stick demo" to actual comments about WTC destruction as a "falling chimney effect"(that difference beteen the  theoretical fall time 9,1 sec of the top and the real/effective fall time -8 sec of the full structure).It was a tragic lesson of physics...what a pitty about people!It's a moment to think more dealing with gravity,linear free fall,rotational free fall that produces higher accelerations,in a a single word with regard to a full fall of a pendulum.Some comments you can find at #198    and not only.In my opinion ,pendulum(mass-arm,foot/tail-fulcrum) is a synthetic and generative representation of the mechanical world,that we can use efficiently in our first line designs.All the Bests!/Alex
Title: Falling chimney on inclined plane...
Post by: iacob alex on October 23, 2006, 03:40:22 AM #199   All the Bests!/Alex
Title: Riding a breaking wave....
Post by: iacob alex on October 23, 2006, 03:42:27 AM #197   All the Bests!/Alex
Title: "Set right" address for "Falling chimney"...
Post by: iacob alex on October 23, 2006, 03:59:31 AM #198   Best Regards!/Alex
Title: "Set right " address for "Falling chimney on inclined plane"...
Post by: iacob alex on October 23, 2006, 04:04:01 AM #199    Best Regards!/Alex
Title: "Set right" address for "Riding a breaking wave"...
Post by: iacob alex on October 23, 2006, 04:09:25 AM #197      Best Regards!/Alex
Title: Goggling falling chimney...
Post by: iacob alex on December 12, 2006, 05:20:27 AM
...can grow out of ,our curiosity,this first and simpliest emotion which we can discover in our mind."Falling chimney",or the classical "falling stick" lab demo,that is our remembrance,calling to mind from the elementary teaching,can be a starting point to think that, some simple thoughts reduced in practice,occasionally becomes  a great surprise exploit.On net(let's say "Google"...),if you type this binomial tag("falling chimney" or "falling stick"),you can find a plenty of data and facts.It help us,to take a personal look,ouside the usual descriptive "box imagery",to the real magic world of gravity's free fall.It's a real event that with the aid of this phenomenon ,we have access to accelerations greater than "g",due to free fall,only.This observation,can stimulate a first step:to seize in passage this /greater than "g"/  and to use it in some way.Moving to and fro on a  free falling "heavy stick",we experience a variable acceleration.A good starting point for the next step:the first line of a possible gravity power collector,using this simple obsevation of variable "g" ,attributable to an elementary free fall,only.The nearby move,proceeding is switching in an alternate succession "g",that can play as a prime mover.A game for everybody,as Mark Twain said:"All you need in this life is ignorance and confidence,and then Success is sure".But ,you see,each and every one is ignorant,only on different subjects.So,there is a hope for the whole world.All the Bests!/Alex
Title: Endless supply...
Post by: iacob alex on December 17, 2006, 03:37:50 AM
...or gravity ,this mass energizer,performs to be an invisible(potential) flow.Prof Feinmann imagined the potential field,as a "dry" water equivalent.This flow seems as if "frozen",when there is no mass(nothing "to carry"),or the mass has a support(ground,"frame").The same "dry" water,becomes "wet" flow,fluxive,"ready to carry" a mass with no support ,in an accelerating manner,energizing the free falling body.Where is a flow and a basis,ground,shore,there we have a relative motion,a power of movement, that can we can transform,transfer,use,handle in some way.So we have a flow(gravity),a fulcrum(support) and a missing in-between "figure",able to collect this ever fresh and free gravitational power.The power of the gravity,in the same line with the nature of the imagination is to flow and not to freeze. All the Bests!/Alex
Title: mg vs. mgt...
Post by: iacob alex on December 30, 2006, 06:49:15 AM
...that is the weight of a mass  "m",in the gravitational field  "g",versus(against,considered as the alternative of) the momentum(the product of the same mass "m" and velocity "v" developed in a "t" time free fall/fallgeschwindigkeit  v=g*t/),can be a supposition,a first step,so to conceive a gravity machine.We must distinguish a static operation about mass( a weighting machine swinging a little to and fro at an horizontal reference line) from a dynamic performance with the same mass(intended in a gravity "flow" machine in a full up-down rotational fall).The fall in gravity is energizing the mass:the static weight "m*g" becomes a (or like...) a dynamic weight "m*g*t".If an object is moving in any reference frame,that is has momentum in that frame.A free fall calls for m*g*t and a pendular descend is something more than an usual drop in gravitation...remind the greater "g" of the "falling chimney",or "falling stick" lab demo.In the past,in early science gravity was seen as a "magical operation"...and really that is.All the Bests!/Alex
Title: Back to basics...
Post by: iacob alex on January 08, 2007, 09:36:08 AM to Aristotle, which stated that moving objects,only continue to move so long as there is a power inducing them to do so,can be a way to clean our thinking in this  huge amount of the opinions  regarding natural mechanical  movements.
We are interested about "a power inducing motion..."
The  Aristotelian division of the general motion into mundane and celestial ,is  correct and can be a good starting point to think about it.
  About  mundane  motion we know  the  rule: inertia,lifeless  that is constant velocity,no  acceleration.
 But  how about the  gravity fall ,and the spinning planets?
The common inertial  stage,thinking  about  gravity  fall,  moves  from "lifeless" into "full of life",from  constant velocity into constant acceleration.
Have we an inertial  "discontinuity",here on the  up-down beach  of the planet?
 The story can be long...the words are  "arrested" by  many standard definitions,but for us,in a simple expression,dreaming to collect power,as on a river(a material flow),this time  we must consider that  the flow is unseen,potential(needs a mass-marker) and inside(thru) the mass,adressing to the atomic nuclei,it  seems.
We can call this T(translational) inertialess(opposite  to inertia,as life is to lifeless).
Reminding about the moving planets ,we can call their motion as a R(rotational) inertialess.
Again,reflecting to Aristotle,we have names for two kind of natural celestial movements  and a distinction between two kind  of inertia(what a name!?).
A pendular fall in gravity,with a fixed fulcrum,changes a vertical motion into a rotational motion,a regular and symmetric trajectory.
A pendular fall,with a mobile fulcrum(Milkovic's  style) changes a vertical motion into an asymmetric trajectory.
Thinking that the basics is equilibrium,the same inertia,but this time we can have two different situations regarding the interplay action-reaction.
By the way,pendulum is a wonder toy:gravity is the arm,Earth is the fulcrum/pivot and Moon is the bob.Two similar systems,as seen at a first line.
Can we play a "celestial game"?For the time being we have the key words:inertia,inertialess,symmetry,asymmetry,gravity,lever and pendulum.Can we play asymmetry inside the symmetry?!
All the  Bests!/Alex

Title: This strange flow...
Post by: iacob alex on November 08, 2007, 09:00:30 AM
....we are living in,the gravity,seems to be   in an apparent conflict,with the First Law of the Mechanics ,that is Inertia.

    Usually,a body moves with a constant velocity/impetus and direction(linear,rotational movements) if not disturbed by an outside action.
    But how about a vertical free fall?...can be this one a kind of inertial "discontinuity"?
    This lack of coherence of inertia,can be a basis to think that energy from the "empty" space changes the location,is hauled in some
    local volume pointed by massive mass?
    It can described as an invisible 3D flow,flux that is manifested sometimes as a "fixation'' of the objects,but occasionally as a real flow
    for the free falling masses.
    On the beach,we know to gather the power of a river flow or of a wave balance...
    In the same line,idea can we imagine something nearly alike that "loads up",let's say a gravity powered device?

            All the Bests!  /  Alex 
Title: This well-known pendulum...
Post by: iacob alex on September 18, 2008, 09:08:15 PM

.....that we can notice at an old pendulum clock(and not only!),so a pendular motion in general mechanics,sometimes seems to be  the equivalent of a wave that plays up and down,on the spot.

     To collect energy of this type of wave,we need a median floating support(as a fulcrum).

     For an advancing wave to the beach,we have as a support,fulcrum  the shore of the sea.

     For these two situations,we can imagine easy pendular arrangements to get power from the sea.

     Now,if look "up" and we consider our position as "on the beach" of a huge ocean,can we contemplate the permanent presence of the gravity .as an incoming invisible wave from the outer space?A falling mass is as an wave of energy coming to us?

     If we can use a pendulum,as a concise symbol of the phenomenon(and power collecting set} for the sea waves,the same remark  coresponds for gravity.

     The swinging pendulum of a mechanical clock is as an up and down sea-wave on the spot.

     An incoming wave to the beach,calls up the idea of a tumbling pendular motion.

     Really,the common,well-known pendulum(pivot-arm-bob) can not be considered as a gravity power collector.

     What in fact would be required,is that the pendulum bob shall go up at the further side of its swing,higher than it went down on this side...which is not possible,anytime.

     The problem has one more step:   can we develop the pendular motion symbol,in such a way to get a tumblig pendulum equivalence,or a self rotating pendular motion?

     If so,we have a natural power at any time...

        All the Bests!  /  Alex
Title: A different pendulum...
Post by: iacob alex on March 12, 2009, 08:02:26 AM fact ,a pendular arrangement  of two eccentric masses,intended to develop a self tumbling motion in gravity ,you can see,if you take a look at   then click on "Some_Drafts/text049.jpg 

   This proposal of "Tumbling Pendulum" is reffering to a pair of equal masses,playing under the influence of gravity fall.

   The red one mass is the driver pendulum,with a greater arm.

   The blue one mass  is the follower pendulum,with a smaller arm.

    The concept design is intended to determine  a continuous rolling motion of this pair,due to a tumbling method.

            All the Bests!
Title: An always design...
Post by: iacob alex on August 21, 2009, 05:37:34 AM

   ...that you can use in any flow(water,air,gravity fall),so to draw out some power,you can see at:   then click on Some Drafts ,and there at "text051jpg".

     For a fluidic flow (air,water),we use the Smax/Smin unbalance.

     The Smax to Smin (and Smin to Smax) change is self.

     For a gravity fall/flow ,we use the Lmax/Lmin (long arm-short arm) unbalance.

     The Lmax to Lmin change is self,due to gravity.

     The Lmin to Lmax change ,can be made self,due to (rotational ) inertia

     So, can we imagine,a real performance gadget?!

         All the best! / Alex
Title: Re: Thinking on a beach...
Post by: iacob alex on July 27, 2015, 12:23:16 AM
.....about the natural incoming energy as waves , at :
Maybe,when energy comes as a direct "current" ( gravity...) , we need to make an energy "conversion" (DC to AC ) , if we intend to make a "connection" to the natural incoming energy.
Title: Re: Thinking on a beach...
Post by: lancaIV on September 05, 2017, 03:55:57 PM (

          Castro de Sampaio/San Pelayo

          in Labruge, La Briga

          Die Wiege/chest/berco Kultur-Europas,
           neben Atlantis/Tartessos,namens


         p.s.: San/to iacob Jakobs Jacques Tiago
                 the Labruge Patron (also St.Amaro) 
Title: Re: Thinking on a beach...
Post by: profitis on September 06, 2017, 05:27:47 PM
Title: Re: Thinking on a beach...
Post by: lancaIV on September 09, 2017, 02:50:49 PM
about the atmosphere and w(h)eather/Wetter : (

                                                                     13.08.1990 (
 Nun dämmert es wohl auch den Verantwortlichen: In den nächsten Jahrzehnten werden die Regierungen in Washington und der Florida-Hauptstadt Tallahassee Milliarden Dollar ausgeben, um herauszufinden, ob der Zerstörungsprozeß noch aufzuhalten ist, ob die Everglades wirklich "gerettet" werden können.   Die künstliche Wiederherstellung der Everglades ist - nach der Reinigung des ölverschmutzten Prinz-William-Sunds in Alaska - das größte Restaurierungsprojekt der USA. 100 Jahre Fehlentwicklung müssen rückgängig gemacht werden, kanalisierte Flüsse, wie der Kissimmee-River, sollen wieder durch ihr altes Bett fließen, Drainagekanäle müssen zugeschüttet, Deiche durchbrochen werden, und vor allem wollen die Behörden privaten Besitzern Land abkaufen und in den Urzustand zurückversetzen.

Für großräumige menschliche Besiedlung war der Landstrich ungeeignet.

Die Everglades, der 160 Kilometer lange Fluß, aus dem See gespeist, waren unterbrochen. Kanäle entzogen ihm das Wasser, die Landschaft trocknete aus. 1946 brannten die Torfschichten der Region monatelang.


Each year 100 of billions Dollars losts,the hurrican season has begun : the final total sum for this year ?
The assurance and the mathematical risk ? (
1422 wurde das Castelo bei einem Erdbeben schwer beschädigt, jedoch wiedererrichtet. Bei dem Erdbeben von Lissabon ( im Jahre 1755 wurde es erneut stark beschädigt. (
 Doch schon im Jahre 1772 wurden Teile von Portugal vermutlich von einem Tsunami ( getroffen, dessen Auswirkungen in der historischen Erinnerung zumeist mit denjenigen des nur 17 Jahre zuvor stattgefundenen Erdbebens verschmolzen.
Distance ocean from Alcobaca : (

Europe continental climate : ( (
Fjord or Ria (de Aveiro,Formosa,Vigo ,Rias de Cantabria.....) (

                         rock falling or ice-pack falling,ant-/arctica (
Die gigantische Welle, die am Abend des 17. Juni 2017 einen Teil der Westküste Grönlands traf, erreichte fast hundert Meter Höhe.

about velocity f.e. : (
                                                           100 sea-miles per hour

now,2017 p.c.,a nice lecture( ::) ???  really 2017 p.c.) (
for entertainment and waiting for the next surf wave (
based by a geotectonic vale/canyon (
                      OMG,komm her,muss di erst mal versohlen fuer so viel Trug,Fehl und Tadel ! 8)
                      Sieben Tage und dann geglaubt fertig zu sein ! Idiot, Damischer !   
Title: Re: Thinking on a beach...
Post by: lancaIV on September 15, 2017, 08:32:46 AM
            "BILDERBERG"  and  "EURO-DOLLAR": 60 years plan (1957)

            "Das eherne Zinsgesetz,The eternal Tax-law"

            for example : object "house with lawn/ground"
            under/without constitutional confirmation

            under : no credit for b.titles(only material value) c. lawn
            without: 100% amortization

f.e. Germany  1.year 100% investment and 5% net-tax
                     progressive(alternative: linear) amortization

                     first 4x years   7%      accumulated : 28% 
                     next 6x years  5%,     accumulated : 30%   
                     next 6x years  2%      accumulated :  12%
                     final 24xyears 1,25%  accumulated :  30%

                               100%     /  5%( without inflation/deflation-index and/or dynamic)
                     after 4.years  72% /5%                6,95%
                            10.years 42%/5%                11,9 %
                            16.years 30%/5%                16,7 %
                            39.year    1,25%/5%          400,0%

                  average buildings construction ages ?
              40 years ? then >400% is the comparison tax
                                = Ertragswert

Probably some understand now the savings&loans banks problem
in the 19-eigthees and same result repeat up to 2008: Lehman Bro.
         price/value overestimating: up to 80 times

       market-pricing/book-value(included regular amortization)
       Verkehrswert   Buchwert/Substanzwert

       credit:Niederst-/Niedrigstwertprinzip Minimum-value-principle
                new: without communal/estatal taxes
              from 100% net object book-value price
              60% used
              80% new object
              are the first maximum credit finance limit
              Beleihungwert/loan-value related the finance limit
              60% prime rate                   
              80% risk rate
              used object : 60% x 60/80% = 36%-48% book-value
              new object  : 80% x 60/80% = 48%-64% book-value 
              never 100% credit finance,neither private nor estatal
             macro-economists worldwide :
             compare these values in an
             (George) Kings Rule-3d-diagramm 
             need of a "puffer"/reserve:

    ( (

             King-Paretto-Liebig and Dawn-Yates

              arithmetical solution called : fair market value
              it is an finance market obligation
              prime rate and risk rate
              contract legality ?

        calculation for the total credit objects market worldwide
  but different kind of object=different amortization quotes and time-schedule

      important also for share and obligation/bond-buyer/seller
real physical value: amazon,Apple,Alphabet et cet. ....

Federal Bancs worldwide and IWF :
 working for eternity or simple odd system surviving ? ( (
The double-strings commands parity:
paper to coins value : 1/1
F.E.D. and EZB: federal deposit reserve banks

                         Part 1
Title: Re: Thinking on a beach...
Post by: lancaIV on September 15, 2017, 12:12:39 PM
The 19-eightees : a very e-special Dekade 8) ( (
0,5% tax to ? Nikkei-Index-Crash                                                   0,5% Japan/400% global fair tax : Tokio-value
Schweden: bis zu/up to 500% Tagesgeldzins/short-term-tax

NOMURA(Analyse-Raumschiff:versenkt) in the 80` and now (   (
Finance: Irak: Super-Cannon

U.S.A.: Anti-Japan(later also Anti-Korea) riots
U.S.A.-house-market-crash linear analog (George)"King`s Rule/Kingsche Regel)" included US-Dollar-baisse
                                                        feed/food = credit : same emotion scale (ab-/use)

                                                        emotion is logical is calculateable

                            macro-economical example for administrative stupidity or ignorance or both

                                       "Make Amerika great again "
             the north-up to south continental economy or the U.S.A. ?
   using the Central Intelligence Agency World Fact Book,
                       under regulated law and order 

Your generation over-/next will thank you for your social treatments (

               Cycle/Wave Name                            Period (years)
    Kontradiev wave (technological basis)              45–60 (
             like an Ex-Astronaut means,okay-really vulgar  :-[ (this does not convent me  :o ::) ;) ): (


under real world calculation,without propaganda inzest : (

                   Let them this lumen-less illusion but they will pay (

                                    THE GOLDEN BANKRULE : it is about the LIE/Schwindel
                        how to make from 1 Unit 10 Units,later 100 and 1000 Units
                    400%/    1000           = 0,4% looks easier (down to Negative-Tax,f.e. actually C.H.)
            than 400%/          1
      The finance system was in the 70`bankrupt,the new "capital" : the young consumer as slaves
                                          for the Oldies(Renten/Reform/Pension),but not Goldies(poor)
                                          Bretton Woods 1944,1971 Goldstandart-out       

                                          Consumer-credit-slavery as political instrument
                                                  really democratic for the republics

                                 Part 2
Title: Re: Thinking on a beach...
Post by: lancaIV on September 16, 2017, 11:12:10 AM
                         Part 3,related to Part 1
      amortization,depreciation from earnings,salaries

     puffer,reserve,savings from loan/gain/profit/salary/earning
               quote per annum ,cash flow brut/net : tar(a)

     WIPO : worldwide intellectual property (w)rights organisation
      working for free/open source,with commercial (w)right

                                      (w)right kind:
                                    utility model(l)
technical patent = commercial "Doctor in.../Master of ..."-Degree 

        what happends regularly after (w)right lost,
          through time or by juridical decision ?

       commercial price with commercial (w)rights:

     100% inside -average- 90% accumulated salaries
only 10% -average- "no name/white branch"product worth

   90% accumulated -private/estatal/substitution-salary
        yearly/seasonal swinging price/value wave

 up to -90% "sommer/winter sales/liquidation"quotes are normal/typical and known

             internet: 24/365 "sales/liquidation"
                   new/seconds hand

   what means up to -90% global net price decrease ?

           50% seasonal non-paid disemployment, as usual
        = 50% time for self-production/self-development

                for worker and pensionists(reform)

              but this all is common knowledge :
                   social economy and tradings

                        100% consumer credit ?
                    physical consumer rest value
             f.e. Germany  1.year 100% investment and 5% net-tax
                     progressive(alternative: linear) amortization

                     first 4x years   7%      accumulated : 28% 
                     next 6x years  5%,     accumulated : 30%   
                     next 6x years  2%      accumulated :  12%
                     final 24xyears 1,25%  accumulated :  30%
                    consumer : totes/death Kapital  :'(   R.I.P.

                         ( internal rating : Zombie)

                       Kost- und Logis-Anspruch
            GB(B.rot-E.inheiten)     U.S.A.(emergency)
                     800Kcal              2,5 sqm per capita

                     "no investment" area and sector
          morbide Finanz-Gesellschaft/finance infrastructure
                           privately and estatal

             Hello grand-/pas/mas,100% credit consumer ?
                  7500-8000 Millions earth habitants
                           Max-Planck-Institut :
                     global balanced ideal-number
                    1500 Millions earth habitants

          - 6000 Millions earth human habitants less
                         away with that crowed
                         up with them to Mars:
                 macht mobil bei Arbeit,Sport und Spiel

            global 0,5 child per man/wife live life economy
       the other: up to 24/365 work hours without freetime