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Title: Magnets flux lines are REAL now b/c electrons are part of it is why !!!
Post by: teslaedison on September 16, 2014, 02:01:49 AM
I did my research now of ( of Dr. Randell Mills is 100 percent correct in that ALL electrons are disks shapes in that one side is the North side and underneath it is the South side because when you use copper wires which are diamagnetic properties of copper that slices the magnetic flux lines that actually makes and produce electrons from the magnetic flux lines so you can use this information to understand how to make electrons now and use them to make motion to magnets that are moving in the circular motion by how you make the electrons that comes out so am putting two diagrams to show this now all here. This Motor and Generator is a one unit together at there 90 degrees from each other but also far apart too so motor and generator should not affect each other because of the outside stationary magnets that are also close to proximity to the center magnets now and plus should possibly go at light speed when there are no metal to metal frictions involved now but many cushions of North to North and South to South repels actions and the facts are correct now and complete too !!!   If you have any questions just reply here thanks
Thomas C.