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franco malgarini:
The slabs are external structural acrylic 3 mm, with the tubes for the entry and the exit of gas.
The rubber seals have the function of spacing and sealing.
The electrodes are made of nickel marks by cutting from a wire gauze with a mesh to about 50 mesh, leaving the existing terminals. These electrodes must be activated by immersing them (after it is degreased) in a solution of platinum chloride to 5%, as long as they have assumed a black color. After rinsing in water and natural drying in the air, are ready to be assembled.
Between the electrodes is placed the diaphragm which is made from a thin layer of anion resin mounted on filter paper. It should also be soaked, before assembly, electrolyte, immersing it in a solution that prepares dissolving 30 g of potassium hydroxide in 100 cc of distilled water.
Finally tighten the screws with the whole

franco malgarini:
But what's the tripolar fuel cell?
Perhaps to make nuclear fusion ...

franco malgarini:
you can also buy two kits of fuel cell:

franco malgarini:
how produce heavy water:

franco malgarini:
From D2O to D2, simply:


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