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ANY tutorial to add a HHO cell to a chainsaw or carmotor ???

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Hi all.

First of all sorry, my english is not superior, im spanish, and looking at the forum its a total chaos to me to find the topics in which im interested in.

I was looking for a tutorial that shows how to add a HHO cell to a fuel motor.

I mean... the way to add HHO to the fuel injection... in internet is said that it adds a 50% of autonomy.

Does this make sense?

Anyone can help me to reach that manual?


I have the same plan. Making a stack,  and test to see for myself. 

Have someone done this before?  We cant be the first.


Try Chapter 10 from this ebook:

I think you should find a Spanish version. The translation should be OK but be careful.

Thanks for the tip.  It is a very good read.  :)

I am wondering about how you would be able to measure the exhaust and the effieciancy  of the motor when hooked up to the fuel cell.

I am thinking about putting together a lawnmower inverter generator and try filling up on gas and do one run with and one without fuel cell and see if there is any difference in performance. 
But i would like to take one step further.

Its not a fuel cell. That is a device which takes in hydrogen gas and oxygen, usually from air, and converts them into electricity.

What you could do is to couple your engine up to a generator and a resistance load. Vary the resistance to get good running conditions. Measure the current to the resistors and the voltage across them. This gives the power generated.

Put the electrolyser cell in position and repeat the this exercise.

Measuring exhaust is difficult without highly expensive gear. What you could do is to go to your local VW service station and ask to speak to the head of the maintenance department. Explain what you are doing. Ask him or her if you could bring in your gear for testing, suggesting that he or she may be VERY interested in the results.


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