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Title: Linear Earth's motion can generate rotation ( not perpetum but free .Energy )
Post by: tesla2 on September 14, 2014, 07:06:22 AM
below picture explain relations between constant linear motion and radial forces

Everyone see that exist difference between paralel and perpendicular position !!!

If You want to use above idea to generate rtation we must confirm
SUN ---Earth position  ( direction is important to evaluate forces )

Your finger is pushing mass m  ( m is on the table in Your room )

<---V   m 


m ---->V

You can use lower energy and mass m will have the same speed V respect to table  ( direction is  imortant )
please study  270 km/s or 330 km/s  what is registering person that is pusing mass m on table ?? !!!

How big Q = mg we are pushing ?