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Title: One-way transformer
Post by: John.K1 on August 15, 2014, 08:25:03 PM
Hello guys,

I watched a Wesley translation of the "One way transformer" on the youTube ( ) and I decided to try it out. It is quite simple device. I modified the device a bit.  My has a central coil with five pick-up coils on its perimeter  and outer coil (see the picture).  I thought it might work as a air core. Unfortunately it doesn't and I had to stick pieces of ferrite in every coil I used. The interesting thing is:   No load - PS shows 5.5V @ 0.19A  ,   Load connected to several output coils, LED lights are ON - PS shows consumption 5.5V @0.19A.   In other words- load has no impact on the initial consumption.
The only thing what disappoint me is I am NOT able to lit incandescent bulb. Why is that??
The original diagram , the picture of my set up and the scope shot ( green probe on the light, blue on 1 Ohm resistor) below.
On my PS 5.5 @0.19A.

Title: Re: One-way transformer
Post by: MarkE on August 15, 2014, 08:42:59 PM
One can drive their car by modulating the brake and get a similar effect.  The no useful load condition simply wastes a lot of power.  Applying load redirects power that would be wasted to the load.