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Gravity is so lost in the maze of possible myths and theories that its time to nail it down and control it like a tool in the hands of masters that respect the truth in reality not myth or out dated theories ! The mechanic's of gravity must exist in finite terms like the handle of a hammer or the spinning of a wheel a wave on the surface of water a cloud in the sky . Or a simple harmonic wave function of mass set up by space time curves compressing it towards a dense core of waves .  Unlike the waves of water that spread out wards the waves of gravity flow inwards its like throwing a pebble into a pond  the wave leads the way opening up a vacuum for the pebble to follow . DO YOU SEE IT ?

The way to locate this reality is to see things in the opposite way to the effects of a normal wave function and it fits the gravity glove perfectly one may take a deeper look but its the same all the way down to the bottom ! An electron lives at the bottom of a hole just like the pebble that now lives at the bottom of the pond . Now we want to rise the pebble to the surface and to do that with an electron we use green light its the weakest form of energy that will rise an electron and light is the key to unlock the pull of gravity . The pebble and the electron are the same in this perspective yet different in reality one must seek out the connection and map the path between them .

What we want is a tiny amount of energy to lift a large amount of weight up to the ionosphere and beyond into space not a flying bomb or a limited equation of the rocket . No we want a proper unified field oscillator or a home made UFO ...The tiny electron stuck in its hole is a simple comparison but its not like a ton of lead and green light wont be what we will need to do the job but one can learn from this all what we need to lift the ton of lead off the ground with wave mechanic's . Mass will have a frequency that gravity can harmonise with like the piano with its middle C all other notes will fit there frequency in and around the key OF C so the point here is that mass is attracted to the centre of the planet and the solar system to the centre of the galaxy.  The density of neutrons to protons is what rap gravity around the mass and this must also be a wave or waves of space time curvature and is set at 2.2 degrees for all mass . The concentration and frequency of the waves is governed by the number of prto/neutrons not electrons so all we have to do is count them and than we will know the wave frequency of gravity for the mass .

I will start with the 93rd element and it will surprise you as it is negative hydrogen add that to the periodic table of the natural 92 elements and you get 93 natural elements ! This also represents a closed loop periodic harmonic octave so mass has 93 notes in its harmonic gravity scale and music has 12 yet a full chromatic will include the first note of the second octave making the chromatic harmonic a formation of 13 notes . 

Light has 7 the electron is a set of 5 electron states and the full spectrum of energy spreads out into infinity so lets just for now stick with the periodic 93 light 7 electron 5 ! Negative hydrogen is steeped down in 12 steeps until the electron sits on the static field of its proton . Hydrogen has no gravity and that is what we want with the other 92 elements helium has no gravity all the gases have no gravity and the liquids will need entropy to over come the pull of gravity . I will stay with the 93rd element as a role model to form a zero g mass wave function because its electron is the closest to its nuclei and will only have one vector of spin making it simple to work with in the zero g envelope modal . 

The Electron is tiny 2.2 trillion times smaller than its nuclei and that is the size of the wave function we need to make to create a coherence field wave function to block out the existing waves of gravity that have raped around mass and also form a bubble in front of any free falling mass without this bubble space time curves can not be formed around the falling mass. Gravity for a free falling mass is both a vacuum and a wave function but our one ton of lead is not falling its firmly on the ground with only a gravity wave intensity oscillating to the direction of the centre of the planet. The higher you go into the atmosphere the lighter you become and this is not so straight forward as it seems as the electron has 5 energy states gravity has different levels of pull only at the outer grip of its curvature but this is a product of the fabric of space . The fabric of space must have some kind of elasticity to it and is able to stretch and pull, this tells us how the excel oration of gravity is generated for a free falling mass . What we want to achieve is to levitate the mass of lead on the ground due to a gravity wave function not the fabric of space or its curvature and must be seen as a component of gravity and one we are just starting to understand.


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