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Title: What if?
Post by: raburgeson on September 06, 2006, 03:45:33 AM
The Stan Meyers resonance cavity was tuned with an inductor instead of having an element grounded?? The reason I ask is if this cavity can be made a doubler or a tripler then the requirements on the signal generator could be lightened. Less power consumption and less heating of circuit parts from current requirements. When the water foams how much do you think the capacitance changes? Well there may be a way to exploit the capacitance of the chamber, and if you can think of another way cool.

If you pull the top off a 60,000 volt ignition coil and pull the loose core bars out and replace those with a hack sawed off chunk of flyback core ground to fit. Do you think it will allow the coil to deliver a higher frequency?

Or just remove the core and use it as a oil cooled air core? I don't need any real amperage, so would that work?
I do need the insulating value of the oil though.

A whole day no answers? I'll get the answer tomorrow, make it quick, dirty and ugly if it's just to answer a question like this guys. Overlook the feases hole of a work area. I got away from the old lady long enough to make it to the junk yard. Pulled out 3 caps and made a phaze oscillator, drive a module. I pulled the core and painted it just to keep the dirt down in the house. I'll double the frequency on every new osc. I build till I melt the coil or can no longer deliver enough amps to drive it further. I don't think I could find a uglier piece of scrap for a heat sink if I search the whole state. Well as you notice I have been using the floor as an ashtray and have to clean it up before the boss sees it. And you guys who have been married long term to the same woman understand where that statement comes from.
Title: Re: What if?
Post by: raburgeson on September 09, 2006, 04:20:13 AM
Found a problem, the ignition module is maxed out at 5 kilohertz. Hi-proformance as it is and said to be unlimited. But, then from the stand point of an auto manufacturer if a 4 cycle engine floats valves and chucks rods before 10,000 rpm then from that stand point I suppose it is unlimited. The coil on the other hand with out core is delivering a blue arc and showing no signs of stress. This will easily power a lifter. I'll take a couple tubes and make a high speed switch next to get the hertz up. I think the coil will be ok. I'll pulse it straight off a car battery with a charger hooked to it of course. Got a pic when I unload the camera I'll post it here.
Title: Re: What if?
Post by: Elvis Oswald on September 09, 2006, 07:09:24 AM
I'm not up on Myers work - but a glance tells me that you're talking about a coil submerged in water that is connected to an AC source (5khz or whatever the resonance of water is) and using it to break the water into gas?

And your suggestion is - that making the natural resonating frequency of the coil... the same as the source... by adding or subtracting to/from the mass of the core... or by changing material in the core... we might see something special??

I agree to that for sure - I tell you what :)
Title: Re: What if?
Post by: raburgeson on September 10, 2006, 01:28:51 PM
The water chamber is a capacitance, Meyers used tubes 3 mm in diameter different in size and the water was the dielectric in the 1.5 mm gap. Instead of hooking the element to ground I am hoping to use an inductor hooked to ground to create a tank circuit. Do you think it would work? I can't add a cap to tune the ignition coil, DC circuit. It would block the DC, The inductor would pass the DC but the output wave isn't truly square so I thought there might be a chance.

I notice a second frequency coming of the coil that is not a harmonic. Any info on this would be nice.
Title: Re: What if?
Post by: raburgeson on September 17, 2006, 07:46:37 AM
Sorry guys (and girls I notice). I went on a 3 week photo shoot/ ufo stint Because of something wierd happening right here. There is a exellent resource page for using HEI systems on the net. You only need to replace the pick up coil with a oscillator with an output from 2.1 volts to 5 volts AC. You can drive a coil with the module from any american manufacturer. Wiring diagrams here are clear and concise.

If it does not run you have the wires on the oscillator reversed. Having pulled the core from an ignition coil (added a little more transformer oil) I was able to go much higher in frequency. This is limited to the frequency the module can handle. Mine 5kv, Chrysler may be able to go higher?

I have tubes the in several combinations can deliver 12 volts at a sufficient amperage to drive the coil but this will not be low current draw and unefficient so I need to find another way. The problem is simple turn off the voltage to the primary intermittently. The amperes involved is what makes this simple task hard, a power fet cannot disipate the heat or handle the current. Mechanical switching is not capable of high speeds and would have bouncing. Do to a lack of high voltage generator for pratical power supplies I will chase this. The above simple circuit will charge a cap quickly. A 60,000 volt coil is availible from JC witney for $25. Me I'm trying to produce 48.2 Kilocycles at 30,000 volts DC right now (Keely's Frequency).
Title: Re: What if?
Post by: bitRAKE on September 18, 2006, 06:49:57 AM
Very interesting suggestion of the chamber tuning. This could also explain the chamber temperature remaining within a certain range - relatively low for amount of gas produced. Not to mention impedance matching is suppose to maximize power transfer. What frequency and why seems to be the 50 Trillion dollar question. Wish I knew more about how water responds to electricity. Maybe it has something to do with the bubbles as getting them out of the way seems to be highly desirable.

I've been with the same woman for a few years and we pace off our territory regularly. ;D Currently, I have agreed to do all the laundry in return for the garage (location of washer/dryer) being off limits (i.e. she is not allow to even speak of the state the garage is in, lol). Damn, it that ain't a win-win scenario I don't know what is. 8)
Title: Re: What if?
Post by: raburgeson on September 21, 2006, 08:49:48 AM
There seems to be a trick to this somehow, I took a auto coil (32,000 volt stock GM V8 truck) and thinking about the ether theory I fired the coil through the water using simple stainless cleaning pads as elements. I was running the coil at 533.33... hertz. I was watching a shock wave go through the water, I only got to run my circuit 5 minutes ( I started to get incredibly sick) The water seemed to have visible shock waves going through it. I produced no hydrogen at all during this run. I got down close and inspected the pads then lifted the grounded pad and arced to the water to make sure the circuit was operating. Lifted with a wooden paint paddle, no I didn't zap myself sick. I got a half inch aluminium piece of stock from a shop I used to work with and suspect it is permiated with something very toxic. The important part is I hit the water with a great deal of DC and did not make any hydrogen at all. I suspect the large amount of current with no resistance caused this.

It is very easy to make a curcuit to drive a ignition coil. Get out three caps and make a phase shift oscillator. You need an output voltage between 2.1-5 volts. Wire it to a ignition module. Directions- get them here -
If it doesn't work you have the oscillator wires reversed. Be careful the circuit runs hot, don't burn yourself.
I used solid wire ignition wire for high voltage cable, works well. Always use extreame causion and never get both hands in a loop with high voltage. I tore my circuit down and am throwing the heat sink plate and module out because of getting sick, it did work well and function is not the reason for tossing it. It could be also that I got sick because the high voltage wires were unshielded. I only ran it 5 minutes though so I don't think so. The wire can be shielded to within 4 inches the wire with tinfoil. Ignition wire has excellent insulation.
Me holding it with bare hands and recieving no shock at all, you can't do this with a high voltage tv cable.