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Title: Diamagnetic propulsion
Post by: pavqw on July 23, 2014, 10:55:38 PM

I am thinking all the time about diamagnetic propulsion of some kind.
It is proven it will work and even patented ( but nobody built it probably yet.

What's needed? Ultra strong magnetic field, thats all.
I am not an expert but I am very interested in it, I guess it is needed around 30-60T field to make this vehicle working (lift it in usable attitude).
Thats quite intensive, but not impossible. Current laboratory record was achieved - 100T if I am not wrong.

Oh yes, there is a big unwanted side effect - everything metallic in the "road" is a problem.
For this reason I am thinking about solution.

It might be bad idea, but I think that alternating magnetic field with higher frequency should bypass this.
We want to make alternating field to cancel attraction of nearby metallic materials so even it will magnetize all things very strongly it should stay or vibrate at one place.

Of course there is necessary processing unit with feedback to maintain required altitude and also steering mechanism to rotate magnetic field in correct way.
To suppress magnetic field in needed places it is possible to use super conductors.

To create some kinetic momentum and stable flight it is necessary to use at least 3 electromagnets.

What do you think?

If you are interested in flying saucers technology too I think some types are using such strong magnetic field with same alternating characteristics. Maybe it is propulsion needed for low attitudes, because gravitational propulsion could cause too much damage. Maybe even stronger magnetic field could bent spacetime/gravitational field?
All the same side effects like burned electronics, hot ground, compass, engine problems, ... all should be visible here too.
Alternating magnetic field with mentioned intensity = extreme AC voltage in our grid.
Yes it is sci-fi for us, because energy amount to create something like this is enormous. It could be powered surely with antimatter reaction.

Do you know Quantum levitation? I think it is possible even with diamagnetic materials so we eventually need just one electromagnet. Steering could be done exactly as with conventional rocket then.