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The Crystal Cell Challenge


Andy Shell:

A week ago I posted this video voicing the idea of a crystal cell challenge.
I don't have an award or prize for it but I thought it would be a great community direction in this field of research.

The idea is simple. Replace alkaline batteries in a device with crystal cells by any means necessary to make the device operate. (capacitors, joule thieves, ect.)
An easy device is a LED flashlight. (I'm currently working on this) The cells and joule thief must fit in where the batteries used to or hollow space inside the frame. Some other devices; small fan, radio, clock, timer. Knowing the required V & A is the limiting factor as crystal cells output such little power.

Any suggestions or opinions would be greatly appreciated.


Andy Shell

Andy Shell:
Small update:

I'm still working on this but bogged down by life and other projects.
Ran into a few snags and show stoppers with the flashlight I was working on running with crystal cells that fit perfectly into the battery slots but things are going well now.
It's really hard for me to work on everything atm but its all going well.


Great challenge.

Would it be acceptable a power ratio equivalent? For example I do have a cell running an LED at flat output power for 5 months measured on a computer that show its voltage.

This would win a small industrial battery in long term power summed up.

What do you think?



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