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Author Topic: Please ignore in light of NaturalNew's article on "free energy"  (Read 11783 times)


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Purchase Cesium Eliminator from this link and support affiliate at NaturalNews Store.
Hi!  Darcy Klyne here, owner operator of  Typically i don't advertise at my site as i prefer that the video content there be viewed with as little distraction as possible.  However, having become an affiliate with NaturalNews Store, combined with that fact that they just announced the release of their new Cesium Eliminator to the public, I have decided that it is a product and a message that was too important to not support. 

Fukushima just keeps giving and giving.  This video was taken soon after the initial destruction following the "quake" and tsunami.  It illustrates the REAL measure of the state of devastation that the Daiichi nuclear power plant endured, a few short days after March 11th, 2011.  What the video illustrates is a picture that the mainstream media did not want you to see.

With the passage of time, the contamination of spent rods and cooling pond leakage that occurred following the initial blast at the plant, (also much greater than the footage that major north American media was showing) only continues to grow and expand into the ocean.  Parts of American shorelines in California and all along the coast line are now contaminated with upwards of 10X the safe levels of radiation.  The issue of exactly where this radiation is coming from is an important one, however it is of utmost importance that we do what ever we can to protect our selves, friends and family, regardless of the source.  It is my opinion that Fukushima is not the only site that requires attention.

I really would like each and every one of you to take the time to consider helping yourself to and order of Cesium Eliminator, and perhaps purchase some for the people that are important to you in your life.  This is an issue, that in my opinion, requires your immediate attention.  I appreciate your time and attention.  Love and Light for ALL!

Darcy Klyne


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Re: Please ignore in light of NaturalNew's article on "free energy"
« Reply #1 on: July 04, 2014, 03:37:19 AM »
Frequently Asked Questions
 Does Cesium Eliminator treat radiation poisoning or repair radiation damage?
 Absolutely not. Cesium Eliminator binds with and captures all isotopes of cesium, including the radioisotope cesium-137. It has no ability to repair tissues or organs already damaged by ionizing radiation. Anyone suffering from acute radiation poisoning should seek urgent, emergency care from a hospital.
 Should I take Cesium Eliminator every day like a vitamin?
 Absolutely not. Cesium Eliminator is not a vitamin, and it does not offer any nutrients during digestion. Cesium Eliminator is made of non-digestible mineral substances that latch onto cesium isotopes so that your body can eliminate them through bowel movements. Cesium Eliminator is FOR EMERGENCY USE ONLY and should not be consumed on a daily basis. It is designed as a last-ditch emergency protection for people who are forced to eat food affected by nuclear fallout. In the same way that potassium iodide is used in nuclear emergencies to protect the thyroid, Cesium Eliminator should also be used only in nuclear emergencies to protect the body from absorbing radioactive cesium isotopes.
 Does Cesium Eliminator block uranium-235, strontium-90, iodine-131 and other radioactive isotopes?
 Cesium Eliminator has the ability to block smaller amounts of uranium isotopes, but it does not block strontium-90 and iodine-131. Its strength is in capturing cesium isotopes which pose the greatest ongoing health threat following nuclear catastrophes such as Fukushima and Chernobyl.
 How much radioactive cesium does Cesium Eliminator actually block?
 In well-documented laboratory testing, 2 grams of Cesium Eliminator was mixed with 20 ml of synthetic gastric acid to simulate human digestion. Various isotopes of cesium were added to the gastric acid to bring the total cesium concentration up to over 91,000 ppb (parts per billion) of cesium atoms. After 8 hours of simulated digestion and separation of solids from liquids, Cesium Eliminator was able to capture an average of 95.4% of cesium atoms, across a broad range of cesium concentrations.
 Does Cesium Eliminator interfere with nutrient absorption?
 Cesium Eliminator may interfere with potassium absorption. This is one of the reasons why Cesium Eliminator should not be taken regularly as a dietary supplement. It is for emergency use only.
 What is the shelf life of Cesium Eliminator?
 If unopened and stored in a cool, dry location, Cesium Eliminator is very shelf stable (it is primarily made with zeolites, which have over a 1000-year shelf life). If opened, Cesium Eliminator may absorb moisture, but even so it is still viable as a cesium binding material.
 Does Cesium Eliminator protect my thyroid gland from radiation?
 No. Potassium iodide or nascent iodine offer thyroid protection. Cesium Eliminator has a different purpose altogether.
 Can I take Cesium Eliminator together with potassium iodide?
 We strongly recommend taking them at different times because the potassium in potassium iodide may bind with Cesium Eliminator and "lock up" all its receptor sites, rendering it inert for binding with other cesium isotopes. Potassium iodide can be taken on an empty stomach, but Cesium Eliminator is only designed to be taken with food you suspect might be contaminated with radioisotopes of cesium, such as cesium-137.
 Should I take Cesium Eliminator before the meal, during the meal or after the meal?
 During the meal. It should be consumed as you are eating any meal you suspect of being contaminated with radioactive cesium. As a general rule, avoid all high-potassium foods if you suspect them being radioactive, as high-potassium foods will tend to absorb the highest concentrations of cesium.
 High potassium foods include bananas and potatoes.
 Will Cesium Eliminator cause any gastrointestinal effects or discomfort?
 Although we have so far received no reports of gastrointestinal discomfort, because the product contains an ingredient which is not digestible (zeolites), it is theoretically possible to experience different digestive effects than what might be normally experienced when eating traditional foods (which are digested and absorbed). For this reason, we recommend trying Cesium Eliminator in a small quantity the first time you use it (just a single capsule with a meal) in order to establish personal tolerance. In a true nuclear emergency, you may need to take multiple capsules each day along with suspected meals.
 Can children or pregnant women take Cesium Eliminator?
 Expectant mothers, children and anyone with a medical condition should consult with their health care physician before consuming this or any dietary product.