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Title: Plasma Discharge Engine Theory
Post by: TommeyLReed on July 01, 2014, 03:39:10 PM
Hello all,

 Working on many types of engine using fuels, I believe that plasma could be use to replace the heat that is generated with gasoline or Diesel.

When engine are compressed to a higher pressure that will generates heat due to Charles Law V1 = V2/P1 = P2, the fuel is added to created even more heat that increase pressure 2000+ psi in cumbustion chamber.

I know like any IC engine Heat is the driving force that keeps it running, my question is why not create plasma with a none metal head design to allow plasma arc to take place.

This will created greater heat and hp, the real question would be how much energy is needed to created the joules to get that plasma hot enough to expand the piston downward..

The same with jet engines, why not use plasma to create a plasma jet engine?

I plan to use a plasma cutter to see If it's possible to move a piston due to heat.

I would like others opinions.

Title: Re: Plasma Discharge Engine Theory
Post by: truesearch on July 01, 2014, 04:27:05 PM

It seems like the reason that "heat" MIGHT be an option in driving an IC style of engine is that the "heat" would cause the rapid expansion of some sort of media that should already be in the cylinder: such as air, a gas-mixture (of some sort), or even water. So it seems logical that plasma possibly could make an IC engine function providing that a properly expanding media is used.

Just my 2 bits. . .