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Would like to hear from other builders of these machines from Quanta Magnetics.  Would like more information on how he (Mike) does the things he does on his videos from the machines.  Have asked but he evades my questions.  Has anyone duplicated his voltages on the output sides?  And how have you hooked it up to do these things. Let me know, thanks, Joe.

Not sure if anyone has built one. Their claims are bogus if they claim it is anything more than a "not so efficient" generator.

The motor spins the rotor with magnets on it and the moving magnets generate currents in the generator coils, it's that simple.


Quanta Magnetics is just a guy that builds very pretty and very expensive Lucite pulse motors.  Technically, he has almost no clue about the electronics behind the operation of his pulse motors.  This is readily evident in almost every single clip he makes.  He is wise enough to make no concrete claims and also to not discourage any suspicions that he has something special when he deals with pulse motor enthusiasts that want to believe in some kind of energy phenomena.

But he really and truly has no real clue what is happening with his pulse motors.  Also notice that he never clearly discusses doing anything useful with them beyond charging batteries.  He makes no substantive measurements of the battery charging process either, most likely because he is incapable.

My advice is to build your own pulse motor yourself, Quanta Magnets is just a guy selling very expensive vanity pulse motors for profit.

As much as John Bedini annoys me I have to say a Bedini SSG circuit is a good place to start if you haven't already, I would
just say that I think it's better not to believe most of the efficiency claims for the circuit, however the circuit works to spin a rotor and experiments can be done.

Lot's of folks around to help or discuss the results with. You could even just copy the style of the Quanta setups, which isn't bad.

If you want a pretty pulse motor they are that. They do look nice. But I haven't looked much into the construction or if the rotors are balanced ect. An imbalanced rotor is not good even if it can't be easily noticed.


Here is one of his earlier vidio's-Draw your own conclusion he say's lol.
Closed loop system,and cap voltage rising lol. Who knows where he went wrong here ?.


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