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I've been unable to dig gardens since having the misfortune of an increasingly debilitating pair of herniated discs in my lower back and having already had two discs removed from my neck and continuing problems with other discs, I need to lay off the hard work.

So I am seriously considering setting up some large long rectangular planters with galvanic batteries, I think galvanic batteries in the planter boxes will be the easiest and best way to get a lot of planters "electrified".

So of course since I'm a skeptic of everything  ;) I need to perform an experiment with a control. I'm thinking of trying a three element experiment.

Planter 1 would be the control, just good dirt and water.

Planter 2 would have the battery plates shorted so that continuous direct current flows.

Planter 3 would have an oscillator powered by the plates so that pulsating current flows and the oscillator output could shine a small amount of light down on the plants 24/7.

Hopefully the results will show a good very cheap and healthy way to get a large harvests from less plants faster. With any luck the simple continuous direct current will show best results.

Not sure what type of plant to run the experiment with, maybe I'll try wheat or barley.

Link to old book on the subject.

Anyone tried passing current through soil with plants growing in it ?


Thanks for the book.

Here is some research that may interest you:


Also there was a lot of research here:


Ok I have a small result ! I have not had the time to get or set up any long rectangular planters or germinate any seeds to choose uniform starting plants. But what I did was I found some "volunteer" tomato plants meaning they just grew without being intended.
So I picked two that were very similar in size and development and of the same breed, I dug them out carefully and transplanted them into pots then left them in the shade for two days to recover,they were both similarly affected by the transplanting and recovered in two days "full moon last night" and they've been transplanted now for about 1 Week.

In the pot with the smaller and slightly less developed plant I constructed an "Earth battery" galvanic I guess, I used a piece of "galvanized cross bracing", strap like galvanized steel plate about 1,1/4 inches wide and about 0.5 mm thick for building construction for the more negative element and I used a copper clad carbon electrode for the less negative element then connected them above ground by a wire as seen in the picture.

The result is that the original smaller less developed plant has now caught up with the other plant and seems to be growing and importantly developing at a quicker rate, as well the stalk seems thicker and stronger and because of that the plant is less affected by the wind, funnily enough this is a factor. The right hand plant is the electrified plant and it looks as though the "growing tip" of the plant has actually caught up to and grown higher than the other plant, it also looks very healthy, but they both look healthy.

The race to harvest is on, Interesting for sure.

They both face North to the winter sunlight, (I'm "Down Under") and get same light and water. I'll rotate the position every couple of days while I still can. Eventually I'll need to tie them to the fence.

Looks promising and I will be investigating further as time permits.


Small progress report, the electrified tomato plant is now taller and has larger leaves than the control plant ( control plant is now beginning to show fruit ), but the "maturity" of the electrified plant seems a bit slower to catch up to or exceed  the other control plant, (electrified plant has exactly the same first fruit about to appear, the plants are remarkably similar structure (same branchings so far ) and very close in maturity to each other.

NOTE: It's winter here and I'm on the tropic of Capricorn Latitude (southern hemisphere) sun traverses the northern sky here in winter.

The electrified plant now has a separate  small galvanic cell powering a Flashing pair of LED's with a reflective tube to direct the light at the plant top. The effect of this is that the electrified plant grows at night towards the flashing light which is behind it in relation to the sun, this keeps the plant growing straight up rather than leaning towards the sun. I expected the light to slow the upward growth and promote a bushier plant, but I kinda got both taller and bushier  and it's straighter.

Next few days will show green fruit on both plants, I'll get another photo then and try to show the flasher light working at night.

Both plants are very healthy, disease free as far as I can tell, no yellow leaves at all not one. all flowers producing fruit so far.

I wonder if they taste different.

In the pots I put in the bottom about 3 inches of sandy loam to slow drainage, but the rest to the top is premium potting mix where the roots are, ( I only used it because I didn't have to buy it and it looked good enough to sustain the plants through the growth cycle). When I'm well enough to dig I always make up a a mixture of good loamy soil and compost/humus from here.

Anyway test is showing positive results for the electrified plant and the control is doing it's job and growing normally.  :)

Anyone else experimented to see a result from electro-horticulture ?


Hello Farmhand,

I had to dig deep in my memories and found it´´the information which might be of help for you.
The information is related to the ORMUS-Story and maybe you know it already, but this here seems to be a very effective way of boosting your plant-growth: This guy is a retired scientist

but first how his methode affected his own bio-System

Look at these plants:


I have to dig deeper in order to find the webpage where you can find information on how to get this natural




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