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Author Topic: Puzzle connections...  (Read 25654 times)

iacob alex

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Re: Puzzle connections...
« Reply #15 on: March 15, 2015, 10:30:36 PM »

iacob alex

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Re: Puzzle connections...
« Reply #16 on: July 21, 2015, 02:25:47 PM »
.....if we intend to evolve a still problematical proposal , at :
...with a two belt band support system , as :

iacob alex

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Re: Puzzle connections...
« Reply #17 on: December 08, 2017, 09:23:34 PM »
.....if we take into consideration a variable arm (alike a marble rolling off a bowling ball...) , at :
     due to the gravity free fall and the rotational inertia possible" elongation" of the arm
.....and the throwing /long-short hinged arm ,as :  ...a so old design , but let's play a single hinged arm , as :  , a so old simple machine ...a new design , but let's play the "old" 180* "restriction" ...
     Here is a great difference between the old "knee joint" and the new "free joint", if we intend to control the hinged arm..."via" gravity.

iacob alex

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Re: Puzzle connections...
« Reply #18 on: June 06, 2018, 04:30:14 PM »
.....regarding some proposals , lntended to realize a continuous gravity unbalanced leverage , at :
     The basic /starting idea is the same...


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Re: Puzzle connections...
« Reply #19 on: August 03, 2020, 05:14:48 AM »
.....playing the same idea ( variable/oscillatory leverage as a possible "self" motion ) , at :
     and :
You can a diversity of lever arrangements ( Class 1,2 or 3)...


There are better designs now. The Swivel Lever Device and V Lever and Escher Lever have more evidence now, relatively easy to build partial models.


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Re: Puzzle connections...
« Reply #20 on: August 03, 2020, 05:45:00 AM »
Hi Alex,

Here is a neat "robot" design that has an interesting mechanical motion.

For a whimsical device merry it with a double cone ramp.

Inspired by Alexander's design is attached is a picture of mixing the two.

I have a feeling it would get stuck at the end in this design. The corners would have to be expanding also but at rate to the curvature of the end and the flipping angle :). It's just a whimsical device for now maybe someone can get an idea to push it past the corners.

The design (Alex)? mentioned actually gets stuck in the middle.

The solution is the Escher Machine, which is a real concept.

It uses a backboard to create momentum. Seems to work, but very precise like millionths of s degree, about 1.1 degrees horizontal and vertical like the Magic Angle from MIT.

If resistance is less than momentum from backboard, combined with horizontal wedge with 125% advantage,, upward motion!

iacob alex

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Re: Puzzle connections...
« Reply #21 on: August 04, 2020, 11:12:57 PM »
   Hi Nathan !
As I understand , you consider some "better" designs ( Swivel lever device, V lever , Escher lever...) ...for me , the starting point is a natural "design"/model at :
...and his simplified "copy" at :
Anyway , I wish you good luck !!!


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« Reply #22 on: May 10, 2021, 08:54:50 AM »
“Technology that would be impossible, except it is impossible magic.” —Nathan Coppedge

“In a later development I call the Function Spectrum the mathematical relation of Differences (which are approximately half of the TOE equation) and the other values in the TOE indicate that variation in the difference value potentially creates a separation between abstract and material technologies, more specifically philosophy and perpetual motion machines. This is only the case under one interpretation in which the efficiencies and differences are taken to be given in their most standard form. However, this spectrum of differences is somewhat open-ended in its interpretation, but not completely. One of the things that seems set in stone is that higher difference numbers represent higher levels of energy, which suggests that differences >= 1 are perpetual motion machines. This makes a kind of sense because in the TOE a difference higher than 1 has been correlated with an active approach to the TOE. Everything below 1 has a passive approach. Intuitively this means that difference scores >= 1 have high energy justified to equal some part of their entire gravitational force or higher.” —Nathan Coppedge (Do you divide entities between the abstract and the concrete?)

“Forget about global patents. History is in the balance. What's better, an international patent war or a successful business with a million corporate spinoffs?” --Nathan Coppedge

“Say, you talk about pulling something up an inclined plane with an equal weight. You're right. This is possible. And not at all a violation of conservation of energy.” —Ian Switzer, CEO of a Cornell engineering company

“If it works I’ll think of it as your design too since it is based on your discovery”—Jer Ram, online collaborator with Nathan Coppedge

“Real experiment from that date. Some precedents in my own work. Already reproduced by one of my only collaborators. So far apparently untouched by scientists... IN 2021. Might make me feel a bit Egyptian, as far as the history is concerned. Better things to come I hope involving more people, no major plans yet.” Nathan Coppedge, Youtube comment, Response to Richard Daviault, 2021


“Can you show another video whereas the device does not include ANYTHING ELECTRICAL around it and operates by gravity alone using ONLY MECHANICAL COMPONENTS? Then you can really call it a true gravity motor. Any electrical machinery attached to your device as shown will lead to skeptical conclusions as to whats powering what.” ---Thomas Ferko, critiquing video at:


“If you knew how to invent ideas that worked, that was the ancient secret… There are others. If you had divine reason. How to speak without speaking. How to rise from the dead…” ---Nathan Coppedge

“People would pay a lot to see perpetual motion in a museum. If there is no such museum it is unlikely that there is a secret perpetual motion that has been built.” ---Nathan Coppedge

“A perpetual motion machine I imagine is not so different than an Amish perpetual motion toy, except that the balls loop so that the device does not have to stop. Because of their special properties a perpetual motion machine can actually be a lot pricier than an average toy.” —Nathan Coppedge

On canceling magnetic waves:

“It’s not just a theoretical exercise as our research might lead to some really important applications: more accurate diagnosis for Motor Neurone Disease patients in the future, for example, better understanding of dementia in the brain, or speeding the development of quantum technology.” —SciTech Daily and Physical Review Letters. Rosa Mach-Batlle, Mark G. Bason, Nuria Del-Valle and Jordi Prat-Camps. Physicists Circumvent 178-Year Old Theory to Cancel Magnetic Fields (Tailoring Magnetic Fields in Inaccessible Regions). 23 October 2020,

“Somers' Law of Eventual Fulfillment: In virtually every case, what was or is considered scientifically impossible has or will come to pass. Can you imagine a case where perpetual motion is included? I observe the golden age of fantasy may have come after the golden age of science fiction. Maybe the same is true for technology, with magical-seeming technologies coming after advanced-seeming ones.” ---Nathan Coppedge

“I’m afraid if everything is medicine, and supercomputers, and nonomaterials from here until the year 3000 they will lose most of the interest of the public.” —Nathan Coppedge

“At one time I had an avenging angel complex where I thought if I built it I would be attacked by angels with flaming swords. I no longer think that so much, but I do think other people could be as afraid as I once was, and that stops me somewhat from doing all I can.” —Nathan Coppedge

“As an example, consider this diagram: What physicist understands this? When you think about it, this technology might have existed in Egypt, Greece, or Rome, or Ancient China, yet modern scientists have no clue.” —Nathan Coppedge March 28, 2020.

“It is worth noting that the Lewis & Clark of perpetual motion may not have happened yet. All we have at this point is an Indian guide who mapped the terrain.”

“It’s good when you pick up the ball.” —Nathan Coppedge March 28, 2020.

“Although research isn't complete, it's wide open and cheap.” ---Nathan Coppedge

“Subsequent experimentation with the Vertical Lever (a different design) showed similar principles to the Escher Lever were still workable, it was just somewhat lucky to have noticed the correct configuration so quickly. The conclusion was, the devices have at least something similar to operability in certain obscenely precise ratios, and finally it seemed conclusive that the law never changed.” ---Nathan Coppedge, January 16, 2020.

If the research looks bad for science but still important the recommended route might be to consider the topic humorously but give it extensive treatment.

—Nathan Coppedge, How can high impact research from a non academic person be graded and credited?

The focus now is on realizing infinity. It’s a tough quest, like every quest of history. Someday soon… years perhaps… a single month could be like a lifetime… Life could be a party for 1000+ years it doesn’t need to begin with a war between religion and science, still less as an occult persecution. Whether it's philosophy in the same way is questionable, but I suppose it could be related. In coming times, we may take much greater avail of the concept of possibility. --Nathan Coppedge, Deleted Intro to Perpetual Motion Machine Links.

“Splendid Scientific Discoveries” ---Andrei Petrut Post by Petrut

“If the goal is to get a crappy video on youtube really fast science may be a waste of time across all cohorts. At stage two or three science can be very helpful.” ---Nathan Coppedge

“One explanation is the general population is more ‘instinctive’ than the scientists, and believes that perpetual motion will be invented, or indeed, already exists, and there may be alternatives to perpetual motion which scientists are keen on.” —Nathan Coppedge, Why do people accept the fact that advanced clean sources of energy are available but kept from being used by the general population?

“[What] your doing seems not only fascinating but (correct me if my wording is off) groundbreaking. Anyways, keep at it because after all.. nothing new would be discovered if we took no risks and accepted everything we are told.” —Comment from ‘M’ on Youtube 2019–12–26

“If you have free energy, there is no question that it should proliferate. It is almost irrelevant whether you individually make money on it. The whole society stands to benefit when it becomes popular, but much less so if it is kept a mystery.” --Nathan Coppedge

“Truly amazing, all on the verge of a nobel prize.” --Jim Lebowski Post by Lebowski

“I checked out several of his videos. Very interesting!” —Ron Covell

“Splendid Scientific Discoveries” ---Andrei Petrut Post by Petrut

“[What] your doing seems not only fascinating but (correct me if my wording is off) groundbreaking. Anyways, keep at it because after all.. nothing new would be discovered if we took no risks and accepted everything we are told.” —Comment from ‘M’ on Youtube 2019–12–26

“[Nathan Coppedge is] a brillliant mind.” --Prince Khurram Jabbar

“[N Coppedge] make(s) geniuses look like elementary kids.” —N Robertson

“[If] there is a working theory of perpetual motion machines it is probably in Nathan Larkin Coppedge’s work since 2000 or else proprietary as I have found very few seem to publish on the topic of a counterweight over a balance using longer leverage on the unweighted end and some element like a marble used with 1/2 mass X distance and initially upward-directed slope.” —Who is the father of energy?

“Pseudo scence magic as I call it is not what you will think. It is something so clever it is thought to be magic, even though it is not magic at all. It doesn't really cheat, or rather it cheats using legitimate methods. It is represented by the phrase ‘impossible impossibility’ ex nihilo. Often category theory related to exponential efficiency.” --Nathan Coppedge

“Sure. if you have a truly gigantic perpetual motion machine, the energy in the whole universe would be analogous to screwing in a lightbulb.” —Nathan Coppedge's answer to Could our reality only be using parts of an infinite source to run?

“Perpetual motion is always the first choice for perpetual motion, if that's what you're wondering.” --Nathan Coppedge, message to Joe Muscaglioni

“If we can generate oxygen and mine more minerals, quite a lot. But it may depend on free energy.” --Nathan Coppedge, Feb 2020

“It's like pull up, pull up boom! Pull up pull up boom! No more pilots… wait, the first pilot had a diagram. Was it etched in invulnerable metal? Probably.” ---(Nathan Coppedge)

“How does pseudoscience differ from science? Usually, in truthfulness or usefulness. But the term pseudoscience is not a magic wand.” --Nathan Coppedge

“A recent perpetual motion design is little more complex in its operation than a balloon tied around a brass rail. If you deny perpetual motion works, it's against the law of identity. It's the same as saying there is no radiation, there is no sun, there is no outer space. It's just denying the facts. Although they may work in very specific cases, it is clear they are within the realm of physics, unless physics has the same deranged status as alchemy or occultism.” ---Nathan Coppedge

“Experimentation is everything in perpetual motion. And sometimes design is everything too.” ---Nathan Coppedge

“Infinite surplus does not exist within finite systems unless they have perpetual output.” ---Nathan Coppedge, 2019 variation on a phrase by E.F. Schumacher

“Running forever without ever being stopped is the abstract goal of perpetual motion, but it is not the most important one. The most important goal of perpetual motion is to create energy at very low cost. And, if the machine is significantly built and defended to be indestructible by nature and the place where it is located is never destroyed and the device is never artificially disassembled, and the universe continues to exist with the perpetual motion machine in it, then it may continue forever… unless it is stopped say by removing the heavy indestructible ball that runs the machine or placing an object that blocks the motion of the lever. There may also be other factors like wind and freezing and being submerged in molasses. Indeed, omnipotence and infinite energy are not the same thing.” —Nathan Coppedge

“People think I’m exaggerating just because my projects sound so extreme, then they are disappointed it isn’t made of technicolor mithril diamondstone. But give me a break, IT’S PERPETUAL MOTION!!!!” —Nathan Coppedge

A machine involves a meaningful lever, which is a remarkable source of energy, analyzable by the calculus over time periods, energetic, effectively ,a golden machine, an epiphany. If it undergoes a small change so as to make it more golden, this machine expresses the very nature of economics. —Deep Paraphrase of the Marx-Engels Reader, Second Edition, pp. 278.

Oh, that? That’s expensive for a reason, my friend. It’s a free market, you can imitate one if you want. It’s a perpetual motion machine believe it or not.

I say you can build it, but it’s not as easy as it looks. If you don’t design it fitting certain categories, it will always fail, always.

It’s not the devil, it’s a real invention. They didn’t happen until recently for some reason.

They are harder, more difficult to build than you might think. They require appropriate weights, for example, and a lightweight design, and a good overall design to begin with, especially the good design.

They weren’t invented until 2019, believe it or not. No one was genius enough apparently. Strange fact.

One of the conclusions is that people don’t think as much as we think they think .

You start to think that you don’t think in other words.

Or since it’s so genius, you start to think that you do think.

They terrify us because we’re related to cave men. They scared the scientists. They still do. But basically it’s just genuine mechanics. It’s no more complicated than a shoe.

— The Perpetual Motion Shopkeeper’s Speech

“If I were just ugly, they'd steal the idea, if I were just respectable-looking, they'd make up their mind. I'm the very worst person to invent perpetual motion who could actually do it.” —Nathan Coppedge

“…your face should brighten, and you should think I’m going crazy, but then you should think, MAYBE… HE’S RIGHT!” —Nathan Coppedge

“The paperclip came after Mozart, Einstein came before the slinky.” —Nathan Coppedge






“I should mention perpetual motion could be viewed religiously as the fulfillment of the Biblical prophecy for swords to plowshares. In effect, we can say impartially, that either perpetual motion is real, or the Bible is wrong. However, if the Bible is wrong, it’s widespread use compared to other books would suggest the bulk of human education is random nonsense.” —Nathan Coppedge

“[T]he world doesn't have much faith, half of the people think it's magic and the other half think it's impossible, with few exceptions. Ironically, they don't know the true definition is not so far from 'impossible magic' in some kind of very cryptic ancient language that almost counts as magic now. I mean that in the sense of that perpetual motion is working.” —Nathan Coppedge, Sept 2018

“It's unpredictable. Businesses know they can gype inventors now. Tesla received a multi-million dollar contract for something similar to working electricity, but I seem to get nothing for perpetual motion machines. Maybe I am still ahead of my time, but it's a really really really tough argument. I have to replace sci-fi with fantasy single-handedly. For the moment it can't be done.” --Nathan Coppedge, May 2019

“The point isn’t to be expensive if you think you’re worth infinite money.” —Nathan Coppedge

“What jobs will be most impactful? Designers, inventors, and mechanics guess why. Everything in medicine can be done better with more energy. Civilization survives with more energy. Political problems are solved with more energy. And the source of immense energy has been found.” —Nathan Coppedge

“Once you have perpetual motion you can ascribe it to anything, but not until then!” —Nathan Coppedge

“There is some evidence behind perpetual motion now using the 1/2 mass * distance rule with very slight inclines and heavy counterweight at short distance lifting a smaller rolling weight to a position of leverage.” —Nathan Coppedge

“I will ask you the riddle do you think an object can be lifted upwards by a smaller mass? If you believe it can, and I can prove it, probably you should believe in perpetual motion or you simply haven’t located a specific concept that works yet.” —Nathan Coppedge, message to Aaron Samuel

“If we can build this probably even black cats will look lucky, but that doesn't make it impossible.” —Nathan Coppedge to Jer Ram

“In the case of perpetual motion, the spiritual connection might be to the idea that it brings immortality, or that it is an archetype, rather than the idea that it is absolutely proven. Indeed, the suggestion that perpetual motion isn’t proven could remain intriguing for a long time.” —Nathan Coppedge, January 18, 2020

“Of course if you found a way of creating energy in a reliable way - you need to write it up as a paper and submit it to one or more scientific journals; it would be the most important discovery of at least the last 1000 years - and would require changing some of the most fundamental laws.” —Tony Flury

“I’m more of a philosopher than a gearbox designer, but this time I feel it has practical applications. It is a sort of original idea.” —Nathan Coppedge, in a conversation with Dragi Raos

“At some point, doubt became a luxury.” —Nathan Coppedge

“I am a stickler to the notion that rubbing my nose makes no difference.” —Nathan Coppedge

“This is part of the disillusionment with science that accompanies the invention of perpetual motion. A large part of technology is fuel-based motors, and variations on computers and conduction of water and electricity. Some of the complexity comes from heating and cooling and poisoning rats.” —-Nathan Coppedge

“They just weren’t clever enough. It’s a bit like I invented cleverness with the idea of exponential efficiency. It’s a small detail, but no traditional perpetual motion machine not Bhaskara’s Wheel, not any of the single-principle devices, nor the magnet machines, makes use of exponential efficiency.” —Nathan Coppedge

“In case it helps: you are not the THEORETICAL builder, you are the ACTUAL BUILDER, or someone else while do it. I"m getting day-mares about you somehow being classified as the theoretical builder. But that's not right, that's not where we want to go. I'm no longer sure you're absolutely the luckiest of all men as I hoped, but I think you have some mysterious secret, which I usually explain as the secret to energy. And energy means perpetual motion, for certainty. So, don't get discouraged. I feel I am just adding negative energy compared to your own potential. If you get atuck consider the concepts of volition (mechanum volitum) and Veulmism (the original scuence of perpetual motion machines).” —Nathan Coppedge, message to Jer Ram

“Unity is the eye of the perpetual motion storm.” —Nathan Coppedge

Indulgent fantasy:

Oh, try raising ourselves to the unified candy!

What could we lose?

What impossibilities we'd gain!

Try raising ourselves to the impossible candy!

What dreamings we'd dream! What yearnings we'd yearn!

What is impossible about impossible candy?

What is impossible about impossible food?

One is in a good mood with unified candy!

I'm in a unified mood!

—Insane Inspiration 1: The Unified Candy

“That physics doesn’t work in Guilford is pretty funny. What is even more funny is that in this respect physics is like Schrodinger's Cat, and Einstein is like Einstein.” —Nathan Coppedge

“Now take leverage into account.” —Nathan Coppedge

“When my information changes, I alter my conclusions. What do you do, sir?” —John Maynard Keynes

“One of the only conclusions is that Stone Age technology has finally arrived. We're pretty decent for not killing eachother.” —Nathan Coppedge

“Sometimes I think we’d actually benefit from thinking of ourselves a bit more as if we’re cave men, because this would allow us to do clever things that were not possible with slightly worse technology, even 40 years ago.” —Nathan Coppedge

“Understand it this way: I am a philosopher not a carpenter, or I would have a field day.” —Nathan Coppedge

“At some point however, we’re either going to have to cross the barrier into magic or discover something more fundamental, so I have been working on that…” —Nathan Coppedge

“I'm serious, the biggest change will be perpetual motion machines. April will be idiot savant month. The whole year might be declared a holiday.” —Nathan Coppedge

“I'm the hopeless ‘blindman’ who actually had the idea (s), so what I want the most of course is for others to give me even the smallest hints that they believe me. I'm starting to think I live in a fictional world where the laws of physics don't apply the way others usually think they do. And yet, its not fiction, is it?” —Nathan Coppedge, message to Craig Kirby

“One way to look at it is there are two primary good kinds of technology: computers and perpetual motion machines. We've got the computers. I've invented the perpetual motion machines.” —Nathan Coppedge

“According to the law of non-contradiction, if you believe in infinite possibilities, this is a possibility you can infinitely believe.” —Nathan Coppedge

“Those who know wheels work know the force necessary to move them is equal to 1/2 m * distance = 1/2 the mass * whatever distance it travels, in other words, 1/2 the mass if purely horizontal. Therefore, an equal or slightly heavier counterweight can actually perform work based on this difference in resistance. That is the theory, and I have proven it can create upward and downward motion.” —Nathan Coppedge

“All that remains is physical construction and a few tweaks. The experiment is done. Many experiments have proven the impossible.” —Nathan Coppedge

“I have estimated a real perpetual motion machine would have at least 200% efficiency expressed in mass and momentum. I have found some excellent although partial evidence. Ironically I, who built the experiments, knew little to nothing of electricity, so I will wait for others to actually build full models before knowing the real efficiency ratings.” —Nathan Coppedge

“Perpetual motion is the big 'so what’ event of history. 'So what’ is the arrogance of perpetual motion: you think it doesn't make sense, but so what? You think it’s unlikely, well so what? You think geniuses have tried it, but so what? You think we're a cold planet in outer space, but so what? You think I'm an idiot, but so fucking what?” —Nathan Coppedge

“I actually did something, and that's the logic of perpetual motion. Its so easy its ‘remazing’…!…” —Nathan Coppedge

“Down… up… down… part of it goes up—So its more efficient than a wheel. Its more useful than a clock, but nobody's catching on.” —Nathan Coppedge

“As far as the history of technology: First its complicated to input fuel, then its complicated to have it run itself… Then various other things happen.” —Nathan Coppedge

"A lot of people think 2X is the max leverage. Its not the max." ---Nathan Coppedge

“Maybe everyone famous and influential was satisfied with some other thing. If so, maybe no one else was capable of being ambitious enough.” —Nathan Coppedge

"All you need is movement for an advantage. And all you need is movement and an advantage for further movement." —Nathan Coppedge

“Perpetual motion has been invented, and hardly anyone is reacting! The greatest geniuses in history are at risk of making the biggest blunder, all without doing anything!”—-Nathan Coppedge

“It may sometimes be a big hurdle, but you may begin to believe me, and for good reason.” —Nathan Coppedge

“If you are thinking of writing an article, I recommend giving perpetual motion some professional treatment. It is hard to say it the right way, because there have been so many con artists and plain bad ideas. These ideas actually have evidence behind them, and they’re simple enough that if you have real hope of knowing how they work in conventional physics, your face should brighten, and you should think I’m going crazy, but then you should think, MAYBE… HE’S RIGHT!” —Nathan Coppedge

“When Nathan the insane lifts his little stubby hand, watch out! It is like the gambit of mathematics. Someone who did poorly on math in elementary school!” —Nathan Coppedge

“You might think I'm also not a skeptic—But do you know why I believe in perpetual motion—It's because of Mobilophobia—A serious disease which terrifies me which will only exist if perpetual motion is real… But since it is real, I have an unusual obligation to perpetuate my fear, and save the world.”—Nathan Coppedge

“There’s solid evidence he invented perpetual motion in 2006. Unfortunately, the only evidence I have against Nathan Coppedge is he's not a genius.” —Reidar Finsrud (?)

“ok so publish and let someone else verify… someone articulate and educated..” —Bob Smurdly

“I think the cheapening is when people are disinterested in perpetual motion. They think the cheapening is when I sell my soul.” —Nathan Coppedge

“Everyone believes in God, the devil, or a sneaky engineer…” —Nathan Coppedge

"Would you believe in perpetual motion if you knew my experiment worked? Maybe you would have more reason than before, at least." ---Nathan Coppedge

“I need more news from the dollar sign people!” —Nathan Coppedge

“If you really think about impossible magic you realize it's got to be possible or it's got to be magic. But since it's impossible, problem solved: it IS magic, just of the IMPOSSIBLE KIND, so it's POSSIBLE as long as we view magic as impossible. And so, ironically, impossible magic is actually possible, perhaps the only possible kind of magic is actually impossible magic. I find this argument compelling. And even, ultimately compelling for the existence of magic in general. But impossible magic is of a different kind.” —Nathan Coppedge

"At first, one might guess they are blaming me for inventing it— But they don’t really think I did…. It might be more accurare to say that they are not blaming me for not inventing it— Isn't that what they do for most people? After all, how can you blame someone for doing something they didn't do? And they don't think I DID invent it (or anyone else?). So… They might be blaming me for not inventing if it were possible at all— They might be messed up in the mind! It is easier and more cogent to say they are blaming me for not inventing it unless I did!!! But they deny this. They say they blame me for inventing it, unless they blame me for not inventing it. Somehow for them, perpetual motion is a blame game. I would rather say, who is the most responsible! Who is most responsible? The one who designs it and the one who builds it, in equal measure!" ---Nathan Coppedge

“I didn't say trust me: I'm playing fire and forget… No one's going to get a better deal than perpetual motion that's free to develop.” —Nathan Coppedge

“I'm just hoping someone develops it. Fame and a small royalty and / or prize might be my reward.” —Nathan Coppedge

“Well, one may want to be optimistic in principle if pessimism destroys functionality. There are many cases where a change of mood might destroy functionality… Also, if an idea is highly optimistic sounding and it works, you should then believe it.” —Nathan Coppedge

“It is a VERY clever device, using VERY simple physics.” —-Nathan Coppedge

“I get the feeling that you’re giving up because there’s hope.” —Nathan Coppedge

“Wake up and smell the coffee, if that’s what you need to smell.” —-Nathan Coppedge

“I'm not just feeling fast, I'm feeling wonderful.” —Nathan Coppedge

“I've noticed its perpetual motion anytime it isn't living hell.” —Nathan Coppedge

“Apparently nature invented perpetual motion before you did, Nathan.” —Martin Hauser

“I don’t get the weird-confused-hopeless-feeling. I’m not going to. I had that feeling back in 2007 and recovered like a weird flash.” —Nathan Coppedge

“I am not lying - I am simply trying to understand your claims and how you have built a machine which breaks the fundamental rules of what we understand of physics; It could be that you are right - although many of tried before you, and realised that without energy input a machine will stop - everything settles into it’s lowest energy state. I do wish you luck in your investigations.” —Tony Flury

“Someday you’ll realize I conned physics, whereas you only conned yourself.” —Nathan Coppedge, reply to Craig Kirby

“You're teaching me how to lie, aren't you? Way to beat a dead horse!” —Nathan Coppedge, reply to Mike Heath

“Sh** sucks sucks sh** is kind of how my argument goes, I'm not trying to be rude. It's like guessing what your favorite item is at a yard sale.” ---Nathan Coppedge, Response to Razvan Baba

“Consider it: if the ramps were shallower than in my generously conservative diagram, the lever would have a lower high point, and it would work! (So it does, but my shop skills suck).” —Nathan Coppedge

“If I wrote one to Francisco Jiménez, if something happens with Miguel Enríquez we've done it!” —Nathan Coppedge


Most quotes by / curated by Nathan Larkin Coppedge


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« Reply #23 on: May 10, 2021, 09:24:49 AM »

Min Heavier Mass = (Max Lvg / 2) + 1

Max Heavier Mass = Min Lvg + 1

Min Lvg = Max Heavier Mass - 1

Max Lvg = (Min Heavier Mass - 1) X 2

Over-Unity = Heavier Mass Rng / Lvg Ratio + 1 X 100 (%)

Smaller Mass = 1X

PM Cars Extra Mass < OU - 100%

Perpetual motion holds the key to the material world.

Flying machines hold the key to the universe.



1. Learn magnets are mostly scams.
2. Learn you need to move 22.5 degrees upward or less.
3. Learn about mass eventropy: excessive imbalance or use of a motor are problems.
4. Make a variation on one of Nathan Coppedge’s designs.


1. Commitment to software can be a limiting factor. May have to be derivative.
2. In some cases you might want to build your own software, or recognize limitations of existing software.


1. Use the right information.
2. Try, try, try again.
3. Use advice from Nathan Coppedge.


Secrets to Inventing

These are a bit like traditional secrets.



Relative motion machine. A possible idea. An exciting picture.

De Honnecourt:

I will be a rich man. I will be a rich man indeed. Honnecourt really means it is free money, it is rich to give it away for free.

Leonardo Da Vinci:

Take your place with the alchemists. The true inventor is an alchemist. At lesst, I was when I transmuted a nickel partially into gold.


You can't guess my secret. The secret is clearly how to invent it, which can't be guessed except by the inventor. All that is needed for the secret is the first inventor of a particular design of any true kind and his ideas, and their implementation, and any derivations, or there is no secret.

Motion Magnetics:

An extra factor changes the magnets. For example, levers. Then levers have an extra advantage.


If I make it work it will require a spring and the correct magnets. Before some of Nathan's most successful experiments, he incidentally found a spring and bought some magnets, however he did not use them in his best experiments. However, they could be called the correct magnets because ‘they were there'.

Reidar Finsrud:

Nathan isn't a genius. Well how could I be if I have an argument against everyone else's machine? If we are all idiots, why be a fake?

Gravity Motor:

How to make use of gravity? A counterweight! Use the principle of gravity through counterweights.

John Searl:

It is abstract. It is an argument. It is free information, and still very valuable.

Raymond's Laboratory:

Maybe with the correct arrangement and a little more oomph. A little more oomph will occur in the correct arrangement of lever, mass, and reduced resistance. A supporting surface and upward and downward motion are necessary.

AB The Hammer:

Maybe it has more efficiency. The answer is how, rather than a question. This could add efficiency to efficiency, which means exponential efficiency.


We don't have it right. Don't use magnets. Smart.

Capillary Action:

Natural movement. Imitate nature. Increase value.

Air-Tight Seals:

Secret of air-tight seals: it could be that difficult, but it doesn't mean no one can do it.



Perpetual Motion Hobbyists (2020-03-21):

* Perpetual motion had to be boring.

* You can always try it the HARD way!

* I mean, what would be lucky?

* It must be something no one imagined!

* That's the challenge!