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Author Topic: Akula 1W PNP biasing  (Read 17867 times)

Offline Jeg

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Re: Akula 1W PNP biasing
« Reply #15 on: May 24, 2014, 02:48:36 PM »
Hi Jeg,

Thanks for sharing with me the interesting circuit you built.  Yes, oscillator with high frequency can generate high voltage, I always play with similar circuit when I'm in high school, especially when I passed my Ham Radio exam and start building transmitters.

  So far, I'm just studying the Akula schematic and not yet building it. I already gather a bunch of parts from my junk box, and will build it by this coming Sunday. I will share result and also parts I'm using. I have some transistors in my junk box,  SS8550 and SS8050 both NPN and PNP which can withstand around 1A current, and with decent gain. I will try also 2SD772, 2SB882, both are low saturation type of transistors , but with slightly lower gain than 8850/8050 . I will try 2SD966,  and normal 2SC1815/ 2SC1015.
 A for the coil , I will try the air core as shown in video , and also make my own ferrite coil to experiment.

Here's another video I found in Youtube:

I attached the circuit diagram which shown in the video as well.

Thanks tru168
When you have time it would be appreciated if you could make the changes in the circuit even by hand.
I am not sure about changing R1. Normally the pick up with so many turns would be very high if you manage to make it oscillate at this MHz range frequency..

ps. In this new drawing there are two floating coils???