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Author Topic: Any proof?  (Read 90067 times)

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Re: Any proof?
« Reply #90 on: May 17, 2014, 08:45:13 AM »
Let us talk about cheaper energy, its source and operationg principle first and than experimenting.
You asked for "Any Proof"

Keep in mind EVERYTHING written in the posts above are CLAIMS. Not one of them represents proof or even anything coming close to proof of overunity.

On the other hand is there proof against overunity?

Sadly an overwhelming abundance of proof.

There are very very few "laws of physics". That is so important that it cannot be understated. Something does not pass into law until it has been proven countless times. The law of conservation of energy is one such law.

Does that mean we won't find overunity? Frankly Yes, but first lets clarify some terms.

Overunity : when used within this community it only means one thing regardless of the rants of some.

Overunity means More Energy Out Than In. ein < eout. Thats it pure and simple!

COP: Coefficient of performance. Lets get this straight COP IS NOT OU. Anyone claiming otherwise is using a very simplistic view. The classic example of COP is the heat pump, people confuse a heatpump with a COP of say 4.5 as somehow overunity. It is Not! What it means is 1 unit of input energy "motivates" 4.5 units of output energy. Think of it like a light switch. It takes very little energy to turn a light on, but that energy does NOT cause the lamp to glow it simply provides a path for the real energy to make the lamp glow.

In the case of a heat pump the lines are a little more blurred. The input energy collects latent heat from the surrounding environment and pushes it to the output. The input energy simply provides the motive power. The actual output energy is comprised *entirely* of latent heat from the surroundings (which may include some of the waste input energy)

So like the light switch the input energy actually contributes very little or nothing to the output energy. It just provides the path. In a heat pump ALL the input energy is consumed by the pump motor as either motive force or waste heat.

So remember this rule COP IS NOT OU.

Getting back to proof of the conservation of energy. In science the way you prove a theory is you apply it to a problem and see if the theory predicts something about the problem which would not be known otherwise. You then test that prediction and see if it is correct or not.

The law of conservation of energy is tested that way everyday by thousands of scientists and engineers. It has not failed. Those scientists and engineers are not looking to test the law they are using the law to test their calculations. if the law wasnt correct then their calculations would be wrong.

Lets consider some of the things that wouldnt work if it wasnt for the law of conservation of energy. Hmmm well basically everything. Your mobile phone, that plane flying overhead, your microwave, that pacemaker, the computer you are typing on. They all rely on calculations which if wrong they would fail.

But lets give a more dramatic example something thats a little less obvious. I mean the Wright brothers didnt know they were applying the laws of conservation of energy when they achieved their first flight now did they (well actually they might have).

The discovery of neutrino's.

Neutrino's had to exist! When calculating the energy released by beta decay (radiation) there was missing energy. The calculations failed to account for all the energy and therefore failed to pass the law of conservation of energy. Thus it was obvious there was something else that no one could measure. but it HAD to be there!

So science went looking for it.

23 years later they found it. The neutrino! You can read about it here

The only reason they found it was because their calculations of the decay of beta particles did not correlate with the conservation of energy laws!

What does that mean. Should we just give up searching for "free energy"?

No. It means we cannot magically "make energy" but it does not mean we cannot learn how to harvest energy from unusual sources and make it work for us.

So when you are reviewing all the ideas on this and other forums. Ask yourself or the inventor "Where is the energy coming from" If they say they dont know (or zero point energy which is the same thing) then you know they are wasting your time. Move on to something more productive we don't live long enough to waste time on the CLAIMS of fools.


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Re: Any proof?
« Reply #90 on: May 17, 2014, 08:45:13 AM »