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Title: wind power
Post by: raburgeson on May 11, 2014, 04:59:50 AM
A tower, fan, and generator. So many of these have failed because a gust prop right off. How do you make it stronger?

I have one odd thought. Build a flat paneled wheel and set it in a tub so, the bottom half is covered. Pull a tail on it so it turns into the wind. Set it on a torrent so it turns easy. Belt the armature to the generator.

Built like a water wheel except flat panels instead of buckets, that the wind can push on. Blocking the wind at the bottom stops the resistance of the wind hitting the panels on the bottom. This puts the pressure on the top ones and it spins.

Might even work under water too?
Title: Re: wind power
Post by: lancaIV on May 11, 2014, 01:43:30 PM
They invest for 4000 Euros/KW in offshore-wind power ! The consumer has to pay,guaranted : 25 years long !

Cheaper,also on-shore: ( (
As the data from Texas in 2009 shows above, tower windmills generally only produce around 1/5 of their supposedly rated capacity of electricity! No one ever tells the taxpayers about that little detail! Our presentation here uses a more scientific approach of first considering the actual power IN THE WIND, of which the high-tech wind turbines can capture a theoretical maximum of 43%, a little less than half. OF THAT AMOUNT, only about 1/5 actually gets converted into electricity. So based on the energy IN THE WIND, we say this represents about 10% or 1/10 of the available energy in the wind. If instead a description is based on the lesser PEAK RATING (of that 43%) then they SHOULD say that their devices actually convert around 20% of that or around 10% of the actual power in the wind. These actually say the same thing but the promoters tend to confuse the public, apparently intentionally! Of course, even with their more attractive way of describing their systems' performance, they still only demonstrated around 5% of their RATING performance in the summer of 2010! Much of their low performance numbers involves something called the Capacity Factor, which is mostly due to their having to STOP the turbines whenever the windspeed rises where the rotors could spin too fast and self-destruct, and they also STOP the turbines when the wind is slow because there is little energy to capture (discussed below). Depending on the specific climate, the Capacity Factor tends to be around 34%, although in England, a Court Record referred to 22%. The FACT is that the 10,000 windfarm turbines in Texas (in 2009) only actually PRODUCED AN AVERAGE of about 1/5 of what the public is led to believe (2209 mW / 9410 mW), and the very negative example of summer 2010 where only 1/20 of the advertised capacity was ACTUALLY provided when people really needed the electricity, sure seems to show rather severe deception to me![/size]
Title: Re: wind power
Post by: Paul-R on May 11, 2014, 02:54:49 PM
A tower, fan, and generator. So many of these have failed because a gust prop right off. How do you make it stronger?
Look to the aircraft industry. Feathered propellors.

More engineering, admittedly, but it will do the job. It is good to remind ourselves that wind turbines, sailing boats, aircraft wings and aircraft (and ships') props are all using the same aerodynamics.
Title: Re: wind power
Post by: raburgeson on May 14, 2014, 06:16:23 AM
That's why I am saying use flat panels on a wheel, it will not blow apart. The arbor it is mounted on can be heavy and strong. I made a model one, it worked. Threw it away years ago. Took up to much space for a yard and I am not at the top of one of the countless mountains around here. In the water the tub on the bottom would act like a boat and the thing would face the wind off an anchor chain. If you price a tower you will find it is not cost effective to buy one. Costs are high to service the equipment up high. And yes the power is intermittent. Storage equipment is a waste, sell access power to bring down the price of your electric bill when you have it. Solar power is gone in my area do to chemtrails. All the lake front cities here were windy cities. Not any more, chemtrails have seen to that too.

Every time budget comes up for debate they quit spraying. So if the budget is affecting their ability that much I call for insurrection, stop giving the government money to spray us. Wind power is absolutely worthless in my area so, I thought to give the idea to someone who might be able to use it.

I'm not working on this to make money. I feel the need to find a way to stop the pollution. There should be something left (like an atmosphere) for future generations and if I come up with something I will give it away.

My yard now sports 2 apple trees, an apricot, and, several types of grapes. I don't have room for yard ornaments.