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Title: Anyone here still working on ORBO's ?
Post by: Journey1 on May 10, 2014, 01:53:29 AM
    Hello All,
After a very long absence from doing any work on my ORBO and even longer absence from this forum and another ...
I have resuscitated my ORBO after nearly 2 yrs of collect dust with a defib machine I got cheap on Ebay. I had been posting and interacting with the very very few members at EVGRAY who bothered to make one let alone even look into it. Then I set it aside for more than a yr but after moving to a new locale, I have started working on it again and back in touch at EVGRAY.
After talking with the Mod there, he mentioned that many more folks were working and talking ORBO here.

So I was wondering if anyone is still tinkering with ORBO's here at If so or even not, I wouldn't mind connecting with anyone here who is/was interested in them and toss some ideas around or get some new ones from any members here who got into it.
Since reviving my system, I have found ( As always ) it is full of surprises at every turn. Seems everytime I sit down and play with it, it throws yet another anomaly at me to ponder.
I still think ORBO has some value, maybe not as a motor/genny combo self runner BUT as a main drive for something that does work like a Muller or some variant. There is something I have found with my rig that would indicate this as an avenue to follow that may produce positive results.

Anywho, I await responses if any ...

Title: Re: Anyone here still working on ORBO's ?
Post by: CLaNZeR on May 20, 2014, 08:30:40 PM
Well the NDA agreements with Steorn and the SKDB have now expired, so you may get lucky and find some old members that may be interested.

Steorn never showed what they promised they had to members even behind closed doors and NDA's so would not hold out too much.

But have fun playing !



Title: Re: Anyone here still working on ORBO's ?
Post by: synchro1 on May 20, 2014, 08:55:06 PM