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Author Topic: Electrical Experimenter Magazine 1908-Tesla Secret?  (Read 8292 times)

Offline Xenophanes2

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Electrical Experimenter Magazine 1908-Tesla Secret?
« on: August 14, 2014, 04:31:48 AM »
Hello everyone. I just posted this to the  "Kapanadze-Tesla- A Different view" thread not realizing it had been inactive for two years.Thought it might be relevant and get a few more looks here.

I think you are all on the right track here guys.Tesla was using the Wardenclyffe Tower to 'pump' high frequency waves to ground,which would spread out across the Earth to be be picked up by tuned,and most importunity WELL GROUNDED receiving stations.In this modern era of course we have industry and residential homes doing this for us at no cost (to us) all over the World as a byproduct of the 50/60 hz mains.Could this be why Tariel kapanadze`s device is tuned to 60hz and requires a deep earth ground with massive surface area(a car radiator)?Could ground be the (+) and the antenna (-)?This goes against the grain of the many 'experts' who claim Tesla was bouncing a charge off the ionosphere  lol. The following is a little known write up by the great Hugo Gernsback,publisher of Electrical Experimenter magazine and personal friend to Tesla back in the early 1900s.Read carefully.

I think it all fits together pretty well and no exotic materials are mentioned.I scanned a few more pages here if anyone`s interested.

edit: It`s actually 'Modern Electrics Magazine'.My bad.

Offline PYak76

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Re: Electrical Experimenter Magazine 1908-Tesla Secret?
« Reply #1 on: August 14, 2014, 05:38:09 AM »

I joined today. Though I've been researching the truth of Tesla, Aspden, Rife, Schauberger and many others who are being suppressed. IF the govt suppresses them, I Want IT!!!! lol

I know you are correct, he was using towers to take from the atmosphere, gaining the energy from the ionosphere. Yes he was timing things so he used the energy cycling around the planet at the Schuman frequencies, and maybe even somehow controlling it, to snowball before he grabbed it from the air with the reverse Tesla Coil, why he was so bloody into them I Most people look/build them and say "Lovely sparks/Nice crackles".  It was about having tuned circuits/networks to generate/focus the energy exactly where he wanted.

By taking it up to super high frequencies I believe he found the answer to many of the anti-gravity, particle beam weapons, lasers and phasars (plus of course the XRay, Radio, TV, Internet that Tesla was hoping to build 115 yrs ago). Can you imagine how far along man could have been if we listened to Tesla? At least that is what I glean when reading his reports/notes etc (at least the ones the FBI didn't put "National Security Act" on them to suppress.

Schauberger' prophesy, of destruction of the planet when man killed our forest/river/aquifer systems with toxic industrial, is certainly coming true. The fact the Nazi forced him to work for their science dept, then USA forced him to sign patents to them after war, because he worked with Nazi' is a travesty, especially as they signed up all the BAD Nazi experimenters of People/Technology, yet a man forced to work for the Nazi was treated like a criminal. Gawd I detest these evil criminals.  >:( 

Offline CANGAS

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Re: Electrical Experimenter Magazine 1908-Tesla Secret?
« Reply #2 on: August 14, 2014, 11:30:55 AM »
It was interesting to read such a clear description of an important facet of Tesla concepts. Thanks for posting.