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Author Topic: COP 20.00 (2000%) Times, Reactive Power Energy Source Generator,  (Read 299713 times)


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Re: COP 20.00 (2000%) Times, Reactive Power Energy Source Generator,
« Reply #465 on: November 10, 2016, 07:19:17 AM »

Milehigh's comparison of a spring to reactive power is completely false. A spring has real power stored in it. Reactive power is void of any real power. The claims of 20 times overunity may be false, but they have to be false for the right reasons. Milehigh really pumped way too much poop into his criticism.

The spring corresponds to a capacitor and the force on it is the voltage. A mass corresponds to an inductor and it's velocity corresponds to the current through it, so a LC oscillator can be made by putting a mass on the end of a spring with the other end fastened to a rigid object.

I looked at the video carefully and there is not enough of an explanation of what I see (including what the scope is connected to) to have an opinion. The one obvious point is that referring to a COP of 20 is meaningless. The controls can be adjusted to return whatever reasonable power is desired. The conference recording (being promoted in this video) shows different waveforms which are more switched and also makes a ridiculous statement that this is not a free energy device and works by putting the same energy through the resistor twice. When current goes through the resistor, the power IR is converted to heat and can only be recovered from heat. Stored energy can be put through the resistor the other way to return power to the source and delivering more energy to the resistor. Normally this would be the place to stop, but with the interest on this subject, I simulated 2 related circuits with LT Spice. The most useful circuit sends current through a resistor and into an inductor then returns energy through the same resistor to the source. The switches and inductor are near ideal and the diode is real world. The circuit and result is shown in the attached RL-recovery.gif. The circuit is powermag-ind.txt. The power from the source is calculated as 214.9 watts and the power dissipated in the resistor is 211 watts and is shown in the schematic. The blue trace is the input voltage, red is power into the source and green-yellow is power lost in the resistor. Replacing the inductor with a capacitor is not very interesting but the circuit is powermag.txt with the timing shown in the conference slides preset. To run these simulations, change the extension from txt to asc. The circuits may be modified as desired with the LT Spice editor.

This is what would be expected of a conventional circuit, so if the performance is different, there must be some other explanation.


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Re: COP 20.00 (2000%) Times, Reactive Power Energy Source Generator,
« Reply #466 on: February 13, 2022, 06:57:48 AM »
Let's just drop Don E. Smith

Tesla completely abandoned Alternating Current.  It was his creation, AC, and he walked away from AC.  For IMPULSE POWER. 

Let's say farewell to the self-appointed superior to Mr. Tesla, the inflated Mr. Smith.  I think he is part of the problem.

What of Mr. Duddell and his singing machine?  These folks accomplished it with 19th century tech - wood and wire.  We can do this, let's go!