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Lasersaber strikes again. A joule thief king ?

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I'm probably behind the times posting this, but I think lasersaber
has really stumbled upon the king of thieves, with this little circuit.



Pretty soon he'll be outperforming Solar Garden Lights!

Just kidding. LaserSaber always does good stuff and is a good experimenter as well as a good technician. (They involve different skill sets, he has them both).

It's not possible, given the information and the layout in the video, to rule out "electrosmog", that is, the ambient EM environment, as the source of power for this delicate little oscillator circuit.
He mentioned a FWB. I would suggest, if the circuit uses a COTS FWB, that LaserSaber make up his own out of germanium diodes 1n34 or 1n60 and see if that changes performance at all.

Also..... a good illustration of the First Rule of OU Research: If you have a circuit that 'works' do NOT take it apart! For any reason! Build another one and take _that one_ apart if you must.


Thanks for the kind words guys.  I was able to rebuild a transformer that works almost as well as the previous one.  Now I need to test and see if the copper foil is necessary, find the best winding ratios and do other tests.  But first I am going to take a break because I am completely frazzled.

New video here:

New schematic, 3D .stl bobbin and parts links here:

I wanted to replicate the circuit, but not all information is available:

In the video Lasersaber seems to say that he does not use the DC-DC converter any more. He uses a third winding on the pot core for power feedback to the drive capacitor.

I am sure Lasersabe will publish all details soon on his website.

One has to try the circuit without the coper foil (but the same wire and turns for the transformer) to see what the copper foil does. Probably nothing.

Sorry, I jsut saw that Lasersaber posted the new circuit


Greetings, Conrad

Hi hoptoad,

sorry for off-topic but what happened to your site  where you showed the very useful Adams motor experiments?  That site has been down since last July or so and even the wayback machine cannot show the content of the pages...   Perhaps somebody can offer a free site to store all those pages if you have them saved?



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