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Author Topic: Dr. T. Henry Moray: free energy device producing 50,000 watts of electricity  (Read 7357 times)

Offline chancy

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Hello Everyone:

I am new to this website since this is my first posting. I wanted to start out with Thomas H. Moray and his incredible story of his Radiant Energy Device.

"...Dr. Thomas H. Moray...used a simple antennae, (etc. per Nicola Tesla) generate large amounts of....electricity....During the 1930's he demonstrated (this)...even under the water....(It) weighed about 55 lbs. and was capable of obtaining 50,000 watts of power on a steady basis. (It) utilized a transistor more than 20 years before anyone (else; of) germanium. The (REA) Rural Electrification Administration...was ordered (by President FDR) to work with Dr. Moray on his invention, which took twenty years and $200,000 of his own money to develop. An REA engineer...smashed the Moray Device with an Axe. ...Dr. Moray was shot in a gun battle that took place in his lab...In 1973 Lt. Colonel Thomas Bearden, a nuclear engineer with the Army Missile Command, wrote of the Moray experiment which he had witnessed: 'It was ...a legitimate, widely recognized demonstration that got electricity out of the thin air.'" - Tom Valentine, Editor, Newsreal, "Suppressed Inventions" issue, June 1977."

Here's the links:

I have given a few links for those that have never heard of him and for those that have I would ask has anyone built one of these units? If you have I would appreciate an email with information on how to get ahold of them with their phone number  or email address or snail mail address.  thanks


Offline PCB

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I too am very interested in his work. The sad thing is it appears that his son is sitting on what engineering information might be available. I took a look and it seems to be all about cashing in on his fathers work. I did not even see a way to contact the guy. If his son really wanted this stuff see the light of day he would open source it so that a crowd funded effort could perhaps be started. I do not get the impression that the son is really a technical guy, so unless he does something like I just suggested this work is probably lost for all time!

Offline Tito L. Oracion

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We can actually reproduce 50,000 to unlimited watts just by knowing the momentum of electricity and the transformer technique.

Offline ken4ward

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I'm as well interested in this innovation. Please any findings about it?