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I am posting this in 2 different forums.

In 2012 I found the below video that explains how to make the Hendershot FuelLess Generator.

In June of 2017 I decided to try it out. So I ordered a kit from the below site that cost me 560$ since I am outside the USA and 20$ delivery charge by paypal.

I started the project on July 23 2017. I hired 2 technicians to help me out. I also did the sample board like in the video with 20 bulbs. It took 2.5 days and an extra 400$.

One issue with the kit supplied is that it had full solid copper wire for the L2 and L3 six winding each, which took several hours to complete because it is so tough. But it did not come out straight (I have been told that it does not affect the success of the operation of the device, but I don't know).

I tested with an electric multi-meter to see if there was any power after it failed with he sample board and I found 5VAC and 2VDC. Later I found out that somehow it was charged by the multi-meter and not but from the device.

Later I checked online for assistance and I found a site in the below link of a person that did a fantastic job with it as can be seen in the images but it also failed. He explained that it was due to normal electromagnetic interference that is emitted by our home devices or high power lines. If that is true then it won't work in modern days. After all it was invented in the 1920 when there was nothing around to interfere. But then how did the one in the video work?


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