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Title: Are Ancient Symbols Really Clues to OU?
Post by: Hope on April 18, 2014, 06:06:46 PM
Looking to form a group that are interested in Ancient Symbols and their possible meanings as models in OverUnity or Quantum Energy devices. 
Title: Re: Are Ancient Symbols Really Clues to OU?
Post by: Hope on April 19, 2014, 05:12:31 PM
This is a quote about just how important that someone studies this.

There is a common thread that can be seen to run through the sciences, psychology, mythology, and religion. To see it, however, one may need to revise their perspective and view these terms outside their commonly accepted definition.[/size]
The word religion, for example, derives from the Latin word ligare, which means to “connect.” Religare, therefore, means to “re-connect.” The term implies the need to reconnect our rationalknowledge with the intuitive feelings of our origin and destiny. This union of Western rationality with Eastern introspection helps to illuminate profound new insights.[/size]
The term mythology conjures a non-literal aspect that many established churches would find threatening. Dr. Mircea Eliade, professor of religious history at the University of Chicago, spent his entire adult life studying ancient myths and their relevance to the modern world. He determined that, unlike tenets of the recent past, which considered myth to be simple fable, myths are representation of a sacred reality. Not that the stories are necessarily literal, but they represent an allegory of an underlying truth. In his book Myth and Reality, Eliade explains how myths always recount a story of creation: the power of supernatural beings being manifested into the world. One might ask If a common reality is being expressed, why are there so many different mythologies? That question may have been answered indirectly by the United States Government Department of Energy.[/size]
The Washington Post reported that Professor Thomas Sebeok, of the University of Indiana, was commissioned by the Energy Department to study communication warnings for nuclear waste storage. The report was titled Communication Measures to Bridge Ten Millennia. It was the first in a series of studies undertaken to deal with waste that will be toxic for 10,000 years. The task is a formidable one. How do you warn future generations of danger, when it is likely existing cultures will have vanished and current languages may be incomprehensible? Many ideas have been suggested, like the placement of large symbolic signs. The Sebeok study recommended creation of a “myth and legend,” noting the oldest known human messages were legends passed down verbally.[/size]
Is it possible that someone or something has set up a series of mythologies throughout earth’s history to communicate to every culture, perhaps with a specific goal in mind? Myth and legend, believed by rationalists to be false history, may in fact, be a very real part of our perception, a type of map that conditions the ceiling of our capacity to know. Some of that knowledge may be communicated at the unconscious level.[/size]