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Author Topic: A Solid-State Maxwell Demon  (Read 28966 times)


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Re: A Solid-State Maxwell Demon
« Reply #75 on: June 19, 2018, 03:44:51 AM »
Zoltan, feel free to copy and redistribute any of my posts.


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Re: A Solid-State Maxwell Demon
« Reply #76 on: June 19, 2018, 01:54:34 PM »
As mentioned By ZL

he has opened a moderated spot to discuss this here
Chet K


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Re: A Solid-State Maxwell Demon
« Reply #77 on: June 19, 2018, 04:07:35 PM »
Thanks to all who have granted me copyright for their content on this thread. The migration of the posts was finished on the 18th, and therefore only the posts of those were transferred who gave permission prior to that time. But this doesn't meant that some left out material would not be useful. New posts can be always added now, and some left out information reintroduced in the new thread at:

Free Energy Principles Forum

Naturally, shill-posts, fights, and irrelevant texts were left out to keep the information clean and reader friendly. But fights were not left out because they are wrong responses to shill attacks.

To make things clear, I consider fighting back the shill attacks not only acceptable, but to be the duty of all genuine (non-shill) forum members. It is the same duty like that of self defence (or even the defence of another innocent victim) when a bully attacks an innocent person. If he submits politely with a smiling face without any resistance, thinking that being such a glorious “Saint”, practising non-violence is commendable and a great virtue, then he is completely misguided. By submitting to a bully he supports, encourages, and strengthens the bullies, especially if he also pays them protection money (which will be used against him and others). The dire consequence is that the bullies will just grow more arrogant, and aggressive, spread their mindset, create more bullies, and hurt more innocent people. If everybody would resist bullies with all their power, believe me, we would live in a better world. The attacked innocent might not win the fight, and might even suffer injuries, but that is the price of freedom. It does not matter who wins the fight, what matters is the resistance to evil. If all the attacked people would cause only a tiny wound on the bully, after 100 wounds the rascal might just succumb to the faith he deserves…

Quote from: vasik041
I not sure if it is wise to give up and go to other site. Public should see what is going on.
For example, I have my own yahoo group for many years.

Vasik, if you are still unsure despite seeing what happened here, and reading my arguments, then that is not a great sign of wisdom. The public can see what is going on in the moderated thread as well. If they could find this forum, they can also find the new one, even though it will take more time to find the links or hear about it. I have also had a Yahoo forum around 2003 when started my first FE website. But back then I was still quite naive and ignorant about the disinfo operation and shills. We did some good work together, performed some experiments and measurements, and created content for the website. But running the forum, communicating, creating web content etc. took more time and effort than the benefit from the contribution of the participants.

It also became clear that the “open source inventing and developing of FE devices” is an unrealistic pipe dream. Discoveries and inventions originate from gifted and knowledgeable individuals, and not from a group of clueless people. You could bring together a million blacksmiths in a forum with the tasks to invent the diesel motor, and see them fail miserably. Gifted individuals can cooperate with each other, or blacksmiths can help the potential inventors, but finally inventions and discoveries are born in single minds, and are not the results of a 'democratic' voting panel of blacksmiths. We can discuss these subjects in more detail in a dedicated thread on the new forum. With those realizations and some additional personal problems I decided to shut down the old Yahoo forum at some point, and just continued my own private research.

But this doesn't mean that a private moderated forum is useless. If time permits, it can be very useful to share and acquire information related to a researched subject. It doesn't have to host a group effort to invent something together. Everybody can invent their own gadgets (if they have what it takes) while still sharing information in the process for mutual benefit.

But most importantly, the results of a research about real or worthy FE principles have to reach the public. If this is not accomplished, then from humanity’s point of view we have accomplished nothing useful. This is the main argument that finally convinced me to start a forum again, despite not having much more time for it, and not expecting much from it either (based on past experiences).

Quote from: vasik041
It is quiet and only few people are there.
Most people coming here for entertainment, not for research.

The fact that a moderated forum (that is not part of the disinfo operation) is 'quiet', is not a bad thing, but a boon that is conductive to creative work. Tesla worked on his inventions mainly within his own mind, which had to be quiet and focused in order to produce all those inventions. He has also worked in his not too crowded workshop, instead of being dejected that it is too quiet, not enough popular, and therefore moving his experiments to a circus, expecting constant applause from a huge public. If you do something noteworthy and produce results worth reading, then sooner or later there will be people willing to read it as well. The fact that most readers of 'popular' forums, like this one are only looking for entertainment, just supports the argument that nothing is really lost if they don't find or read the new forum. FE research should not be an entertainment industry.

Another point, about question why p-n junction can't be "discharged" like capacitor.I talked with my friend and he pointed me obvious misconception about p-n junction.Charges (ions) in p-n junction are fixed. Electrons and holes moved by their field, not vise versa. It seems that most people confuse cause and effect.

Well, then your friend didn't show much wisdom either. The fact that the space charge in the depletion region is made of bound ions is described in all textbooks about semiconductors, and it is also mentioned in my paper. Nobody said that the free charge carriers move the bound ions. If somebody thinks so, then he needs to take up a textbook and start from the very beginning.

The explanation of your friend did not reveal the real reason why the free charges accumulated near the surface of the diode semiconductor ends (treated as capacitor plates) cant be discharged. It is due to the contact potential difference between metal-semiconductor, and between semiconductors of different doping concentrations. Please read my paper again; this has been explained thoroughly in it. My further contributions to the subject will be posted on the new forum.


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Re: A Solid-State Maxwell Demon
« Reply #78 on: June 19, 2018, 04:18:00 PM »
It is hilarious how you consider yourself a "shill detector". It seems that anyone who disagrees with you (or even APPEARS to disagree) is labelled a 'shill'. The circular argument " OU exists but has been suppressed and that why you can't find products with it" (conspiracy theory) shows the lack of clear and critical 'thinking.


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Re: A Solid-State Maxwell Demon
« Reply #79 on: September 17, 2019, 03:56:04 PM »

Oops! Wrong place.