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Author Topic: New Synfuel-Plant,Arakelian-Process  (Read 11463 times)

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New Synfuel-Plant,Arakelian-Process
« on: April 22, 2014, 04:59:03 PM »

The construction company Grantstroi from Stavropol presents a hydrogen turbo generator unit to reduce fuel use by ten times. It is quite a new generator working 90 percent with the use of water and ten percent with the use of hydrocarbons, the company's director general Gamlet Arakelyan told Itar-Tass. The system, he said, many times reduced consumed energy without loss of capacity. The main goal of Grantstroi at the exhibition is to find an investor.

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Re: New Synfuel-Plant,Arakelian-Process
« Reply #1 on: April 22, 2014, 10:33:30 PM »
Very interesting, using waste oil and water mixed.  Russian patent RU2269486

This is a link to the  patent, the link shows an empty page: 

And here is a newer patent on the method: RU2478688   (this is the same in German: EP2690158)


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Re: New Synfuel-Plant,Arakelian-Process
« Reply #2 on: April 23, 2014, 01:35:58 AM »

                   Plasma biomass gasification to fuel plant :

             and  low cost waste oil production
                       2006 production costs estimation :
                                                + water

                                        + G.Arakelian process plant

production price estimation +/- same as

                                   Syntroleum FT-Process

                    same as process costs

                        industrial price: 6 US $ per barrel




p.s.:               David Keith,Klaus Lackner and Stephanie Dides:
                                  atmospheric carbon capture
       +/-     100US$/metric ton CO2 capture costs (electricity price dependant !)

        CO2-2-Methanol University Lublin/Poland ; Jens Norskov
        CO2-2-Ethanol Celanese ; James Palmer(Uni Louisiana) ;Roy Perenes 


                                   + Arakelian-Cracking-process:

                             Total-CO2-cycle-fuel for 1US$/gal

           f.e.   fob farm (3Rd generation veggie-oil-producer)
                         household trash pyrolizer and cracker

                          production costs without subsidaries
                         90% less exhaust C-related emission : Kyoto 2050
                         90% less land need - for fuel
                                     more biodiversity
                                         less erosion,
                   less water consumption(up to 3500 Lt. per 1 Lt. Biofuel)
                                 water-vapor= climate gas

                                         Klaus Lackner
                  atmospheric carbon capture, estimation under 25US$/ton :

                                         Melvin Prueitt
     Convection Tower for water capture,electricity generation and Pollution catch

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Offline lancaIV

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Re: New Synfuel-Plant,Arakelian-Process
« Reply #4 on: April 23, 2014, 06:20:08 PM »
Plastic-2-oil/fuel plants like this

under these quality and price conditions:

" With literally just the push of a button, Graham’s plant produces a multi-fuel chemically similar to diesel that can, in turn, be further refined into a petrol equivalent. Oh, and by-products (depending on the feedstock) include paraffin and LP gas. It also produces a type of clean “sweet crude” with a zero CO2 content that can be processed in diverse ways. To give you an idea: the sulphur content and viscosity levels of Graham’s marine bunker oil are below standard industry norms, while his heavy furnace oil (used in high-volume industrial heat fuel applications) is equally impressive. And his all-up costs for producing 1 litre of multi-fuel? About R2.50.
                                2,5 South-African Rands ~ 0,256 US$ (~ 40,7US$/llb)
                (not really expensive for a module/container great plant)

Plans are also afoot to produce smaller plants for farmers and small communities that’ll supply about 5 litres per hour. Says Graham: “Our technology not only removes a serious environmental headache and provides cheap fuel, but is going to help with job creation, too. I want to go worldwide with this.”

And learning from pioneers and their hopes and speculations:
price/costs prediction 15US$/llb                       real world price/costs 80US$/llb

Offline lancaIV

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Re: New Synfuel-Plant,Arakelian-Process
« Reply #5 on: April 24, 2014, 11:52:03 AM »
          Huge coal-source findings in Mongolia,Mocambique and Pakistan :

                                F-ischer -T -ropsch - Process


            Syn-Diesel from coal as Arakelian-plant feedstock-part ?

                           (from the WO... Patent from Olaf Kuehl)

                               Synthetic  gas process:
Synthesis gas, syngas or abbreviated, a gas mixture of carbon monoxide and hydrogen, which may further comprise carbon dioxide.
The synthesis gas, for example by gasification of carbon-containing fuel to a gaseous product, the synthesis gas produced, which has a certain calorific value.
The synthesis gas has about 50% of the energy density of the natural gas.
The synthesis gas may be burned and used as well with as a fuel source.
The synthesis gas may also be used as an intermediate for the production of other chemical products.
Synthesis gas can be produced for example, by gasification of coal or waste.
In the production of synthesis gas as carbon using water or a hydrocarbon is reacted with oxygen.There are commercially available technologies in order to process synthesis gas to eventually produce industrial gases, fertilizers, chemicals and other chemical products.In most known technologies (for example, water-shift reaction) to produce and conversion of synthesis gas, however, there is the problem that in the synthesis of the required amount of hydrogen, a larger amount of excess CO2 is produced, which in turn passes the air harmful gas in the environment .In another known technique for the production of synthesis gas, the partial oxidation of methane by the equation...."

                    The Arakelian-Process neutralise the negative
               "... a larger amount of excess CO2" is produced .."
                                    synfuel producing aspect,
                                           hydrogen related !

                                           read page 2
                     "Some facts about Synfuel production ..."
                                         and calculate
           feedstock + production/maintenance costs  per barrel ?

                     probably  "endless +recycle" feedstock-source-mix:
                                             read page 6

                average production price ( including profits)   : 40US$/llb

      a.Syn-Diesel + b.Waste-Diesel + c.Algae-Diesel +d.Bio-(crop-land)-Diesel +
                 40US$/llb x 0,1 = 4US$ + 8US$ Arakelian-Process-costs/llb =
                                                                   operating,capital recovery,taxes
                                             calculated  like
                     Table 1
Unit Cost Production of GTL Fuel, $/BarrelCost Component
RefineryGTLNatural Gas (@$0.50/MMBtu)
$4.00+ Crude Oil (@$17/Bbl)
 + Operating Costs
3.00Total Cash Costs
7.00+ Capital Recovery, Taxes
12.00Total Cost to Produce
              12US$/        llb        Arakelian-hydrogenic fuel basic costs
              12US$/1602 KWh
                                               comparing with
               1,80US$/220KWH Solarhydrogentrends production price

                  comparing with 2009 10,5 US$/llb synfuel prediction
                         From O.P.E.C. to O.S.E.C.     S.yn-gas/-fuel

                                             Zehn Euros
    fuer das Fass Oel ,159 Liter Volumen-Inhalt und 1602 KWh Brennwert

               Later,from the military development to industrial use
                             for electricity and heat generation:

On the basis of the invention next devices can be created:
1. The device for confinement of high-temperature plasma
2. Industrial thermonuclear reactor. New global energetics. Cheap both safe warmly and electric power. The price of the device by power of 50 kW, by mass manufacture, will no more $ 3000. Cost of one giga-calorie (1200 kW×h) will not exceed $ 0.5. Role of traditional power resources, of a systems of their transporting and allocation (naphtha conduits and gas conduits, lines of electric transmissions, a contact lines of an electric transport, a heat conduits) will decrease. The grounds engaged by reservoirs of hydroelectric power stations will be liberated.
3. Thermonuclear jet engine . It in 2000 times is more effective than its analogs by of chemical energy. Cost of delivery of a load to an orbit will by decreased from 25000 up to 10 $ /kg. Will allow in the near future a wide using of Cosmos and its raw resources.
4. Powerful and compact laser with continuous thermonuclear pumping. Can be applied as the laser weapon of new generation.

                          And with ESCO2R ( Holcoumb,NZL) CO2 to
                                             Carbon Black
                              Graphene and Nguyen/Vietnam Hydrogen Fuell Cell

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Re: New Synfuel-Plant,Arakelian-Process
« Reply #6 on: April 24, 2014, 07:05:41 PM »
                   thermo-dynamical overunity process :

                       Efficient Fuel Production Process
                                       by Giorgio Pecci

The patented cracking process enables the net production of power (electricity), from the process outputs of diesel fuel and liquid petroleum gas. The process is very efficient, for each unit of energy used for ‘cracking’ approximately four units of energy are produced, which represents a net energy gain of around 300%.[/size]’energia-superpulita/


Offline lancaIV

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Re: New Synfuel-Plant,Arakelian-Process
« Reply #7 on: April 24, 2014, 10:50:39 PM »

                                   30% Synfuel
                                   70% ammonia  < 6US$/llb energy aequivalent

                      The cheapest energy carrier worldwide

Offline lancaIV

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Re: New Synfuel-Plant,Arakelian-Process
« Reply #8 on: April 25, 2014, 12:30:45 PM »
                         up to 93% efficiency

with his  ammonia price conditions

The design of the gun-engine eliminated all causes of inefficiency in current engines inherited from the first prototypes of Otto and Diesel inventions. The myth that engines must be inefficient is exposed!" -- Stan (August 15, 2008)[/size]

                           8                :             1
                      water                          fuel

                              ;)       and now     ;)

                      water                        synfuel

                 right application only for Canada,2004
  (not to think that it is not worth to give him donations,freely)

Beginning with cheap and stationary cogeneration (BHKW) stations/plants .

              the 1US$cent/KWh economy will be reached, step-by-step
                                             without hurry

                        e-fuel from CO2 has many interests,f.e. :

"United States Patent 7,989,507 - Production of Fuel Materials Utilizing Waste Carbon Dioxide; 2011;  Assignee: Siemens Aktiengesellschaft (AG), Germany; Abstract: The present invention is directed to a method for utilizing CO2 waste comprising recovering carbon dioxide from an industrial process that produces a waste stream comprising carbon dioxide in an amount greater than an amount of carbon dioxide present in starting materials for the industrial process. The method further includes producing hydrogen using a renewable energy resource and producing a hydrocarbon material utilizing the produced hydrogen and the recovered carbon dioxide."

    This is an official declaration and description about a  perpetuum energy cycle

                               from OPEC-member 2 OSEC-member

                Black S-oil     or    "terra preta" -oleo

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Re: New Synfuel-Plant,Arakelian-Process
« Reply #9 on: April 25, 2014, 03:42:55 PM »
         The polnish political administration speaks about an
                            EUROPEAN ENERGY UNION

                            let us re-think and calculate:


    as 1/9 (1 unit fuel/8 units water) gun engine fuel source

              (  50cents / 1gal-KWH energy content  ) /  9   
              (    50        /  37,58                                ) /  9
              (            1,33                                         ) /  9

                                ~ 0,15 $ US Cent / KWh     

                               =  0,0015  US $     / KWH 

                                ~ 5,56 $ US Cent / gal .

                               =  0,0556 US$       / gal. 

                                'six-cents-for-the-gallon '         

                        gun engine use costs aequivalence :

                               ~   0,0556 US$     /gal.
                               ~   0,011   EURO  / Lt. 

There is no energy problem,not in Portugal,not in Germany,not in Poland,not in the Ukraine and neither in China or North-Korea or Russia.

                     Everywhere is CO2 and everywhere is water

                           Anti-"mental desert"-Technology

                            possible calculation corrections :

 a.Lublins gasoline has not 37,58 KWh energy content per gallon

 b. atmospheric CO2 capture is not in the costs included

 c. giving the water a price
    from air capture
    with seawater
    down to 40UScents/cbm