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Title: Help constracting an electromagnet with specific properties
Post by: dKomnos on March 28, 2014, 06:54:04 AM
Goodmorning to the community from Greece,
I'm a student of mechanical engineering at the Technical University of Crete and during a project I had an idea of repleacing a mechanical system with an electromagnetic one, so to eliminate friction. Unfortunatelly I coudn't find a stock electromagnet suitable for our project.
So I was wondering if you could help me constract the electromagnet I want. These days I'm reading about electromagnets but there is not much time till the end of the deadline so there in not time for mistakes.

What we want:
We need an electromagnet (or two of them) so strong that can "unstick" five pairs of neodymium magnets from a discance of 2cm at least. The force we need is about 34kg (experimental calculated). In addition there is not much free space so a smaller electromagnet would be preferable. Magnet's radius is 1.5cm. I hope the drawing at the link is helpful:

If someone would like to help could find me at eimail: '''' or skype: '''', or answer this topic.

Thank you very much.
Dimitris K.