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Author Topic: Russian Physicists Launch Campaign To Rebuild Tesla’s Wardenclyffe Tower And Pow  (Read 7039 times)

Offline Farmhand

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I'm surprised this hasn't been noticed yet, another campaign but this one for a Tesla Transmitter.  :) :)

Any thoughts on this one ?

Press article.

Here's a quote to show they aren't claiming any OU though so they might not get any money. haha.
From here -

At that, we relied upon the fact that Tesla's patent is very descriptive on its nature and there are no any «hidden» parameters/processes existing. That is why we assume that so-called “ideas”, which are actively discussed in tabloids and mass media concerning the suggestion that Tesla undertook an attempt to "get environmental power" and use "radiant energy" via his power etc., are purely journalists' speculations that are very far from real physics. In our opinion, working principle of the Tesla Tower completely corroborates with conventional physics laws and does not require complementary use of any other new concepts or physic effects. Therefore, our research and future investigation has solely applicative and by no means fundamental nature. If the nature of our article seems to be too complex for you, please kindly take a look at the article located here (this one is rather written for humanists and contains a series of rather incorrectly formulated concepts, however this source would help you to gain better understanding of the concept).

Let us begin.

And the article goes on.


Free Energy | searching for free energy and discussing free energy

Offline Farmhand

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They've done calculations for the RF radiations and for the voltage distributions and for current depth ect. Not being an Engineer I
cannot check any calculations.

It's a crying shame that they must spend so much text to distance themselves from the myths surrounding the set up. A direct result of the lies and false claims made by folks about the way the device works and the claims people make (which Tesla didn't make)
about the powers he achieved and calculated and what they meant.

These guys don't claim OU and they don't claim the set up transmits power through the air. I guess no one will be interested because
of those factors.

They envision the apparatus to be used or could be used as Tesla intended it to be, that is to transmit the power generated
at remote places where the harnessing of natural energy could take place.

I haven't decided if they are legit yet, but if I decide they are legit I might donate a few meals worth of money to them, it might
help, even if only to get macca's to eat for one night in the lab.

A general opinion from TinselKoala would be priceless.  ;D


Offline khabe

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None likes to live near HV transmission lines or to have any other electromagnetic radiation source near his home ... but ... Tesla Coil emits a lot.
I have understood  some people believe Tesla coil is some kind of free energy.
Tesla Coil is wonderful thing but it is far not free.
Teslas last huge tower project has been canceled by hes grantor George Westinghouse because for energy source were needed one of largest power house at this time in US.
 When someone builds really big Tesla tower then perhaps hes  neighbors can use this energy too, but is it free?
Even he never ask you to pay for self brighting lamps your home, your bills for doctor and then cancer cure will cost a lot.


Free Energy | searching for free energy and discussing free energy

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Offline Shanti

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Just had a short look at it. Did anyone read the whole stuff?

I would be interested how they would plan to make such a tower (materials, etc)

E.g. the picture I saw looks a bit odd. Also that they only plan to get 3MV. That's really IMHO a way too small amount for such a transmitter to have a thorough effect on earth.
What energy in the oscillator are they planning to have oscillating (q-factor).

Which design they plan to use? The one from CS, or the planned design for Wardenclyffe, with only a top fed coil as resonator?

So if anyone read himself through there, I would be grateful if (s)he would make a small subsumption.

But I have to admit, that I also fear, even if this principle would really work, that it could have a severe impact on biological systems. We already know, that the earth e-field has effects on biological systems. And by modulating this field, we would not know, what effects to suspect in biological systems...

It could be even much worse, than the conventional EM-Smog

Offline Paul-R

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Free Energy | searching for free energy and discussing free energy

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Offline raburgeson

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I have a few thoughts I would like to share. Have you noticed all the sabre rattling at Russia? First they agree to doing business with China without using the petro dollar. Second they have the natural gas that Europe needs. Third they may well have figured out Tesla's transmission of power completely. Good news all around for us little people. Now let's see if Russia can survive long enough to play through.

Me, I'm still shaking pom-poms for China who announced they were going to develope an impossible space drive.

Offline raburgeson

  • Hero Member
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  • Posts: 705
OK, I let you chew on that for a day before I mention that Russia hasn't committed and act of war. All they seem to be addressing is the lack of progress. Science is being held back. The curriculum taught in the higher learning schools is targeted at it can't be done. Our present day curriculum is a psyop. Civilian science is being held back. We have been using oil for over 1 hundred years.  Far longer that we should have been saddled with oil companies. Tesla technologies should have been implimented as soon as Waldenclyffe was finished. Why wasn't the project finished? By original agreement Tesla was to be paid per horse power to his patented work. He should have owned GE, Westinghouse, and several other companies. What happened? Sniveling Morgan convinced him it was for the good of the country Tesla needed to forgive the debt. This did not result in good for the country did it, only good for Morgan. I'm not worried about a lawsuit, I am stating true facts here. If Tesla had collected his financial due he would have finished Waldenclyffe and we would be living in an entirely different world today. Note that his work is still top secret even today.

There are people in here telling you it can't be done. They are scared to death, they know it can be done. You might not have gotten the psyop education so they are trying to give you one here! If they really believe that they would not be lurking on this site.

Let me tell you the story about the flying suit. The government put a group to work developing a flying pack. The government gets no results. The government then shows a group of scientists a video of a young man strapping on a pack and flying all over. Then they announce that they were not told how it was done and the pack blew up killing the inventor. Took them less than a month to complete the project after that. Then the government brings out the actor and explains that a working flying pack never existed.

Free Energy | searching for free energy and discussing free energy

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