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Author Topic: Searching for a Tesla Patent  (Read 14431 times)

Offline Shanti

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Re: Searching for a Tesla Patent
« Reply #15 on: June 14, 2014, 05:16:26 PM »
Very interesting!
Lol, but really looks like it is very inefficient.
I'm just wondering if Tesla's way of "sender" would be more efficient. OTOH I would think that the army would at least have tested Tesla's idea, as with modern equipment that would not be very costly (for a military budget)
It's the same with Tesla's Death-Ray/Peace-Ray/Teleforce/...
I just cannot imagine, that the army did not test if this setup is viable or not. But I have never heard of any test in this relation...
Sure they did experiment with particle beams, but they usually used a very different setup. I think this is strange, as Tesla's setup seems very easy to implement. I would at least have tested it...

This might be related. It is from much earlier work than CS or Wardenclyffe but remember he used impulses rather than AC.

I personally rather do not think so. He already had patents for transmissions with several oscillators of different frequencies overlayed and even modulated.
I actually think it is quite impressive to do such things, with the stuff available at that time. I would never have been able to do that...
But here is still see the problem how to modulate it on the main free oscillator, as there an enormous energy is oscillating.
But probably this could have been done, although I wouldn't know how exactly...

The free oscillator surely had quite some harmonics on it. AFAIR Tesla himself states that in the CSN. But this is actually quite logical.

He originally planned a much higher tower but, not being able to raise the capital needed for its construction, he scaled it back. IMO, that re-scaling was much of the reason for the construction delays and ultimately the Wardenclyffe project failure. Had the delays not occurred due to resizing, Marconi may not have beat him to the intercontinental transmission and he would have had the full backing of J. P. Morgan.

The funny thing is according to the "rare notes" it seems he planned to fall back on a two or even three tower design. I'm still wondering if he planned to set up a CS like transfomer in the brick building for feeding the tower top, although I cannot really imagine that, from the distance of the two...

U.S. Patent 1,119,732 applied for January 18, 1902 (Wardenclyffe)
 "The coil B is wound on a frame or drum D1 of insulating material, with its turns close together. I have discovered that when so wound the effect of the small radius of curvature of the wire itself is overcome and the coil behaves as a conductor of large radius of curvature, corresponding to that of the drum.",119,732-transmitting-electrical-energy?pq=MSwxMTksNzMy
That seems to be your "( wire thick and as short as possible)". Look at  the drawing at that link and read the above paragraph again.

I would rather think he meant it in relation to the electric field. If you have such high voltages, on such a small diameter wire, you would get immediately a corona discharge to air. But if you wind the wires close enough together, they will behave in relation to the electric field, like the field of one big drum at that voltage. So you do not get anymore corona discharges from the wire.

You should also look at Canadian patent 142,352 applied for April 17, 1906 - Art Of Transmitting Electrical Energy Through Natural Mediums and note the difference in dates. I think the U.S. patent was filed to protect the idea without revealing much information and the later patent was filed to protect the ideas when it was apparent the Wardenclyffe project would not be completed. There is quite a bit more information in the Canadian patent. I suppose it was filed in Canada to make it somewhat more obscure because in that day the documents would have to be examined in person and Tesla was so active in the U.S. I'm not sure people would go to Canada to look for it.
In those patents he also references patents for individualization of transmissions. Related patents.,953-intensifying-transmitted-effects?pq=Njg1LDk1Mw==
It would probably be beneficial to go back and read those patents thoroughly with the understanding you now have. On review, a lot becomes clear. Also look at the CS notes on July 4, 1899.

Well how it should principally work, was and is already quite clear. The only questions I would have had, was just how exactly he tried to get the earth into resonance with as few losses as possible.

From the docs you linked, as also in the rare notes, it gets very clear, that he was aware, that he wanted to created standing waves on the earth.
E.g. if you draw the remaining circles in one "rare notes" pic you can clearly see, how he exactly placed the earth connections of the different sending/receiving circuits. (see attachment)

But it's interesting that in the doc you posted, he recommended frequencies < 20Khz, while in the rare notes he obviously planned a transmitter for 100KHz.

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Re: Searching for a Tesla Patent
« Reply #15 on: June 14, 2014, 05:16:26 PM »