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Author Topic: Quantum Energy Generator (QEG) Open Sourced (by HopeGirl)  (Read 2011912 times)


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Re: Quantum Energy Generator (QEG) Open Sourced (by HopeGirl)
« Reply #510 on: April 27, 2014, 04:16:25 AM »
resonance of steel creates electricity1 wmv


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Re: Quantum Energy Generator (QEG) Open Sourced (by HopeGirl)
« Reply #511 on: April 27, 2014, 05:35:05 AM »

I suppose this qualifies as well known, although I have yet to read anything that associates magnostriction with anomalous energy production in transformers.  If James means magnostriction when he says "piezo effect" why avoid just using the proper term?  Also the Taiwan crowd is going to have their next core dipped in epoxy potting material to increase the insulation value of the primary.  Maybe that will cancel out any existing "piezo effect"...


I want to see that guy repeat his experiment by tapping on the transformer with non-magnetic material.  He could have magnetized that piece of metal he is using, or it might just have residual magnetism in it, and so the signal shown on the scope could be from that magnetism interacting with the transformer core.


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Re: Quantum Energy Generator (QEG) Open Sourced (by HopeGirl)
« Reply #512 on: April 27, 2014, 05:46:49 AM »
resonance of steel creates electricity1 wmv

Once again, this calls for my semi regular posted quote from Ed Leedskalnin:

" I made a lot more electricity with steel than I ever made with copper ".

And I believe this one came from Ed also:

" Ring the bell ".




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Re: Quantum Energy Generator (QEG) Open Sourced (by HopeGirl)
« Reply #513 on: April 27, 2014, 06:53:09 AM »
I consider to do little experiment with MOT and piezo elements


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Re: Quantum Energy Generator (QEG) Open Sourced (by HopeGirl)
« Reply #514 on: April 27, 2014, 06:54:06 AM »
Well, there does seem to be a couple of related phenomenon that might have possibilities: which is a first order effect, and I suppose this is from where James got the "Piezo" term he's been using. which is a second order effect. and it's counterpart

If the magnetic domains are interacting with the zero point energy field as they are electrically, magnetically, and physically oscillated in a state of resonance that could be a potential doorway for the inflow of anomalous energy.
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Re: Quantum Energy Generator (QEG) Open Sourced (by HopeGirl)
« Reply #515 on: April 27, 2014, 11:11:34 AM »
Is it possible that there is a skin affect taking place once the voltage is high enough?


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Re: Quantum Energy Generator (QEG) Open Sourced (by HopeGirl)
« Reply #516 on: April 27, 2014, 01:07:25 PM »
I don't know if it do the same thing with an alternator but with a DC motor when you have a certain totale electrical resistance of the circuit (not too high) you can turn the motor as easy than if you where turning it with no load (with fingers of course), I don't know too if it is the same resistance for differents motors or different speed of the same motor but it is very intersting.


Mh, no, after mature reflections I do not think this is too interesting


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Re: Quantum Energy Generator (QEG) Open Sourced (by HopeGirl)
« Reply #517 on: April 27, 2014, 04:46:02 PM »
That's the Lenz forces in action, and in the case of the QEG it lacks direct correlation because the DC motor has windings on it's armature that create the bulk of those Lenz forces, while the QEG lacks winding on it's armature and so lacks the same magnitude of Lenz force generation in it armature, only a relatively small amount of Lenz forces are generated in the QEG's rotor by the eddy currents in the rotor laminations in comparision.


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Re: Quantum Energy Generator (QEG) Open Sourced (by HopeGirl)
« Reply #518 on: April 27, 2014, 09:34:50 PM »
Here is the text from an email sent to me today...this may be of interest some or many.

"  Many have played with crystals and caused the fields to expand using their own minds and hearts, not calling this a Quantum experience, but that is only vocabulary.
What the psi community can offer in this, is the comprehension, that over a "vibrational link" such as the one we use to slide into our physical bodies, or a quartz crystal, there is a 2 way access flow.
If a person scans me, and I become aware, I can use their link to scan them back. A vibration link is 2 way. Psi links operate between platonic form vibration centers. The outer boundary of the universe is such a vibration center, and the core of every atom is another.
There is then an extension, where I can learn to scan anything, even a rock, from it's center of gravity, I can then access information. This process can keep moving either larger or smaller through the universe, because it is universal.
Years of meditation, discovery of the outer boundary, as well as the atomic levels, and the way coherent fields actually work.
We are all familiar with a coherent magnetic field, and how the irons atoms will collectively align in co operation to generate a magnetic field larger then the magnet that can then attract iron inwards to it at some distance through space.
This is only one type of field coherence.
The electric field can traverse copper medium at c velocity and will surround a piece of copper to some distance outwards, as a coherent electron field [electric].
The field being missed by all these people who are failing to produce OU, is the tempic field, which they are not yet aware of, and was discovered in the 50s by Wilbert Smith. Lindeman, has never succeeded at this type of field coherence, as Joe of Joe Cell has. A self organizing field, with rings or layering, mirroring an atom.
He can make statements like "it is impossible" but these statements only apply to him and reflect where he is at in the conscious levels of comprehension.
What issues forth from the mouth reflects where we are at, it has no bearing on the real world or where others are at.
The earth continues to move about the sun, without Lindeman's help.
Just because he cannot understand how that works, does not make his negativity true, that it is "impossible" to understand.
"People worship", others knowledge, placing responsibility of defining my truth by their expertise, and this is one of the things we need to get past. I do not care what Lindeman states, I seek only the truth for myself.
Lindeman states it is a "fraud" because he already checked it out and it did not work for him! OK. How is that a failure? That is a tidbit of knowledge with reference to him, and coming from him, so it "his truth."
I have continued to explain the path to accessing the quantum levels to seek power from Source. Sensitivity is necessary and we are spreading the techniques to achieve that sensitivity. Resonant rods, feeling vibration, and learning to scan the center of mass of an object, as Arno does with rocks. Joe Cell work, vibration tubes, using calipers .....etc.. This is the bottom of the chain of interactive learning from nature as it actually operates.
Healing the body.....
This is Quantum access, using a different vocabulary.
The fields are intelligent, and conscious. And when you see a group working with that aspect of the fields, where they have realized the quantum energy is intelligent, then that is where truth will be discovered for them.
There is no way to get there without the Spiritual opening, and the two types of truth become one.
Bismuth coils with opposing magnetic fields, scalar cancelling, produce psi vibration. This energy works at the pineal area of the brain to sensitize the spherical awareness sense. It is very simple to study and profound to experience.
The light rods expose the smaller distance resonances of the atomic layers and bring them up to our level of dimension for study.
Spiritual awareness is perception from the outer boundary of the universe looking inwards to see all things as one. We already exist there!
Science awareness, is perception from the small body of the individual that looks out into the same universe and sees only separation of all things. It cannot locate Source energy of the universe from this perception, but can work backwards with assistance from the Spirit perception.
This is the construct of the universe!
We are already connected on both ends of it.
Comprehension in this, by having both awareness's turned on simultaneously, cannot be achieved from Lindeman's perception level. [He does not see where Source energy of the universe comes from.]
QED physics is the closest dead end, to awakening a scientist, but it cannot end there, it must then become experimental, in that one realizes they are "inside the universe" and a part of it, then also exist on its outer boundary and can look in to see all things as one...
When you create a vibrational bubble the first time, your body will likely be inside it also.
When you discover your own auric field, you wake up inside them.
The awareness is larger then the physical body, information can be obtained scientifically from outside the body. My whole path is there in the recorded documents, following Wilbert Smiths example and what I personally found to be true from what he states plainly.
There was no place in my progression where I had to use any faith at all. As a matter of fact I had to reject all past faith and only see reality at each step as my truth in the moment. So few Spiritual journeys are recorded in this way, and it take considerable effort to function in Za Zen to allow the recording of a Spiritual journey or a "slide" as it is happening.
Do not place the responsibility for success of OU energy on others. It is a reflection of our development as a species to master a thing "personally."
If I can get OU energy to work on my bench with an autotransformer, a lamp dimmer, a 100 watt light bulb, and a diode bridge, I know others will also if they continue to seek it's solution.
I do not believe it can be accomplished by anyone who is unaware of the vibrational paths function in the atomic fields... the nuclear strong force. All the clues are there in the science, and I could go through each one again if it is desired to show the energy levels in the atom are self sustaining, and self correcting, based on what we already know. Science has already shown the location where gravity is a conversion of mass!
[I fail to see how anyone seeking can miss this stuff, if they are willing to just catch up with current science.
Lindeman obviously has no QED understanding. And this is electrical energy at the smallest level humans have studied it, with empirical proofs at each step.]
Can you answer the following questions?
Where is the place in creation where Gravity originates, and has already been recorded by our science?
Where is the "location" we have observed mass conversion to energy in our science and in nature?
Does it follow Einstein's formula E = MC^2?
QED in a physics department of any large college has these answers, and Lindeman is blind to this knowledge. His statements reveal he has no comprehension of what science has already observed, let alone take it any further.
The next step, from where QED leaves off, includes, psi phenomena. There is no way past this hurdle.
You cannot open the "saucer phenomena" without opening the psi box. Free energy is the side effect of understanding at this level of quantum phenomena, where you are interactive consciously with the devices energy field.
That is where our current science is stuck. Wilbert Smith is the next leap after you have comprehension of current sciences "ending point".
Wilbert Smith gave us the path for experimental progression, showing exactly how to unite the conscious science with the physical science.
Go back to square one, as a seeker of truth, and then learn the correct structure of the universe beginning at the point of "nothing at all." Realize consciousness is step one......the rest is organized in pattern of structure, and without the understanding of consciousness roll in the first paragraphs, none of the rest will be graspable as important.
I will offer an example of one thing easily verifiable being totally ignored by these seekers working only from the physical level, and ignoring their crystals.
1 - fission gives off incredible energy
2 - fusion gives off incredible energy
How is it possible to take elements from the periodic table and get energy out by taking them apart, and still get energy out by putting them back together?  Shifting them along the table of elements converting them into other elements, moving either direction, always creates energy out.
What is more eye opening is when you look at the actual numbers for each process, and realize this is creation of energy as matter is assembled, created, transmuted, or destroyed.
How is it a college student cannot see this when it is taught them in its smaller pieces?
It is because they do not see the whole picture at once or ever consider all the experiments simultaneously.
How is it the strong force of the atom, converts mass into energy, when the atom is assembled? An energy bubble that is self organizing and self recovering? When assembled from its parts looses weight and also increases in energy, the bubble effect that self organizes. Creating a force field that is 137 times stronger then EM to hold itself together as one atom.
Anyone seeking these answers can now find them. To "comprehend" the knowledge is however something which cannot be taught.
Wilbert stated, the Aliens explained, we cannot teach you, will can only assist your learning. You must go through the learning process "alone" as a seeker of "comprehension" at each step for yourself. Then nothing will be able to shake you up, as all you know is based in truth.
This is an honest path with self and the universe, and no other presence necessary.
After you do the work for yourself, the answers are more obvious.
As with Spirituality, you can not advance on the shirt tail of some expert. You have to put in the personal effort and become the seeker.
It is not a surprise to me that Spiritual people will be the first to show this to the world.
Wilbert Smith gave us the method, but as to him, he never truly realized it for himself. He opened a door and proved to himself, it is possible. This was the 50s tech that created craft which eventually worked and was accomplished by Carr a decade later, using the same "conscious techniques" to explore the universe as it works for himself.
You can not get there, without addressing the nature of atoms, solar systems, consciousness, and Source power of the universe, for yourself.
Because so much "self education" is necessary, I had pretty much given up attempts to pass it on to others, as I have experienced it for myself. I am not bold enough to present a quantum bubble generator to the world, knowing only a very few out there may be successful at this time in getting it to work.
It is a very personal thing to tune into a light rod the size of 44" using a pin to access the points of the GL wavelength, and begin to converse with the GL fractal intelligently at a quantum level. The mass of a 5/8 to 3/4" rod is plenty to have this experience for yourself. Ask Howard, he actually did it too.
What is not obvious from the document is that I was on a "path" of which this was only one of the steps along it necessary. This is the part they have not yet accomplished to comprehension of how the universe operates physically.
There is no release of energy obvious in the operation of the atomic level, to being at the dimension we occupy in size, other then "us." But we can learn to "see" the motion and the fields operating to sustain matter.
When I realized this for myself I attempted to share the path with others, but only the "healers" and chi masters  could even understand it. That is because they possess something science has not fostered, personal connection with the experiments. A psi connection. Teach the student, in true learning there is only the person and the universe, and this connection does not involve anyone else. Within it there is everything that is.
This is the same level where a person in Karate actually begins to advance radically. They get their "black belt" and start teaching themselves, dropping the teacher as the force that motivates them. All things that slow down their punch will be discovered to be inside them, and that is where they are altered.
Ultimately it led me to being able to open a Quantum portal approximately 9 feet in diameter that self powered a light bulb. The experience was very personal and very amazing. Then I stopped for a long time, and in a state of awe pondering how it could ever be taught to another human, as a science.
I sought a dumb way to do it, so the conscious element could be avoided.
I have not succeeded in that progression, and from all we have observed I no longer believe it could be possible.
The Hendershot device, stopped working when he died. None have worked since. The list goes on and on, repeating the same information over and over. Keeley .......etc.
How can an arc be used to access the quantum levels "accurately?"
The person doing the accessing, must aim the device to the correct level of connection "consciously." Same as bringing up the field around a quartz crystal.
Or the device must be conscious at the level of operation the energy will be released on, set up already by someone else with this ability.
Arcs put out a spread spectrum of energy points, and when infinite fractals are used in mixing multiple frequencies it is possible to cross the wavelengths of atomic level, and have the tempic field form a field coherence you can access consciously. Joe Cell work has been teaching this for a long time with water and electrical "taps" on the cells tubes, which is really all you need to master to cause the water to go sparkling clean.
The coherent field a meditator can generate around a crystal, by connecting with it and then; having the crystal amplify it, is the same as the strong force bubble inside every atom. They all respond to our consciousness.
We can pull them up to our dimension of size because this is where we are conscious and there are infinite fractals possible.
We must be the conduit to open the devices portal access, after which it can maintain itself as a new CU bubble or self sustaining life form.
This last line is where Lindeman fails to have success on every attempt. While an expert with current EM technology, he lacks the comprehension of the Quantum access process from direct experience. He never mentions the tempic field or consciousness at all.
I stopped trying to do it after I succeeded, then I came back to the physical and began pondering how to get others to that point, that I not be a target, alone in this advance. It works. "



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Re: Quantum Energy Generator (QEG) Open Sourced (by HopeGirl)
« Reply #519 on: April 27, 2014, 09:59:20 PM »

The thoughts expressed in the email are quite

The source of this "free energy" remains a
great mystery and clearly is not what/where
most experimenters believe it to be.  Not
all are able to summon it.


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Re: Quantum Energy Generator (QEG) Open Sourced (by HopeGirl)
« Reply #520 on: April 27, 2014, 11:00:26 PM »
HopeGirl Shares Her Feelings And Sexual Thoughts About The QEG From Morocco

You can't make this stuff up, download it and confirm for yourself towards end of broadcast, time markers and transcript included below:

1:20:57 We call the QEG a she, she is a being.  She has a personality, she has a way of dictating things, she has a way of pulling people into a group to build her and pushing certain people out because they might have hidden agendas.

1:22:10 I personally feel very very connected to the QEG.  I feel very connected to her, I feel that she wants something. she needs something, she wants the people that are working around her to learn a lesson or to discover something about themselves in the process and as soon as we discover that then we can move forward.

1:22:30 So how does this relate to  s e x?  What we are doing here is creation, our sexuality is our power.

1:23:07 The QEG is creating a desire.  A desire in all of our hearts that are here to bring this parts towards us, to pull these parts in.   

1:23:33 The really difficult parts, they are here (Morocco).  The two main parts that are still missing, that we're trying to get a hold off, is the core which is now waiting for us at customs, which we think we're going to get tomorrow, which is a round shape, a female shape.  And the shaft, which is a long pole, that goes into it.  The QEG is creating a desire in the hearts of all of us here.  And the core is desiring her shaft, and these people are getting on airplanes to bring the shaft and the core together.

I posted the above 3 days ago but it didn't get approved until today and was inserted way back in this thread.  So I'm posting this reference to it, they are more extreme comments from HopeGirl about the faith based 'touchy feely' direction being taken by Fix The World and being practiced by the moderators at the QEG forum.  It potentially sets up a ready excuse: We can't get the QEG to work because the world is not ready for it.


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Re: Quantum Energy Generator (QEG) Open Sourced (by HopeGirl)
« Reply #521 on: April 28, 2014, 01:37:45 AM »
The QED Saga continues in Marrocco now.

Here is the latest circuit diagramm:

Here is a Facebook group where they posted the new build pictures:

And here are the newest videos:

Especially this video is hillarious:

where Fakegirl and her mother cry and shout at the end of the video,
although there is no selflooping going on... just lighting 2 bulbs with no measurements given....

The donation scam continues...


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Re: Quantum Energy Generator (QEG) Open Sourced (by HopeGirl)
« Reply #522 on: April 28, 2014, 05:38:44 AM »
Concerning the schematic, I would put smoothing caps and maybe chokes after the rectifiers before the motor and after the rectifiers before the looping circuitry to help obtaining steady results to measure input power verses output power.

Closing the loop would be optional, if they would just show more out then in open loop with sound measuring methods.