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Gadolinium 99.9%, cheap


Still got about 1.5 pounds of gadolinium 99.9%. Becomes ferromagnetic at room temperature (curie temp. ~26C), used in magnet resonance tomography etc. Interesting in the field of magnet experiments and eg. remanence control in powder cores and alloys. Machineable.

I sell this in pieces of about 250, 150 and 300 grams and I want 0.1 US dollar per gram, plus shipping. You probably wont find such small quantities at such a low price elsewhere. PM me when interested.

Sorry Dieter i don't need gadolinium but i do have 9 LBs Iron Powder for sale.
Iron > 98%
Acid insolubility = 0.0031
H2-Loss = 0.009
Apparent Density [HALL] = 2.41 G/CC
Screen Analysis:
-80/+100 MESH 0.8%
-100/+140 MESH 14.6%
-140/+200 MESH 25.8%
-200/+325 MESH 30.3%
-325 MESH 28.5%

the Gd offer is not actual anymore.


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