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Author Topic: How to Add Gravitation and Electric Energy  (Read 9030 times)

Offline tesla2

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How to Add Gravitation and Electric Energy
« on: March 16, 2014, 09:23:19 PM »
Step I
we have electric energy  but "Golden Hz "  - for example small battery 9V generator

step II
we exchange electric energy to Eletro-magnetic Wave in coil

"golden  Hz " and Gravitation Hz  are the same   !!! ( IMPORTANT CONDITION ) !!!

(Gravitation = EM Wave that have special Hz  )

gravitation energy will be add to EM wave   small 9V battery ( wave 1 )
gravitation ( wave 2 )

wave 1 + wave 2 = wave 3

Step III

we can repeat step II  ( many times ) important is keep  "golden Hz "
Inside electric wire  - wave  that have got  "golden Hz " go  very easy to next place
where we will exchange Electric energy to EM wave  !!

Below Two  Ytube

1 Marosz (me )   I explained  how add Grawitation to Electric energy (before we want to build tool we must understand how it work !!! )

2 Kapanadze  devices
(author no need use tranzystors - he can use many coils step by step )



Maciej Marosz  ( I'm ready to build the best coil in the world )
 very important is absolute motion !

I create History not so many people understand my art

I understand why USA invest 300 mln dolars to build
Gravitation and Electric Energy can be add