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Title: free energy transformer
Post by: policiarj2 on March 12, 2014, 11:20:08 AM
Hi I m trying to build a efficient free energy transformer, but first I have to understand how a transformer works, the most persons thinks the energy electric is measured just with voltages but is not so, the energy electric is is measured with the voltage and the amps together, also called VA or Watts, In a Step down transformer the output of voltage is reduced but the current (amps) increases and the conversation of energy is ok, the amount of watts in the input are the same as the output. (
But how a conventional transformer (such as mobile transformer) can reduce the output of voltage and amps (watts) when it would violate the law of conversation of the energy,  Some intelligent person can explain me it? :)
(Note: Still I am not talking about free energy, do not be confused)

Now I will talk about free energy, I know in the magnets all electrons are aligned and rotating angularly and permanently, all movement is because there is energy, well this video is a great demonstration: ( (