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Author Topic: Idea for a piezo electric generator  (Read 3467 times)

Offline dieter

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Idea for a piezo electric generator
« on: February 21, 2014, 03:58:59 AM »
Idea for a piezo electric generator.
A saturated water solution of rochelle salt (seignette salt, wine stone, kali hydrogenotartas), that builds piezoelectric crystals,

I put some fine wooden sawdust into the solution.

Already prepared is a copper sheet that was heated, so the surface is covered by cupric oxide, that has semiconductive properties.

I put the soaked sawdust onto the curic oxid layer and let it dry. Crystals form between copper and sawdust.

I add a steel grid ontop of the sawdust layer, so the whole thing is under pressure, but the air can still reach the sawdust.

Now, what I expext to happen is: during chanches in Humidity of the air, the sawdust is constantly expanding or contracting, causing a voltage on affected crystals. The semiconductive Coppersheet finally half-rectifies this voltage.

By using a simple mechanism that is causing alternating levels of humidity/moisture, the efficiency could be increased.

This is not a kw generator and no energy from an unknown source, and it is most likely a tiny source, but it's very real and very doable. Unlike the cement battery, this one will last for years. If fungicides are added, propably for centuries.

Offline dieter

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Re: Idea for a piezo electric generator
« Reply #1 on: February 28, 2014, 09:34:32 PM »
Just for the records...

Didn't work so far. Semiconducting cupric oxide: not yet managed to create this, maybe on a camp fire one day. Instead I chose 2 Aluminum modquito meshes, applied a voltage to them while the rochelle salt was crystalizing between them, hoping to get a bipolar crystalisation. Nope, but the bottom Aluminum mesh was higly corroded, disappeared by about 50% of it.

After drying, volts zero, amps zero. Rochelle Salt is however useful for piezoelectric experiments and for crystal growing (which is a bit of a science by its own, but I've seen monocrystals in the size of an apple, just google it).