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Title: Raul's phone charger
Post by: penno64 on February 27, 2014, 12:02:05 PM
Hi all,

What do you think about this?

TK, can you pick how this is rigged up? (

Title: Re: Raul's phone charger
Post by: TinselKoala on February 27, 2014, 01:10:57 PM
Well.... since you asked.....   :P   A really good fake isn't going to be obvious as to the method, of course, but let's see what we can see.

There are three major red flags even before pressing "play" :  The Philippines, the motor-turning-generator-running the motor idea (qmogen to use Sterling's term) and PESWiki.

All three  of those have long been associated with many many claims of "free energy" devices and not a one of them has turned out to be real or true. There have been so many claims of Free Energy devices coming from the Philippines the last couple of years that I'm surprised the islands are still using any grid electricity at all.   ;)

That doesn't prove that the next one will be fake, though.... However, since the whole idea of "qmogens" is untenable, since there is never any place in such a system where energy could come in from outside or be created by the parts of the system, we can examine the presentation from the very strong standpoint that it most probably is fake.

Now let's see if it would be easy to fake or if it makes more sense that it is "real".

Have you ever seen those emergency cellphone battery charger packs that you can buy in the convenience stores? Those are pretty small and one could be concealed inside the transformer (gutted) very easily. But even easier than that would be to write a little app for the smartphone to display something that looked like the battery charger display, and tap the phone's (fully charged) battery to run one of the motors in the device. I don't have such a phone myself but I think that would work. I did a little research and found that the iPhone, for example, provides power through the external audio output that can run a headphone amplifier or other small loads, like a hobby motor. I imagine that the power charge jack would also be able to provide power to an external load.

OK, so we have two simple ways to fake what is shown in the video, very easily I think, but no way that we can think of to explain logically the operation of a "real" qmogen.

Obviously, without the cooperation of the claimant we aren't going to be able to decide which explanation is really the true one. My bet is that the explanation that involves "real" qmogen free energy is _not_ going to be it, and I'd bet my very last dollar, my house and car, and my housemate's dog on that. ( The fact that I wouldn't bet _my_ dog is because of my 99.99999 percent certainty, which isn't quite 100 percent.  ;D ;D ;D   Got to have an open mind, like a Reuben sandwich with sauerkraut, let it all hang out.)

There, I hope that helps, or at least amuses. It is refreshing to see that the videos at least aren't "monetized" with ads you have to watch....yet.

Title: Re: Raul's phone charger
Post by: Poit on February 27, 2014, 02:53:11 PM
I agree with the last poster, except my take is some what different.

I have played around with Nokia phones, in the context of making my own portable battery chargers for them.. and after some experimenting, i noticed that the phone it self isn't concerned much with amperage, just correct (give or take %10) voltage..

so yes, a battery is most likely stuffed into the guttered transformer, and this is powering the right motor which is then genuinely generating a voltage to the Nokia, and boom - charging... because Nokia phones only care about voltage, the motor on the left doesn't need to do that much work to trick the phone into thinking its receiving proper charge...

any way.. point is.. regardless of my take or previous posters take on it, it is definitely 100% fake!
Title: Re: Raul's phone charger
Post by: mscoffman on February 27, 2014, 04:16:43 PM
In this video comments I suggested that one put a 1n34 germanium diode into the cell phones power line
with a switch across it. Once the unit gets up to speed flip the switch so that power goes out but then
can't come back in from cell phone battery.

My analysis of the circuit. Probably created from a *single* two motor old style telephone answering machine.
These sometimes have small augmenting pc boards circuit for functions like;

right side motor: The generator side motor mechanical in electrical out.

right side PCB: The TLI telephone line interface board (with dual MOV's still installed!) MOV's will blow out on high voltage high power spikes.
                        The t-line switch or amplifier transistor modified to a power amplifier oscillator powered from DC generator driven as a
                        Joule Thief like circuit from dual transformer secondary coil now functioning as primary.

transformer in the middle: Right side power 25V + .CT.  50Volt center tapped transformer ratio becomes near 2:1 voltage ratio.
                                       Often inexpensive audio equipment has relatively higher B+ voltage to support bipolar audio circuits.
                                       Left side primary functioning as secondary; utility line 120Vac side. We will return?

left side PCB: DC power supply. Rectifier + Filter capacitor.

left side motor: The motor motor provides dc input to mechanical output.


Could be a minature Qmogen?
But also suspect motor could run from cell phone battery from time to time compensating for the energy inefficiency in circuit?

Suggested experiment: Place switched diode in phone DC power line should prove which.
Not necessarily fake, could be experimenter delusion, could be workable
As usual no definite resultant information.