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pyramids near nuclear plants?


James Demeo suggests not building orgone accumulators within 30 miles of nuclear plants or waste dumps because it can accumulate DOR or increase radiation. Does anyone know if this applies the same to basic pyramids (copper pipe frame pyramid)?

Actually I'm to the understanding that an orgon device is locked in resin. This would be like a skin and make it safe in an alpha radiation. Beta radiation could penetrate some. Gamma would be the type of radiation to worry about. If you are getting enough gamma to raise levels of radiation significantly then you are too close yourself.

The only way you will get an answer is monitor one yourself. There has been no study on this subject. Certainly the NRC will not conduct a study, they are hiding the truth about nuclear releases and accidents. The only thing they have done is raise the level of allowable radiation.

"The only way you will get an answer is monitor one

Goes only so far...


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