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Work from 2 magnets > 19% output 2

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This topic is an extension of two previous topics

1.  "Work from two magnets > 19 % output"   Notice there is not a 2 at the end of the topic name.
2.  "New Perm Mag Engine Design 1.5 : 1 ratio"

The topic is a presentation of a series of tests, exploring  the possibility that work
can be done by two magnets, in a repeating cycle, without an external energy source.
At least not a source that is know / understood.

The results of the tests are, I think quite astounding, except for perhaps, that, I have now been witness
to at least one other demonstration, that I believe demonstrates work can be cyclically done by magnets.

The topic is not a light one, the materials presented are some what extensive, but certainly not out of the range of grasp
by any one who can read and who studies the presentation.

               I hope you will enjoy the exploration

Thanks for sharing.

The tests are to extensive for me to reproduce, so I am just hoping you are right.

All I can add is this: if two magnets (NS-NS) are on (top of) each other, you will rather use a sideways force to get them apart, which seems to be easier as then to just take them apart as how they came together.

Me too

Notes from floor

                  good hunting

It looks as if many readers may not have noticed the "TDanimation.PDF file.


It contains a quick view / animation of the "motion set", and makes the
flow of the interactions immediately clear



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