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Is there a modeling software can computate the operation?

Will the soft ware see this


@ all interested

Looking at the numbers of down loads of the various PDF files, it appears
to me as if half of the readers have not noticed the "TDanimation1.PDF file.

(my fault,  poor placement in the posts)

This file gives a quick view of the motions / interactions in the experiment, and
makes the interactions immediately clear.

So I am re-posting it below


@ all readers

An idea for a magnet shape, that might improve / favorably bias the start of the rotational
magnets motion.

             see the jpg file below

This method of matching the output of a TD (twist drive) to the input of another TD came upon me several months ago.  But it was kind of unclear in my mind, (there are a lot of motions to sequence).

The problem being addressed is that the "peak force required during the input stroke is at the finish of the stroke, while the peak force of the output rotation is at the start of the rotation.

I got around to drawing a flow diagram for both a self looping and a cascading configuration.

The answer comes as a second TD unit which is based upon magnetically attracting interactions,... in combination with a first TD unit which is based upon magnetically repelling interactions.

Please see the two attached JPEG files

                                               Best wishes


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