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Author Topic: Let's organize  (Read 15703 times)

Offline andreas_varesi

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Let's organize
« on: April 18, 2005, 06:51:56 PM »
The main problem of free energy research is that we are working isolated on many theories but only very few of us have the chance to build a prototype. And even if there is a prototype up and running, it?s nearly impossible to find a "serious" investor and manufacturer nor it is possible to publicize our findings in any professional physics magazine. Our prototypes and theories don't meet the high hurdles that are given by the establishment.

The idea now is, to bundle and share our resources and to benefit from all of our personal networks. This forum is a first step. What can be next?

How can we get rid of the bad image of being spinner, swindler or dreamer?
How can we avoid that scam and wishful thinking will destroy any good reputation?
Can we define categories and proof points to identify and drive the most promising ideas?
Is it possible to raise money for professional research?
How and were can we organize? Two institutes one in US and one in Europe?
Are there any volunteers who can build professional prototypes?
How can we avoid that ideas will be stolen?
How can we avoid that individual greed destroys the idea of real free energy?
How can we reward the ideas and work of our inventors and researchers?
How can we avoid becoming also ignorant, barred and arrogant like established institutions?

My wish is, to open a new category that helps us to team up and to become a serious organization.


Offline hartiberlin

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    • free energy research
Re: Let's organize
« Reply #1 on: April 18, 2005, 07:45:20 PM »
Hi Andreas,
yes, this forum is a first step to collect worldwide the open minded
people, who are interested in free energy.
The next step must be, that there will be formed
supported by donations or membership fees a research team,
that will be paid to build protoytypes, that will have open source
licenses !
This way, the work of this team will go into the public domain like
Linux with its GPL license.
Everybody can build up upon it and offer its own services and
progress-devices, which still must be GPLed.

I am willing to build a team of practical workers, which will
build prototypes and share all our findings in this public forum.
Now the only question is, how can we finance this work...

I am thinking about a small membership fee maybe in the
future, so only people, who pay say 5 US$ per month can
access the detailed work on the prototypes, while nonpaying
members will only get some global info about it or will
get the infos much later...

What would you propose to get something like this done.
The only problem I still see is the financing.
All other ideas and prototype ideas are plentiful here,
but most of us don?t have much time to build them, cause we
have to earn the money for our living...
So we would need a team, which is payed who can care
the whole day about the work on free energy devices
and does not need to work somewhere else for a living.

Please let me know your comments. Thanks !
Regards, Stefan.

Offline andreas_varesi

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Re: Let's organize
« Reply #2 on: April 19, 2005, 01:07:57 AM »
Dear Stefan,

your ideas are very similar to mine. A monthly fee for access to detailed project information and the possibility to build up an own research team may be the next step and I will not hesitate to pay 5$ or more per month to reach this goal. But even if everybody in this forum will pay his 5 bucks, we only will have some 2,000 or 3,000$ per month. Better than nothing but nothing compared to the R&D budget of a medium company. I think we should look for some sponsors and business promotion. For example in Germany small and medium companies can get quite easily a so called INSTI promotion for a first patent. This promotion covers half costs for inquiry, patent application and prototyping. In sum max. 8,000?. Even if we hold some patents nobody can bar us to issue the licenses for free. I'm sure there are several programs we could make use of. Maybe there are some members in this forum who can support us with information and contacts.

If we want to address sponsors we should offer a clear program and benefits for our patronages. Maybe it is possible to become a friendly society (Gemeinn?tziger Verein) with the possibility to make out donation receipts. A lot of work is waiting on us - BUT isn't this worth saving the world  ;D



Offline Walter Hofmann

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Re: Let's organize
« Reply #3 on: April 19, 2005, 11:37:11 AM »
Hi stefan and andre,
just some two cents from me, guys this is a verry nice dream, where i would like to participate, but to make it work there must be first solved the bussines aspect.
I belive one possibility whould be with after establishing a place of work and a verry trustworthy team to produce a smal but needed product, the best way to look for such need is niches where nobody realy looks in to it but it is verry welcome from the people in this nich. A sample is especial here in the US all the people who live in retirement comunitys and trailer parks on a fixed income or the big area of africa where pretty much all is needed.
this way nobody whould bader if you build something and sell it to this niches and you even whould have some promotion to establish the teamwork and with this sell everythings could be financed.
But guys believe me it whould be verry hard to find the right teamplayer, I try this stefan you know and it is pretty much impossible to get more then 2 or 3 guys together who are not getting greede or get a ego probleme.
I propose first to find a few guys who are willing to work together as a team and who know that if he fails in one way or another he will be fired ( to speak with donald trump) right a way to avoid any further damage to the team and work.
I whould not apply for any kind of support from a official site because the danger that somebody wil stop or steal the idea or product is to big.
To give away for free plans whould be a mistake because of the fact that the human race is not ready to accept a gift as a gift somebody will use this and make the big money with this and destroy the whole setup.
Like I sayd if you wana try this there should be the first step to find people who are willing to try this,
second out of the many ideas to find a development which is pretty far in the stage to be produced and is desperatly needed in a niche group and find a contact to this group ( avoid the big charity organizations)
then establishing a system or place where the actually work can be done, I could imagine that similar to the system what is used worldwide for production that it could be worldwide from teammembers who can do it at there present location in semiproduct and just the assembling is then on one place, this whould also help to protect the whole sytem a little bit in regards to all the conspiricy theorys what are out there where I personaly be not a fan off but have to take it in consideration.
This was just my little opinion to this subject.

Offline andreas_varesi

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Re: Let's organize
« Reply #4 on: May 15, 2005, 10:00:56 PM »

I'm with you, organizations always bear the danger of bureaucracy and inefficiency. But I think only if we bundle our know how and ressources we have a chance to bring free energy to success. So the first step may be to set up a network of all forum members to see, who can offer any contribution. E.g.
  - who can build prototypes
  - who can offer special materials
  - who has access to a laboratory
  - who has special measuring devices
  - who can produce a video report
  - who can write press releases
  - who knows editors or TV makers
  - who knows possible investors
  - who has contacts to politics

Harti, maybe we can build up a similar network like openBC does. What do you think?

Best regards