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Author Topic: Aquapol, Grander: Curiosity is expensive sharing is free  (Read 2780 times)

Offline Devon

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Aquapol, Grander: Curiosity is expensive sharing is free
« on: January 14, 2014, 03:23:41 PM »
Hello Overunity!

I have come for quite a while on links to read here, and lately more and more.  I finally registered and decided to post due to my sleepless and quiet days (likely due to winter here and too much free time) trying to figure things out. 

So, first is the question of Does Anyone Know How they work?
Namely, The Aqua pol,(one word with no space) or Grander Water items?
I have the bits of the information out there, even the patent paperwork.  But to me it all seems to defy understanding :(
So any discussion to be had or information?  I would love to figure them out well enough to make my own and to understand what they are doing but I have no means really.

Im sure most in these forums dont care for people who are new like myself coming with hands out for your time and effort and brilliance, but I have no alternative sadly. 

If in trade I could give ideas, perhaps that would help?  *shrug* Things I have not been able to couple together but want to eventually for Off-grid potentials.

A mix of components like, Larry Hall's Icy Ball, TEG's (bit of play with high temp Seebeck, and some toy Peltiers maybe) Solar Evacuated Tube collectors, Solar panels, and some Basics like big brick batteries, so fourth, maybe a try at the design for the Invelox's wind power generators thrown in, oh yeah.. and some super caps. Oh oh.. and Id like to play with some Nitinol Bank's engines with all of the above, Nitinol looks like it has a lot of possibilities.  What else was there besides the whole stirling engine idea with all of the above components to mess about with and magnets of course.. who doesnt love magnets?  Sorry.. lots of stuff just a bit excited ye?

I realize there isnt alot of searchable items on the subject, but a lot of potential I am sure resides here for the recreation.