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The Book of Life of the Lamb - The cycle of the matter



Just wanted to let you know that this book talk about the aether and explains a lot of things about electromagnetism and a lot of other subjects. This book is made around 3 parts, the 2nd is the one that talk about the cycle of the matter (the aether in its integrated (mass) or desintegrated form (space)) and the universe in a global way. (stars/planets, galaxies, the role of the Man in that place, and so on)

So I thought it might interest you or help for eventual research ... This book just came out in english, the original language is french, so maybe they are still some littles language mistakes, can't really say since my original language is not english neither (as you probably noticed). Fortunately, I'm not the one who translated it, "lol".

It is available for free in pdf/epub :, or you can read it directly from the official website :, don't know if you can found an english paper version at the moment though ...

Anyway, hope it will interest someone :)

Bye !


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