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Title: New Years wheel 2014. Share your Thoughts on the idea!
Post by: infringer on January 01, 2014, 07:46:03 AM
has anyone tried a gravity wheel that has pie sliced compartments with a long finger at the end  filled with water and a hallow steel ball that would float to the top when it hits 12 and stay there until it hits 6 oclock when it would float to the center of the circle keeping it always unbalanced.

Now the finger would be sticking out substantially from the crust area of the pie this should provide leverage at all times keeping the one side heavier ...

There is a way to capture gravity in a wheel it just has not been done yet I am a believer that there is even if there is a minute percentage of a chance or we haven't created the right nano materials to make it possible quite yet but some day I assume we will wake up to a world where like electricity, flight and other things they will be a normal part of society and people will look back and say wow look at how cavemanish these folks lived in 2013 lets hope that year is 2014.

And with it I give any inventor out there an idea to try...

Maybe a slight variation of a weak magnet at the tip of the finger would even invoke a better result hard saying but oddly I've had this idea just randomly pop into my head tonight and figured I would share it to get some feedback and allow myself not to have to remember it when I wake up tomorrow.

If it works we all have open source OU simple if it does not well maybe a slight modification would work somehow something even as simple as a change in fluid or filling the steel ball or lead ball for that matter with helium.
Title: Re: New Years wheel 2014. Share your Thoughts on the idea!
Post by: AB Hammer on January 03, 2014, 12:09:16 AM
Greetings infringer

A description gives to much room in translation. A picture would be good.

A wheel is easy to make heavy on one side, but the reset to do it again is the real problem and what has to be done to make most wheels to even have chance to work.