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Title: Lets start the new year with a bang!
Post by: pillsbury DOH on January 01, 2014, 06:10:58 AM
The first time I have attempted to post on this particular  forum  ... I haven't mastered the Pictures aspect  :-[ still be so kind as to tolerate ..
and use the links  ;) I'm pasting this onto two other forums also ... I think Its important I hope I'm not deluded!
I am an electrician I don't even make any claims to the vaunted title of 'engineer' I used to work on oil rigs some times however for my sins of writing openly on forums particularly this one I got  'Blacked' that's an unofficial list that virtually makes you unemployable which like the linear wave isn't supposed to exist .. yeah right !  :P
To those of you who have been kind enough to read my performances some I must confess scribbled drunk and some stone cold sober and very angry I am very obliged.
I promised at the start of this trip that you would be in for a 'hell of a ride' I didn't really fully comprehend what a dangerous and frightening drive it would be for me. Put yourself In my shoe's for a moment , unemployed and somewhat down at heel , and you win a huge lottery ticket .. your saved! Ah but then your asked to give every ha’p’orth of it away , Not even a button left to give your children. For all the comments on here of people being selfish and greedy and playing mind games ask yourself this … If it was you could you give the only thing you had ever won in your life away?
Except this isn't even 'won' by chance  Its hard fought for, and Its a question many have had to face I suspect , you have seen Matt and David claim success and clam up and then go ''the investment route' I don't blame them at all as I said .. Its a big .. Its a huge ask and that route is a holding cell for the gollum that’s Inside of us all. Its possible to convince yourself your 'developing and perfecting' for the sake of all whilst actually keeping the precious ring .. well hidden. Well I've tried each of the pieces of this .. or at least as far as I can I durst not build the whole thing .. yet. If I am right and I am very sure of it .. and it works as I predict , could I trust myself to give it away?
In this hard fought battle I have been helped by many but before I could become a trooper I didn't realise I had to do a great deal of basic training. I like to think I have many friends on this particular forum. In truth I have few in real life I have been far to busy engaged in this war .. one way or another.
One of the most shocking and really frightening discoveries I made was this is nothing what so ever to do with energy. It is all to do with good and evil, (and in the case of energy it happens to take the form of greed) . To be a free people or to be slaves? A  frightening concept stares us right in the face .. will our son's or daughters even understand the concept of something that used to be called privacy ? Never mind freedom.
At that point I really felt the battle to be a rout but have kept doggedly at the task battering my head yet again against the wall, luckily there are but few brain cells inside to be disturbed, In fact were there to be another one , It would be lonely. Every one knows free energy researchers are deranged lunatics anyway don't they?
However Soon their smirks will change to astonishment I promise. In days if I'm right and in weeks if I'm wrong.
Gradually I have learned who the enemy is, where he is, I like to think I’ve managed a few pot shots
in the right general direction. I have also I think wounded some good friends accidentally and for reasons they are perhaps still puzzled about ..( sorry orion not your fault at all).
There are a few battle tactics I have watched that don't work, The video for instance  … It doesn't 
why ? Because Its a mind twist and if there is any possible way for humanity to believe its a trick
then they will, The reason ? The alternatives are far to unpalatable to contemplate ! If free energy exists then the rest of the odious stinking midden heap is also true. (and it is I'm afraid. I know it is because I’ve had one or two minor successes, enough to know which way to point my cap anyway.) 
They are then obliged to fight! Rather as when Germany invaded Poland Britain was obliged to fight. So will you be for the sake of your sons daughters and grandchildren.
So you see in the war 'free energy'  is just a skirmish never the less it is one I am now determined to help win regardless of cost. I’ve been working quietly alone planning how I might secretly change the course of the fight entirely. I thought of old battle tactics that might be used that could overwhelm and utterly destroy the enemy at one go.  And hopeful before he could destroy me,although no doubt he will destroy me, I'll try to ensure its a Pyrrhic victory.
so you can see the plan and be part of it. here is what I conceived the battle tactic is based on one from nearly a hundred years ago combined with one of seventy years ago I rather hope it catches the enemy (tptb) by surprise the first world war was in full swing, It was a bitter conflict that developed into two trenches stretching for many miles a total stale mate, exactly as we have on these forums … power in … power out rubbish , sell your machine make a fortune ,  well I'm sure you all know the banter be you  friend or foe as we take pot shots and lob the odd Mortar at each other.
Well I remembered an  action called the ' Lochnagar mine '  It wasn't particularly successful at the time but I think it has possibilities here providing my side is prepared to quickly assemble and help,
by doing the right thing, not the profitable thing but the right thing!  If not my sacrifice is for naught.
At  Lochnagar a team of British basically 'coal miners' tunnelled quietly across no man's land, then working as quietly as mice they dug a cavern under the German trench. Of course every morsel of earth had to be carried back to the British lines and disposed of surreptitiously so as not to arouse the suspicions of the enemy and particularly their observation pilots ,  The British then began to quietly fill the cavern with tons and tons of high explosive. At 7.30 in the morning  On the first of July 1916 exactly 97 ½ years ago today …  the plunger was pressed, Nearly a hundred years later this is a picture of that attempt to break the stalemate 
 (  (

I thought perhaps such a tactic might prevail here and so I've been quietly assembling the explosives under the enemy trench , win or lose I'm sure the opposition tptb (the powers that be) won't like this bang very much.
you may then be wondering what the other vintage tactic is I try to bring into play why it was called
kamikaze all my own personnel dreams are sacrificed.
I have committed my explosives to a PDF I have published it under my own name most I have come to the conclusion these guys know who you are anyway If you think your anonymous think again !  of the protagonists at  Lochnagar most were vaporised in the conflict .. at least I have the option to be known. I view that as a great privilege.
In one page I have dissembled the  Steve Mark TPU for you, with a rough explanation of its operation . But that alone won't take and hold the enemy line I'm sure!
I go on to explain how each part fits into the whole of the machine. IMHO that still won't hold the line either! I go on to describe some of the detective work involved in the investigation of Steve Mark and the material he must have stolen from his company and how its used …. perhaps then enough to blow the line but not to hold it,  .. I go on to explain the resonance and the waves that have been hidden from you and the way they fit into the whole issue .. you see I want you to fully understand each step. Savour each morsel. Whilst our oppressors taste only ashes.
I get hold of lenz law by its scuff and turn it back on its self  .. and show you how its done and why.
I still didn't think that would be sufficient to take and hold the line … Its the core of the lies and filth of this part of the conflict that needs exposing the Dupe Albert Einstein who in turn has duped all of us.
I am more a hewer of wood and drawer of water than a man of science still I often watch EPD and hope little gems of the man's genius might rub off on me , Not in a higher maths form you understand but in such a way I can understand and give form to the lies of Einstein such that others might see and clearly understand the filthy tricks being played out on humanity by so called 'public servants' if this bloated  filth is the servants one wonders what the masters are like?
Its certainly extremely difficult  to drag them and their criminal bankster friends away from the teats
of society at large   (

I here then add substantial weight to Professor Dollards work in my own humble way  and identify the illusion and try to give it form.
youngsters who's pencils are still sharp can quickly resolve the distance of the deception given the direction I would hope. They can run much faster and harder than I.

Here's what I would like you to do next then …  first and most importantly down load this PDF next download any of the pertaining web pages you might feel you need to learn the material. Because they are sure to be attacked in order to render the PDF worthless.(That is really why I introduced and explain the whole concept on the first page!)'s real doughnut.pdf ('s real doughnut.pdf)

Digest and understand as much of what I have written as you can .. check it out any which way you like. .. I have explained each step as an engineering progression So you can understand why and how and then adapt to what materials you have. 

I wish you all a Happy, and I hope very different new year ! Bless Duncan.

PS  for some reason the link on induced magnetism didn't survive the conversion to PDF .. here it is again (

Title: Re: Lets start the new year with a bang!
Post by: DilJalaay on January 01, 2014, 07:14:34 AM
Thank you very much for the PDF sir, and have a nice New year.
Title: Re: Lets start the new year with a bang!
Post by: pillsbury DOH on January 01, 2014, 09:45:54 AM
Thank you very much for the PDF sir, and have a nice New year.

Its a pleasure .. please take a little time to digest the implications. and come back and contribute.
Title: Re: Lets start the new year with a bang!
Post by: Hoppy on January 01, 2014, 01:08:20 PM
@ pillsbury DOH

Please tell us more about the necessary core material and why its too expensive for you to obtain.

Edit: OK, I've seen your answer on the Energetic Forum Duncan.
Title: Re: Lets start the new year with a bang!
Post by: pillsbury DOH on January 01, 2014, 02:31:53 PM
Thanks for reading through Hoppy magnetic engineering in practice is not thing I've had any dealings with very much apart from a little work I did once on magnetic amplifiers used in feed back loops for power assisted aircraft control , but even then there was a 'little red book' that gave you all the responses of the various materials . Perhaps If I had a loud speaker manufacturer locally they might make what’s required reasonably cheaply however the one I did phone up started talking of near to a thousand pounds  :(…  bespoke manufacture , one pressing , special tooling , to rich for my blood just at the moment hoppy. :'( Still there's some really talented guys on these forums in all sorts of fields , (Including magnetics is my guess) I'm just kinda hoping some one has a cheap practical alternative to suggest.    8)
Title: Re: Lets start the new year with a bang!
Post by: Hoppy on January 01, 2014, 05:33:06 PM
Yes , there is certainly some talent on this forum. Hopefully, someone with good knowledge of magnetics will find some suitable core material, read your paper and run with your theory. Thanks for posting.
Title: Re: Lets start the new year with a bang!
Post by: pillsbury DOH on January 02, 2014, 08:02:19 AM
Great stuff Hoppy -- I add this as some had not grasped the magnetic situation I haven grasped the picture aspect of things here .. yet so please use the links or pick it up at energetics

Oh .. please don' t think  I chide you not so .. I want you to clearly understand .. Its far far simpler than gauss and the like … so don't worry your pretty heads so!
We could form a small chain of nails and paperclips as shown below:

You really don't need to make things complicated so dont ! Do you think a fool such as myself could possibly work it out if it was complicated ?  And luckily
'What one fool can do, another can  (ancient simian proverb) quoted by Silvanus P Thomson (a noted FE researcher himself)

This is so easy you rush by but don't see . You see the Bar magnet holding Iron nails ? If you very gently removed the bar magnet from the top nail why all of the nails would Immediately separate and fall to the floor …. that’s because Iron is a 'Soft magnetic material' this is what our four separate  cores are made of .  Soft magnetic material .
The other end of the magnet is Holding paper clips , They are not made of Iron they are made of mild steel  MS is a 'hard magnetic' that means if you carefully remove the magnet all the paper clips will remain stuck together, they will remain magnetised because Mild steel is a very hard magnetic material . Exactly what we do not want . 
Now so you under stand a little better what is occurring picture the particular Iron nail the arrow is pointing at to be one of the four electromagnets I have drawn , (in fact one of the electromagnets supplying the load) what would happen to the poles of that Iron nail if the one above it and the one below it reversed polarity ? Why it would have to instantly reverse poles itself.
Now to take your Imagination just one step further I'm sure most have an Idea how a transformer works ,, or rather how we are taught it works … now imagine that nail to be the secondary core of a transformer . With windings on it . Each time the flux changes direction .. why It induces a voltage
and the formula for the voltage produced is,\;e\;=\;-T\frac{d\phi%20}{dt},\;e\;=\;-T\frac{d\phi }{dt}

                                 .. where T is the number of turns
                                                                               dΦ is the changing magnetic flux 
                                                                    E = -T  ---------------------------------------
                                                                                dt is the time it changes in

For those who hate to tangle with calculus in any shape or form

E = Turns x (Φ1-Φ2)      is quite sufficient where Φ1 and Φ2 are the minimum and maximum flux
                     t1 – t2)      whilst t1 and t2 are the times of each cycle 
So now do you grasp how simple it really is ? There is no need to get complex .. there is nothing complex or complicated happening here or else I couldn't possibly under stand it I assure you.
Now perhaps you also see why Steve Mark was so busily engaged in working out turns ratio's It is essentially a transformer action.. although much faster than you would normally be used to . Which is why as I say I  am struggling to find suitable core material.  I hope that clears things a little bit for you all. 
Title: Re: Lets start the new year with a bang!
Post by: pillsbury DOH on January 03, 2014, 01:33:42 PM
So another little piece of the jigsaw has slotted into place ! How did Steve mark cut through the toroid ? Well as you know I postulated speaker voice coil core was what he would have used.
However Its years since I pulled a loud speaker apart . The stuff must obviously be very soft (magnetically that is) and obviously capable of huge power handling some of those speakers at rock gigs push well over 1000 watts but I hadn't seen the stuff , when I saw a link not at all what I really expected here it is look] (

very light pretty frail stuff .. now I can see how Steve Mark could cut the thing in half … can't you? ;D  :'( :'( scub that stuff doesn't seem magnetic  .... or at least not the one I'm a looking at!
Title: Re: Lets start the new year with a bang!
Post by: Cadman on January 03, 2014, 04:19:34 PM
Non plated #7 shot reportedly makes very good hi frequency cores. Put the shot in a flat pan and spray with polyurethane paint, dry, mix with epoxy and pour into a mold. 10 lbs. Of #7 shot costs about $20 US + shipping.
Title: Re: Lets start the new year with a bang!
Post by: Marsing on January 08, 2014, 01:18:26 PM
hi..  Hoppy, pillsbury DOH and all

any progress ?.


Title: Re: Lets start the new year with a bang!
Post by: Hoppy on January 08, 2014, 03:19:09 PM
hi..  Hoppy, pillsbury DOH and all

any progress ?.

No, I think we are still waiting for a magnetics 'expert'.
Title: Re: Lets start the new year with a bang!
Post by: Hoppy on January 09, 2014, 06:59:14 PM

Reference your original video experiment carried out on your Grandmothers table posted on Energetic Forum. Please post a schematic of the setup showing the interconnections between battery and function generator and where your scope probes were placed. You gave no details of how your experiment was setup in the video.