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My adams motor(Pickup coil short circuit without increasing input power)



The motor is very well built.

I guess that the ~400 V and ~0.3 A measurement in the video is the output of the pickup coil? Or is it the input to drive the motor?

It reminds me of that:

Let's say for a moment that the effect is real. I never understood what one could do with it, as long as the input is higher than the output? Please enlighten me if you have understood the possible benefit?

By the way:

I wish I could understand Chinese because there must be many interesting things going on in China. Can someone from China point me to a Chinese website where one can see photos from the moon lander and rover? The English sites have so few photos and videos. For seeing the photos and even the videos one does not have to speak Chinese (just to appreciate the images).

Greetings, Conrad


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