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Author Topic: Petrovoltaics & Townsend Brown's work  (Read 6816 times)

Offline Kilik

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Petrovoltaics & Townsend Brown's work
« on: March 07, 2014, 09:31:48 PM »
Hello Overunity forum and pleasant greetings to all members,

   I’m Kilik, and I’m currently studying Geology at a university in the Pacific Northwest. I finally decided to break down and join a discussion forum on the topic of unconventional energy and especially petrovoltaics because after about 2 years of passionate study on this topic, basic internet browsing no longer satisfies my questions.

        My background is simple: I have been studying with great fascination anything at all I can find on the work of Thomas Townsend Brown and Petrovoltaic energy, because I have substantiated his claims in a few of my own experiments that certain solid dielectrics of high-K value do indeed exhibit a self-potential such as granite and basalt. I am sure that there is something tangible and scientifically proven or provable as to the source of this spontaneous voltage, and I am going to be a little long winded in my first post because I am quite ecstatic to be here with all of you!
I have many suggestions and questions all regarding this fascinating topic of gravitoelectric energy, that our own planet earth may be rectifying into an ocean of usable power. There must be a way of setting up an experiment to put this effect to practical use. Interestingly enough, my studies in geology are actually assisting me with work in petrovoltaics, because as an earth science it gives me insight into the mineralogy and compostion of the very rocks that Brown discussed in his own passionate research. It’s incredible!

        At very minute quantities, it appears that certain intrusive and extrusive igneous rocks (Of high dielectric constant such as granitoids and basalt) are emitting a high frequency, low amplitude AC signal which fluctuates in intensity based on time of day. (I have a USB-oscilloscope which I have used to measure the waveforms exhibited by these materials, and I will definitely be posting images of these “rock electricity” waveforms for all to view. After digging through patents on energy-harvesting circuit suggestions by Brown, along with a blueprint for a “gravito-electric converter” or “gravity battery” which simply augments the principal effect into a stronger voltage source, I have decided that I desperately wish to replicate at least one of his designs at least to prove or disprove Brown’s work and/or theory that dielectric materials seem to be acting as ambient gravitational rectifiers, which convert incoming gravity waves into a usable and tangible DC or AC current. (According to brown, gravity is a highly penetrating wave that is not caused by mass variations but by electrical polarity density, meaning that gravity actually possesses 2 polarities and not simply a “pull”.) I have been watching videos by the user: “ibpointless2” with great interest, as I know that he too is studying the petrovoltaic effect. As of now, I’m absolutely fascinated by it all! Yet I absolutely DO NOT want to appear presumptuous or pretentious, as I have done very little research into this field aside from studies on Brown’s work, and I know very little about this strange voltaic effect. I simply wish to ask you all, what do you think of this? (At the risk of appearing to be a huge windbag, I will cut this post short and not discuss a possible design for a “test” gravito-electric converter yet.)

Thank you all for sticking with my long-winded and drab intro, I only hope for a response more exciting than my own question!

Thanks again, and again I do apologize if at times I put you to sleep!



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Re: Petrovoltaics & Townsend Brown's work
« Reply #1 on: July 21, 2014, 03:19:19 AM »
Hello ! And greetings you have chosen well and yes there are many ways voltage is spontaneous in the right conditions but electricity is a particle field of flowing mass and one needs to isolate what that is .

But first the connection to charged particles set up with solar activity and the earth atmospheric ability to store up these particles . Remember most of the physics is not fully published and there is a huge empty void of the correct information and all terms I will present are of my own research.

The technology I have is profoundly different than most here is a small list of what I can offer you .

1 Graviton detection system for stream lining coherence in emitting particles prior to tectonic movements.

2 Particle isolation systems for dark matter, bosons and unknown exotic forms of particle mass .

3 Unified field transformer

4 Atmospheric voltage bridge coupling transformer

The above list is just the start but it will help you to learn all that you need to learn when you need to learn it haha ! Gravity it self or the graviton has two vectors that is agreed in quantum mechanics but the second one is still to be isolated . Thomson brown did a lot of work with voltage and its effects on iron the relationship with gravity to me is not confirmed . For me gravity has a set frequency and to that it can be delayed or changed and blocked out using radio and scalar waves in the same way as the Hutchison effect .

It would be a good idea to know what and why you wish to undertake this research as it can take all your life to understand it !

I wish you all the best and congratulate you on a sound beginning may the force be with you .

Yours truly